Are You Ready for the 2014 Dakar Rally?

12/30/2013 @ 9:46 am, by Jensen Beeler2 COMMENTS


In just a week’s time, the 2014 Dakar Rally will be underway in South America. Featuring a course through Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile, this year’s Dakar is longer and harder than years past, and will feature three OEMs vying for the top motorcycle honors: Honda, KTM, and Yamaha.

The biggest news going into the iconic rally race is Cyril Despres’ move from KTM to Yamaha, as the five-time Dakar winner is looking for his sixth race win on the new marque. The biggest man in his way is rival Marc Coma, who remains with the Austrian brand, and will be riding the all-new KTM 450 Rally race bike. HRC will be racing in The Dakar this year again, with five riders and a revised racing machine — we can expect good things from the combination.

Of course missing from the lineup is American racer Kurt Caselli, who lost his life in 2013 while competing in the SCORE Baja 1000. The popular American will surely be on the mind of every competitor as they begin the rally on Sunday, and he certainly will be in the hearts of every fan come race day.

Stay tuned for the 35th edition — it starts January 5th, in Rosario, Argentina. We’ll be updating Asphalt & Rubber with pertinent racing news, as it unfolds.

Source: Dakar (YouTube)

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    Best place to watch coverage?

  • I will be once they change the name to the Patagonian Rally, and show proper respect to the continent where it is now based. The Dakar Rally on the African continent no longer exists, because nobody has the balls to race there anymore. Rather unfortunate from a TV ratings standpoint, since if dozens of riders and drivers were being killed in this rally, as opposed to one or two, there would be far far greater viewer interest, not to mention commercial viability.

    Just think if every rider had an AR-15 slung over their shoulder and Sig Sauer strapped to their thigh. Riders wouldn’t just be dodging natural obstacles, but IEDs, EFPs and bullets. Certainly that would help to whittle down the field by the end of the race. And every time someone had a breakdown, they’d have to fend off a pack of Al Qaeda affiliates sporting AKs and RPG’s bent on sending them straight to Allah. Slow riders wouldn’t just lose time, they’d lose their heads. The US military could be called in for airstrikes and rescue ops.

    Death Race Dakar would quickly become the most popular racing series of all time, and we could put the fun back in this whole clash of civilizations thing. :)