There are days where we truly wonder about the future of AMA Pro Road Racing. Like the rest of the motorcycle industry, America’s premier motorcycle racing series was devastated by the recession and tough economy; that is factor external to the series, and no one could fault AMA Racing for facing some challenges because of it.

However beyond the tough economy, the national-level series has perpetrated so many unforced errors upon itself that when it comes to its management, you sometimes have to wonder if there is anyone awake at the switch.

Take the latest gaffe from AMA Pro Racing: the scheduling of the Mid-Ohio round during the World Superbike weekend at Laguna Seca. We can only imagine the surprise of riders, teams, and sponsors when they realized that the recently announced Mid-Ohio round was in full-conflict with World Superbike’s stop at Laguna Seca, a round that the AMA has typically been the support class of.

AMA Pro Racing has traditionally run as a support class for the WSBK weekend, as World Supersport is too expensive to bring to California, and AMA Pro Racing’s position at Laguna Seca is an almost forgone conclusion for riders, teams, sponsors, and fans. But even that most basic assumption proved to be too much this year.

For the past few months, AMA Pro Racing has been doling out each round this holiday season, one-by-one, in separate announcements, as if revealing the schedule via some sort of motorcycle racing advent calendar. During the same time, the World Superbike Championship released its provisional calendar, with Laguna Seca overlapping the weekend with AMA’s Mid-Ohio round.

Thankfully despite promoting and already selling tickets for both events, Mid-Ohio has been able to swap the dates for its AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days (now being held July 11th-13th) and Buckeye Superbike Weekend events (now 19th-20th), creating an opportunity for AMA Pro Racing to run at both Laguna Seca and Mid-Ohio.

There is no word yet that AMA Pro Racing will seize the opportunity to race at Laguna Seca, though the most basic of assumptions would suggest that is the logical reason behind Mid-Ohio’s event swap. Even AMA Pro Racing can’t screw this up, right?

Source: AMA

  • TexusTim

    well you have to know I am not a fan of the managment..ever since DMG bought AMA it has been one fiasco after another..this is what happens when you get non cagers,brothers,cousins and houswives running the show….I have not been interested in this series since 2010 when they thought running Mladdin off was a good choice but giving Spies a pass for the same minor infraction that really only meant those two switching wins.. like when they thought a motorcycle pace bike was a good idea. when you have guys like Bill Syfan yelling at the the Hayden brother on national Tv at laguna seca you have serious was mr syfan that instigated the suzuki crankshaft fiasco in a vain attempt to give spies a leg up…what a f___n joke

  • Slangbuster

    AMA who? Yaahhhn…… If Johnny Rock Page hangs around long enough, maybe he”ll be the star of the show. How many times can the AMA shoot themselves in the foot and still have a foot left ? Pathetic bunch of fools. Well, at least they’re consistent.

  • Chris Blair

    You are giving them WAYYYY to much credit Jensen. If the proverbial pooch can get screwed in this case you can bet the powers that be at the AMA will be lined up to do the screwing.

  • proudAmerican

    I will not be surprised if AMA Racing fails to actually materialize in 2014.

    National Guard was just the first major sponsor to pull the plug. I’m guessing there will be many more to follow in the coming weeks/months.

  • jkedsnake

    I was really hoping not to get the same ol same ol at the sbk round this year, again…
    Well at least I wont be shelling out for the flag room this coming year.

  • “as World Supersport is too expensive to bring to California”

    Philip Island, Moscow, South Africa, Sepang can manage this, but the USA can’t? Several of these will run WSB, WSS and national championship races on the same circuit, same weekend, but the USA can’t? What’s the matter with y’all?

  • Steve

    The AMA is DEAD…. worthless..

    who would have thought that the previous AMA management that basically looted the members dues was so much better than the ASS*OLE running the show now… yeah… the guy that sold AMA PRo Racing…the only thing of value,,,, to the freakin NASCAR people….

    No thanks….

    American Racing used to be all the rage…. All the top Euro riders would race at Daytona…. now…. about 10 people show up to watch the fiasco they call Daytona….

    sad ….

  • TexusTim

    correction to my post..I meant to say “cagers” and “Hayden Brothers”..sorry bout that.

  • Joe McGovern

    I used to travel and hit at least 6 AMA rounds a year. For the last 4+ years I’ve hit……….zero rounds a year. It used to be fun and titilating. It is so lame and boring that I won’t drive the 20 minutes to the Barber round in my home town. Lame ass.

    The best thing I ever did was cancel my AMA membership after they had to admit that they had done Roger Edmondson wrong and were going to pay him multi millions and fund it by hiking up the annual membership dues.

    Now it’s just comical to watch the “AMA” at work. Thank God I do it from a far distance.