A Divide in the Fiat Camp

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Jorge Lorenzo has gone on the record that he doesn’t like the idea of the wall that divided the two Yamaha riders in 2008 will continue to stand in the 2009 season. Read more for clever responses by Valentino, and off-the-cuff Cold War references by myself.


The so-called wall last season was imposed by Bridgestone and Michelin to protect intellectual property from being swapped around the Yamaha garage. With the new one tire company rule in place for next season though, it would seem the need for such a division would be unecessary, so why Mr. Gorbachev are you not tearing down this wall??

Lorenzo goes on the record about that as well:

“It’s Vale’s idea, not mine. Now that we have the same Bridgestone tires there’s no need to keep it, there are no secrets to keep. We’re a team. This is really a weakness on Rossi’s part, he’s won eight championships, six in the top class, I haven’t won any. I don’t understand him”.


In typical Rossi fashion, Valentino responds:

“In Yamaha there are two riders and both want to win the championship, the wall makes for a better harmony and if it worked this year, why change?” “Let’s do it this way, we’ll put the wall up only on my side and if he wants he can take down his”.

Nicky Hayden has reportedly been calling up local pilots in the countries surrounding Italy to supply food and water via air drops. 

Source: twowheelblog

I miss the Reagan years.