Marc Marquez has taken revenge at the event he helped to create, winning the 2016 edition of the Superprestigio in dominant style. The 2016 MotoGP champion had dominated the qualifying heats, and chose the inside gate to start from.

Though he dropped behind the excellent French Supermoto champion Tom Chareyre off the line, he entered the first corner in good position, with AMA star Brad Baker tight on his tail. The pair quickly slid through to take the lead.

In previous years, Baker was capable of taking the fight to Marquez and beating the Spaniard, but this time, Baker struggled. Marquez quickly built up a lead that would not be challenged.

Baker, meanwhile, had trouble behind him, with Toni Elias sliding inside him to take second, leaving Baker to battle with Chareyre for the final podium spot.

Chareyre tried one hard move on up the inside with a couple of laps to go, but Baker kept the door closed, and Chareyre went down after hitting the inside of Baker’s Honda. A disappointed Baker crossed the line to take third. 

Results of the 2016 Superfinal at the Barcelona Superprestigio:

Pos No Rider Country Bike Race Series Gap
1 93 Marc Marquez ESP Honda  MotoGP 16 laps
2 24 Toni Elias ESP Suzuki  MotoAmerica +0.715
3 6 Brad Baker USA Honda  American Flat Track +4.583
4 19 Xavier Simeon BEL Suzuki  Moto2 +7.594
5 17 Gerard Bailo ESP Suzuki  Spanish Flat Track +8.203
6 23 Marcel Schrotter GER Suzuki  Moto2 +9.301
7 77 Ferran Cardus ESP Suzuki  Spanish Flat Track +1 lap
8 4 Thomas Chareyre FRA TM  Supermoto +1 lap

Source: DTX Barcelona; Photo: © 2016 Steve English – All Rights Reserved

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  • Hornet

    3x MotoGP world champion, nearly won his debut Enduro race this year and now tops Superprestigio. The talent of this kid is insane!

  • Bob K

    As much as I want to hate him because he’s not the guy I root for, he can’t be denied the amazing talent that he is.

  • Barry Rothwell Taylor

    Sad how often the best riders / drivers are such horrible people …

  • SicSemper


  • Calvin


  • chris

    i’m sure hrc ignition maps/every other trick bit helps, but you do have to ride the wheels off the thing, and he does. baker seemed to have no drive, elias nothing but impressive. english announcers this year! still want a bigger track.

  • appliance5000

    Does he make kittens cry and then drink their salty tears of sorrow?

  • Andre Capitao Melo

    Better than being a lousy rider AND a horrible person, right? RIGHT?

  • durandal1

    Brad was piiiissseed.

  • nick2ny

    I talked to a dejected Baker after the event and he said it came down to tire choice. In europe they don’t have real flattrack bikes so they run supermotos on Michelin “wet” roadracing tires. They cost a lot and get destroyed by the track. Marquez ran a used set for the 16 lap final, and baker went with a new set. He was noticeably slower that he’d been in the other heats. It was a shame since it’s only in the final that the two groups ride against each other (it’s all road racers against each other and dirt riders against each other except in the final race)—and both brad and marc had dominated their respective categories all night… too bad it came down to tire choice.

  • durandal1

    On the other hand it’s racing, tire choice is a part of it, so lessons learned for next year!

  • MikeD

    Yes, yes. . .right, lol.

  • ColonelClaw

    Very true about having to ride the thing. There was a moment at the beginning at one of the rounds where I just had to laugh in disbelief – Marquez approached the first corner in 3rd or 4th and came out of it in 1st after threading the eye of a needle. His vision in those kind of chaotic situations is quite extraordinary.

  • Alclab


  • Christopher Horrell

    So that 16 lap lead is NOT a typo?

  • Dustin Nisbet-Jones

    That’s the total laps the winner did and then the subsequent gaps behind him

  • Benji

    Totally. It’s like “hey Brad, you know that thing you’re really good at? Yeah do that except on these tires you don’t ride ever. Oh, and everyone is judging you”