The 2012 Isle of Man TT with Daniel Lo

06/14/2012 @ 7:59 am, by Daniel Lo5 COMMENTS
  • Gutterslob

    Really nice. Full props to Mr. Lo!!

    Is it just me, of is Michael Dunlop’s R6 faired wider along the sides (presumably to cover his big frame) compared to the standard R6.

    Kinda unfortunate that no one got images of Dan Kneen this year. He was spectacular on the 600 in the Supersport Race, the replay slow-mo showing him muscling the bike on the rear tyre. Pure style!!

  • monkeyfumi

    Michael Dunlop is on the ZX10 there, not the R6. More TT pics please!

  • @Gutterslob,

    Those slo-mo shots were spectacular, weren’t they?! Absolutely fantastic to see and, yes, pure style nails it! :)

  • Grant Madden

    Fantastic pictures.The man is a top grade photographer.The picture of Connor Cummins finger is a clasic.What these guys will do for thier sport is unbelievable!Great work Daniel catching the essance of these riders.Well done!

  • Anti

    Pretty nice. Shame about the dutch tilt on so many shots. Guy martin shot is great.