IOMTT: Farquhar Wins the Reinstated Lightweight TT

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Suffering the same postponement and delays as the PokerStars Senior TT, the 2012 Lightweight TT overcame the adverse conditions, finally getting its start well into the Saturday afternoon.

With the 650cc twin-cylinder class getting reinstated for the 2012 Isle of Man TT, there was tremendous pressure for the race to go ahead this fortnight, especially with the number of entries that solely arrived to compete in the class. Reduced from four laps to three, the strategy for the Lightweight TT got amplified, with riders having to choose when to take their pit stop: ahead of Lap 2 or Lap 3.

By the time the pit stop strategies had balanced themselves between the front-runners, it was clear that Ryan Farquhar had dominated the class. Leading James Hillier by 28.99 seconds at the finish, the privateer rider bested the efforts of Hillier as well Michael Rutter, who rounded out the Lightweight TT podium.

Taking the lead by Glen Helen, Farquhar caught Hillier on the course by the first lap at Ramsey, and never looked back. With Rutter mounting a good charge in the first lap, his bid for second would fade in the second and third laps, as he yo-yo’d in the field’s varying pitsopts.

Farquhar’s win was his third podium of the TT fortnight, with the Irishman coming third in the Superstock TT and second Supersport TT races  — the victory was also his third career TT win. For full race results of the 2012 Lightweight TT race, click here.

Photo: © 2012 Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0