Alpinestars Releases Jorge Lorenzo’s Collarbone-Breaking Crash Telemetry from the Dutch TT at Assen

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Similar to how Alpinestars released the telemetry from Marc Marquez’s 209 mph crash at Mugello, the Italian motorcycle apparel company has downloaded the 0’s and 1’s from Jorge Lorenzo’s Air-Tech race suit, to show us the physics involved from his collarbone-breaking crash.

From the telemetry, we can see that Lorenzo’s left arm hit the ground first, followed closely by an impact that included his left shoulder, right shoulder, and torso — with the airbag deploying in 0.220 seconds.

Lorenzo was in the air for over half a second, and from the guesstimation we can gather from tracing the above line graph, his initial arm impact reached 23.75g’s, while the Spaniard’s shoulder and torso impacts maxed-out the Tech-Air’s accelerometer’s 25g maximum capture resolution.

As we know, Lorenzo heroically had his clavicle plated and pinned in Barcelona after the crash, and immediately returned to Assen to race in the Dutch TT.

Finishing an impressive fifth place, it is almost scary to think that a battered and bruised Lorenzo is still capable of humbling three-quarters of the MotoGP field. We tip our hat to you sir.

Source: Alpinestars