2013 Bol d’Or 24-hour Qualifying Results

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While our attentions may be on this weekend’s inaugural MotoGP round at the Circuit of the Americas in Ausin, Texas, the World Endurance Championship (EWC) season is also kicking off with the 2013 Bol d’Or. A 24-hour that now takes place at the in Magny-Cours circuit in France, the Bol d’Or is one of two 24-hour races on the EWC calendar, and is in its 77th running.

At the top of the heap for tomorrow’s grid is the SRC Kawasaki team (WSBK’s Loris Baz is one of the team’s riders, for trivia points), which won the Bol d’Or 24-hour racing last year, upsetting the Suzuki Endurance Racing Team (SERT). Despite the upset defeat, SERT went on to win the EWC title outright in 2012, and remains the favorite for the 2012 season.

Though SRC is the team to beat to the finish come Sunday, it goes without saying that you cannot count out SERT from a top-step finish with their Suzuki GSX-R1000 endurance race bike. Yamaha France’s GMT94 entry finishes out the top three spots, and is another strong contender, as is fourth-place starter BMW Motorrad France Team Thevent.

Despite Qualifying 9th in the EWC field (12th overall), the Honda TT Legends crew is upbeat about their pace, and tip their consistency as being a deciding factor come tomorrow’s race. Fastest on the team, Michael Dunlop will move from being the team’s back-up rider, and instead will replace Michael Rutter, who is still nursing his leg injury from pre-season testing.

McGuinness, Andrews, and Dunlop will be hunting a Top 5 finish over the 24 hours, with a podium being an outstanding result ofr the factory Honda squad.

Qualifying Results for the 2013 Bol d’Or 24 Hours at Magny-Cours, France:

Pos. Team Bike Riders Class Time
1 Team Kawasaki SRC Kawasaki Leblanc/Baz/Guarnoni 1’3+9.610 EWC
2 Suzuki Endurance Racing Team Suzuki Philippe/Delhalle/Da Costa +0.390 EWC
3 Yamaha France GMT94 Yamaha Checa/Foray/Lagrive +0.879 EWC
4 BMW Motorrad France Thevent BMW Muggeridge/Gimbert/Barrier +1.080 EWC
5 Junior Team Suzuki LMS Suzuki Guittet/Masson/Chevaux +2.534 SST
6 National Motos Honda Junod/Metro/Four +2.750 EWC
7 Team Louit Moto 33 Kawasaki Marino/Savadori/Jonchiere +2.794 SST
8 AM Moto Racing Suzuki LOiseau/Maitre/Hardt +3.044 EWC
9 Monster Energy Yamaha YART Yamaha Jerman/Parkes/Morais +3.728 EWC
10 Team R2CL Suzuki Buisson/Dietrich/Giabbani +3.186 EWC
11 DG Sport Herock Yamaha Van Keymeulen/Schouten/Mahias +3.400 SST
12 Honda TT Legends Honda McGuinness/Rutter/Andrews +3.434 EWC
13 Team Motors Events Suzuki Fastre/Lucas/Savary +3.707 SST
14 Bolliger Team Switzerland Kawasaki Saiger/Wildisen/Mita +3.954 EWC
15 Team 18 Sapeurs Pompiers Kawasaki Molinier/De Carolis/Briere +4.023 EWC
16 Starteam Pam Racing Suzuki Prulhiere/Maurin/Longearet +4.207 SST
17 Penz13 Racing Team BMW Vallcaneras/Pridmore/Takada +4.264 SST
18 FMA Assurances Honda Black/Kerkhoven/Fissette +4.329 EWC
19 3D Endurance Center Kawasaki Lanusse/Egea/Holub +4.346 SST
20 Atomic Motorsport Suzuki Tangre/Jond/Camus +4.616 SST
21 Maco Racing Team Yamaha Bouan/Cummins/Roccoli +4.855 SST
22 Metiss JLC Moto Metiss Michel/Huvier/Cheron +5.114 Open
23 RAC 41 Yamaha Yamaha Charpin/Praud/Depoorter +5.233 EWC
24 No Limits Suzuki Casas/Boscoscuro/Rosso/Bussei +6.001 SST
25 DL Moto Racing Kawasaki Morin/Thuillier/Saive +6.011 SST
26 Racing Team Sarazin Kawasaki Guerouah/Kokes/Major +6.162 SST
27 Yamaha Viltais Experiences Yamaha Bardet/Berthome/Carrillo +6.204 SST
28 DMT 35 Kawasaki Danton/Mathon/Goetschy +6.257 EWC
29 Flemmbo Leader Team Kawasaki Demarey/Prosenik/Ortiz +6.375 EWC
30 Dunlop Motors Events Suzuki Cholvin/Richert/Putin +6.593 EWC
31 Volpker Team Schubert Motors BMW Reichmann/Altendorfer/Stuppi +6.700 SST
32 Ecurie Chrono Sport Kawasaki Mecene/Bergeron/Cancade +7.071 SST
33 AZ Motos Suzuki Mezard/Boue/Dupuy +7.139 SST
34 Aprilia Le Mans 2 Roues Aprilia Lerat/Parisse/Leroyer +7.206 SST
35 TMS Racing Honda Farlat/Henriques/Majastre +7.420 SST
36 MCS Racing Ipone Suzuki Saseta/Ivanov/Anastasia +7.501 SST
37 Motobox Kremer Suzuki Scherrer/Paavilainen/Gaziello +7.750 EWC
38 SPE Samurai Suzuki Teramoto/Fujishima/Piccolo +8.034 EWC
39 Team 2CP Racing Suzuki Gelas/Descours/Petitjean +8.488 SST
40 Team Racing + Oui FM Kawasaki Dubarle/Tabaries/Vigneau +8.552 SST
41 ACR 74 Suzuki Huguenin/Vial/Grippi +9.286 SST
42 Team Scuderia Deux Roues Ducati Francois/Ancelin/Teissier +9.317 Open
43 Team GP Moto Kawasaki Prendonzan/Lanziani/Brillat +9.522 SST
44 BI-Meca Racing Team Kawasaki Feuillee/Morat/Durant +9.539 SST
45 Plusrace Suzuki Barbancon/Jacoby/Monier +10.032 SST
46 BMRT Moustic Moto Expert 58 Kawasaki Mange/Elbachir/Burlin +10.097 SST
47 Team Space Moto 37 Suzuki Nouvellon/Roche/Deneque +10.222 EWC
48 Acro Racing Team Yamaha Jean/Grimber/Lucas +10.767 SST
49 PL Performances Suzuki Lepand/Delanoe/Blanchet +11.544 SST
50 Racing Team 87 Yamaha Hamard/Viaud/Taillandier +12.931 SST
51 JCB YDCG Racing Kawasaki Cahagnet/Deneque/Marle +13.902 SST

Source: FIM