In addition to what was going on with AMA Pro Racing’s multiple restarts to the Daytona 200, the racing organization has handed Josh Herrin a one-event suspension for his part in the last lap crash that saw Taylor Knapp and Dane Westby hitting the tarmac. Herrin’s coming in contact with Westby’s brake lever, causing his brakes to lock and exacerbate the incident, has not only caused him to receive a suspension and subsequent probation from the incident, but AMA Pro Racing has also fined Graves Motorsports, Herrin’s team, for its rider’s actions. Find AMA Pro Racing’s press release and a video of the incident after the jump.

AMA Pro Racing announced that penalties and an accompanying fine have been assessed against Josh Herrin and Graves Motorsports, respectively, as the result of actions during the March 12 Daytona 200, specifically those related to the rider’s last-lap approach to start/finish. As per the AMA Pro Road Racing 2011 Rule Book, rules A1.1, A2.1, A2.3.p, and A2.3.u, the details of the penalties and fine are as follows:

Rider penalty: One-event suspension, to be applied at Infineon Raceway Round 2, May 13-15

Rider penalty: Season-long probation, in effect through December 31, 2011, the violation of which shall result in further and more-serious penalties

Team penalty: $7,500 fine, the entire proceeds of which will be applied to the purchase of additional Airfence

Both rider and team were notified of the above details in advance of this release, and the penalties do not prevent them from taking part in the May 2-3 official AMA Pro test at Miller Motorsports Park.

Source: AMA Pro Racing

  • Steve

    That one one of the most exciting races I have ever seen with lots of drama in the pits as well as on the racetrack. This kid Herrin obviously has talent but he has the mentality of a nine year old. He was clearly trying to move Westby out of his way and was reckless, juvenile and desperate. Take a look at JD beach who rode aggressive but used his head and showed alot of maturity, unlike Herrin. Luckily no one was killed. Good for the AMA to impose thier penalty but in my opinion, they didn’t go far enough. Look at the video…Westby held his line and Herrin came down on him several times. Then Herrin was cocky about the incident afterwards talking smack.

    Hats off to Disalvo and his team. Great job! Ducatis first Daytona win. Hopefully, Ducati will step up and help them instead of just taking the credit…that would be nice.

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  • Rob L

    That was the best 15 lap sprint race i’ve seen in a while. But Westby should have been penalized also or no one penalized. They were all hard at it all race long and they should be expected to just turn it off? Come on, Herrin didn’t try to hit anyone. To bad the others got caught up in it (but that’s racing).

  • 76

    I disagree, Herrin repeatedly broke his line to try to come down but Westby already was there holding his own. Herrin got what he deserved and thankfully nobody got hurt. Bikes dont fly all over the place like that at 160-170 without rider input, he was very intentional and obvious about what he was doing.

    I hope Herrin gets spanked this year like the little baby he is.

  • Cpt.Slow

    I waited with great anticipation for this season of (improving) AMA pro racing and was treated to great season opener. We have passionate /great moto-rang here at home and I believe we are under-rated! Unfortunately there was this incident and thank god no-one was “seriously” injured.

    Race footage clearly shows the event and hats off to the AMA governing body for handing out the penalty, although like Steve, I don’t believe the penalty was sever enough.

    Congrats to the top 3 and to the rest of the field for competing in the sport they (we) love!

  • A little too ‘NASCAR’ for a sport without roll-cages. Fining Herrin was appropriate: I guess it’s the way we do it now. A post-race fistfight might have yielded better long-term results as far as safety at future races goes.

  • man.
    Something like this is bound to happen again when you have a bunch of riders drafting on a high bank.
    That wall will kill.

  • Shaitan

    Perhaps I missing something, but I witness this kind of stuff in moto racing all the time. Racers are riding full bore and sometimes are overly aggressive (i.e., that’s good racing), but that doesn’t mean it was actually intentional from what I saw. I think a reprimand and fine should suffice, but at least from the angle I saw, it wasn’t some intentional demolition derby attempt, just and aggressive misjudgment. Whatever.

  • k-

    Agree with 76. Herrin clearly dropped into Westby’s line at least twice and remember Herrin and Eslick had issues last year.

    Perhaps AMA is trying to send an early warning to all of them about this kind wreckless riding. I have to admit; however, that it makes watching the races much more exciting!

    Herrin should have had his 5th place finish taken away as well.

  • Josh

    Handguards, the next AMA Superbike accessory!

  • Steve

    Small world. I went by Pilot Leathers today and hanging on the wall were Westby’s leathers he was wearing when he crashed. They didn’t look that bad. None of the seams came apart or wore through and the overall condition of the suit was pretty amazing considering the 160-170 mph get off. You could still wear it. I’m sold…That’s my next suit. And Josh I agree, handguards would be a great idea. I think Steve Rapp would agree as well.

  • Erick E

    its amazing that eslick hit herrin 5 times last season and didnt even get a fine. just goes to show the ama is biased in who they fine or penalize