60 Entries Made for Moto2 Bids

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UPDATE:  the FIM is reporting that 47 teams submitted entries for the 2010 Moto2 series, for a total of 91 riders.

Applications for the Moto2 series closed today, with nearly 60 teams making bids to join in on the fun of 600cc prototype racing. Likely, this number will be reduced to somewhere around 36 teams, the typical number of slots on GP circuits.

Of the applicants, all of the satellite teams from MotoGP submitted entries, with the exception of Sete Gibernau’s Grupo Francisco Hernando squad, as well as most of the 250 teams as well, with the Aspar team asking for three places on the grid.

Dorna has a simple method of calculating who will be on the starting grid for Moto2 in 2010. MotoGP satellite teams will be granted places first, followed by the 250 teams, both from this year and 2008 (allowing the now defunct Campatella team to submit an entry), with the final slots being awarded to teams from the 125 class.

We can expect Dorna to make these determinations by the Catalan GP in Barcelona in two weeks. Further motivation to shrink the size of the grid comes from the fact that Dorna is subsidizing the teams by €200,000-€250,000, not a huge some when you consider the cost of racing, but multiply that by 36 and the new series quickly is costing the race organizer a hefty sum of money.

Source: MotoGP Matters

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