AMA Pro Flat Track is Now American Flat Track

09/26/2016 @ 3:53 am, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS


Flat track racing in the United States is getting a makeover, with AMA Pro Flat Track changing its name to American Flat Track (AFT). This change comes during an interesting time, with flat track racing seeing a renaissance in its two-wheeled racing spectacle.

Reading our minds, the press release from AMA Pro Racing says that the rebranding comes as “the dawn of a new era for America’s favorite motorcycle sport,” which also comes as American Flat Track also ushers in a new class structure for professional flat track racing.

As you would expect then, AMA Pro Racing is also announcing its new racing classes for the newly named American Flat Track series.

There will be an AFT Twins class, with two-cylinder motorcycles, 650cc to 999cc, which will cater to the series’ top riders; and then there will be an AFT Singles class, with 450cc single-cylinder machines, which will serve as a feeder for the AFT Twins class.

“We are extremely excited about the rebranding of the series,” said Michael Lock, CEO of AMA Pro Racing. “The rejuvenation of the sport will bring a new level of excitement to racers and fans.”

“Everyone will be able to easily understand what’s happening on the track and will be able to enjoy all of the action from the moment they arrive to when they head home. It’s a very exciting time for the sport of professional Flat Track racing.”

In order to increase the racing spectacle, American Flat Track will also feature a new event format, which will now be of a tournament style.

In it, the fastest 48 riders from timed qualifying sessions will advance to the heat races. From there, the race program will consist of 4 six-lap heats, with 9 of the 12 riders transferring to one of the two semi-final races.

Replacing the “last chance” race into the main event, the new semi-final races will be knockout rounds, where 18 riders compete for each of the 9 available spots. The main event will thus be comprised of 18 riders, 9 from each of the two semi-finals.

The main event race format also changes, with the AFT Twins class continuing with the traditional 25-lap affair, but the AFT Singles class will see its race-distance increased from 12 laps to 15 laps.

AMA Pro Racing also says that it is working to overhaul the AFT rulebook, in time for the 2017 season. An update on that will come at a later date.

Source: AMA Pro Racing

  • Benji

    I wonder AFT Singles will be single cylinder framers or still the motocrosser based DTX bikes.

  • Heard some rumblings that it will be framers, not DTX bikes, which I hope is not true.

  • John C

    someone from the old country here (scotland), is it safe to say that flat track & speedway are the same, but different?

  • Benji

    in the sense of going in left hand circles on dirt yes, but that is where the similarity ends. I’ve been racing flat track for a bit and would love to try speedway, it looks very difficult.

  • The same but different would be a good way to describe flat track and speedway.

  • Benji

    DTX bikes are fun to ride, but IMO the framers are something else! Hopefully if it goes the framer route, DTX will stay as a third class. It sure makes the sport much more accessible

  • John C

    cheers, must try & see some.

    youtube links most welcome


    The new name is great and the logo is cool but seems like a cross between the California flag and the Lambretta logo. The singles would be better if the framers could race with the MX based bikes. At least make the MX bikes lose the ugly bodywork for more DT look.

  • Dr. Gellar

    This is good news. I’m excited to see how the flat track series will evolve in the next few years. Certainly sounds like things are on the up. Having HD and Indian factory efforts, both with brand new modern bikes, potentially duking it out on track to me is big, and will make the series fun to follow.

    Pretty much off tangent….but I wonder if having something similar (namely, two big name American manufacturers like HD and Indian battling each other for pride and glory on track) could help save American roadracing….provided a new, specific racing formula could be created that would attract both manufacturers.

  • paulus

    using MX based singles would be great entry level stuff…. I hope they stream the races

  • Romer

    I hope it helps to reinvigorate the sport.
    It might be showing my age, but I was brought up racing dirt track.
    Back then, the AMA referred to the two disciplines as class “A” (speedway) and class “C” (flat track). Within the “tracker” category were the various events such as short track, TT, mile, half-mile etc. Once, I even raced in a Steeplechase event.
    Just my 2 cents and worth what it’s costing you.

  • chris

    as with motoamerica, big pricetag to use “ama” only to drop it… guess it’s less expensive in the end.

  • Norm Fraijo

    Woot! New name and logo! Bold new graphics and dynamic new colors Hopefully there will be some at track management changes as well. See the post made by JD Beach on his personal FB page.