A bit of history was made this past weekend, at the Red Bull Straight Rhythm event in Pomona, California.

Amongst the star-studded lineup of riders who competed head-to-head in the straight-line supercross races, we were also treated to the return of Josh Hill, who pulled himself out of retirement to ride the electric-powered Alta Motors Redshift MX.

Winning his quarter-final heat, Hill gave Alta Motors its first national-level supercross win, the first for an electric motorcycle. However, succumbing to Mitchell Oldenburg in the semi-finals, Hill finished the day fourth overall, meaning Alta Motors narrowly missed out on a podium debut.

Still, the weekend must surely be counted as a success for Hill and Alta, putting electrics squarely on the map as machines that can best the best gas bikes in the industry.

Alta has eyes on furthering its racing résumé, targeting the Redshift MX to compete in other lites class races. We could soon see the Alta Motors Redshift in various 250cc motocross, supercross, and supermoto events in the USA.

Source: Red Bull

  • fnar

    soooo….. that click bait title should actually read: “Alta Motors Beats SOME Gas Bikes at RBSR”

  • MrDefo

    I love this racing format. Many congrats to Josh Hill, I was honestly surprised that he didn’t just walk away with the event, considering how hyped the torque on the electric bikes has been. Still, made for some great racing.

  • Matt Woolley

    Alta Motors Takes 4th at Red Bull Straight Rhythm, would be more accurate.

  • RD350

    Great result! Alta Motors is the real deal.

  • old and cranky

    instead of: “2017, super-torque electric wonder bike (with rider-aids such as launch and traction control) places 4TH at Red Bull Straight Rhythm”

    how about change that title to: 1998 two smoke dinosaur (with fewer automated controls/rider aids than a toaster) placed just two slots back!

  • Jeff Moore

    Sigh. How about . . . “Infinitesimally tiny upstart American company with a budget that is a rounding error of any of the major manufacturers manages to make a bike immediately competitive with the best of the best” instead then?

  • When you say launch control do you mean a throttle?

  • May as well weigh in here as the horse’s mouth: The Redshift does not currently have launch or closed-loop (i.e. intervening) traction control. While these are pretty easy to implement on an electric, it wasn’t a priority for us at this stage for both philosophical and practical reasons. We instead put our efforts into making the torque control just about as perfect as can be, so that you can use your wrist and brain as traction control. But if you twist the throttle all the way, that wheel will spin all the way up.
    Related, Josh ran what I consider to be completely unrideable settings that are kind of the opposite of traction control. We *do* ship the bikes with 4 maps that are increasingly aggressive and easy to spin up. I ride off-road in map 1 (trails) or 2 (MX). 3 and 4 are way too much for me. Josh ran in an equivalent of like a 10 or 12. It was a nice reminder that the riders at that level are complete aliens.

  • paulus

    “… the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena,….” – Teddy Roos’
    Well done. Putting the bike out there, win or fail. It’s another small step in the eventual parity of electric and IC motorcycle choices. Maybe never a full replacement… but an increasingly viable option.

  • michael uhlarik

    So impressed, Marc. You guys really made it.

  • Bruce Almighty

    My first electric purchase will likely be a dirt bike, so I am pleased with this progress. I do many track days on closed asphalt courses, where for the most part, we don’t have too much pressure (yet) on noise control. I ride the street with a stock exhaust system, so no issues there (yet). However, living in surburbia, I have to truck my dirt bike quite a way to find areas I can ride without running into noise complaints. An electric dirt bike with a bit more range would allow me to ride closer to home. Looking forward to it. I’m not looking for any “eco” or “green” benefits from an electric, but I am realistic that one of the biggest threats to our sport from the non-riding community is noise.

  • Joe

    I’ve been waiting to see the results of a straight up fight between Alta and the gas bikes. Unfortunately, I missed the race, but it’s cool to see a 4th place on their first outing.
    Well done.

  • Sam Miller

    Absolutely incredible job done by you and your team! Now the big question. Will we see it compete at any of the SX races this season? Is the battery capacity large enough for that?

  • paulus

    Range… that is the key decision point for my change from IC to electric enduro

  • spitfire74

    That’s how I would say it!