With water reported at various points on the track before the start of the 2012 SES TT Zero, there was serious concern from the riders about the racing conditions, though they would prove to be over-stated as the bikes took to the Mountain Course. With Miller, McGuinness, and Rutter all hungry to get the £10,000 bounty on the 100 mph lap barrier, the riders and teams also had serious concerns over whether the weather could prevent making the feat official.

Getting it done with “dodgy” conditions, Michael Rutter rode out to a commanding lead on his Segway MotoCzysz E1pc, and never looked back. Posting 126 mph at the Sulby Straight speed trap, Rutter made good time over the mountain, and set an official 100+ mph lap for electrics at the Isle of Man TT, with an average speed of 104.056 mph.

John McGuinness on the Mugen Shinden split the two MotoCzysz riders, taking second from Miller before the start up the Mountain from Ramsey. McGuinness finished with a 102.215 mph lap, to Miller’s 101.065 mph. Rob Barber finished fourth for TGM IOM – Viena, which rounded out the disappointing four-rider finish.

For Miller the MotoCzysz E1pc proved to be a handful, with its chassis and suspension being set too soft for the Mountain Course, though the American rider rode a flawless race in terms of energy consumption. With MotoCzysz erring on the conservative side of its energy management strategy, Miller’s result was due in part to the team’s restrictive rider management. A bit heavier on the stick, Rutter’s ride was dominant over McGuinness and his teammate, putting down an astounding 25.25 seconds on the lap over the Mugen.

Noticeably absent from the start was Lightning Motorcycles, which despite heavy testing ahead of the Isle of Man TT, had another all-too-common rush to get the bike ready ahead of Monday’s qualifying. Retiring during that session, we haven’t heard why John Burrows failed to start the TT Zero on the Flying Banana Mk. II, other than the bike never made it down to the paddock on race day.

With eight bikes starting from Glencrutchery Road, it was Kingston, ManTTX Racing, Mirai Racing, and Brunel X Racing that had to retire mid-lap. For full results, click here.

Photo: © 2012 Daniel Lo / Corner Speed Photo – All Rights Reserved

  • Kyle G

    Congratulations! I was hoping to see a number closer to 104!

    Interested to hear about the other teams who didnt finish

  • Dr. Gellar

    Awesome…heck yeah!! Congratulations MotoCzysz on the win and officially breaking the 100mph average lap mark. Well done… :-)

  • z

    nice! yeah, Michael Czysz predictions of multiple +100 times was right on. Good to see Rutter with the win!

  • dwolvin

    In motion the ‘Czysz looks good…

  • noch

    Several seconds difference between Miller and McGuiness. With drafting and efficiency so important, any word on how the actual race between the two panned out?

  • Greg

    Glad to see the MotoCzysz team on top of the podium again. I had high hopes for the C1-990 when they were going for a MotoGP entry, and I’d still love to see a limited-production run of that bike. Hope to see them putting some machines on the market for the public to enjoy in the near future.

  • Some updated info in the article, for those that came by the first time.

  • protomech

    @noch I believe they released the bikes 20-30s apart.. in Rutter’s case, he left first from the grid and never looked back.

    Miller and McGuinness were several seconds apart throughout much of the race.

  • Bob

    This is good stuff! Big congrats to the teams that broke 100mph average speed!

  • Richard Gozinya

    I guess the next milestone will be electrics outrunning the sidecar class at IOM. So 116.667 mph is the electric’s next speed to beat.

  • BenFaster

    Huge achievement but hopefully just the tip of the iceberg on electric bikes. Speaking of side car class. Makes me wonder if you used a sidecar without the monkey and put batteries there?? Battery technology is the biggest limit with these and then motor weight is next. Would be fun to watch a revolution in technology to get both up to recip levels and past. give it 7 more years – maybe John M. will be choosing his eBike as weapon of choice for the final!

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  • Westward

    Absolutely Fantastic, It was a brilliant achievement. Very glad they both went over 100 mph… Now I would like to see MotoCzysz field the C1 in MotoGP too… I think Ben Spies might be available to pilot it…

  • @Westward: That’s an interesting bit. I would be seriously interested to see how these bikes might measure against a MotoGP bike for a typical race distance. It might not be par for now, but it surely will come even in the future.