2011 Rizla Suzuki GSV-R MotoGP Race Bike Unveiled

03/10/2011 @ 2:00 am, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

Finally we have all the factory MotoGP bikes officially unveiled in their race liveries (click for the Ducati, Honda, and Yamaha unveilings). Surprising everyone this year with a teal color scheme, Rizla Suzuki is still present in MotoGP, albeit only running one rider for the 2011 season. Taking to the helm of the 2011 Suzuki GSV-R is Alvaro Bautista, who has shown great promise on the otherwise lackluster race bike.

Despite its troubled past, Suzuki has been working hard on turning its toad into a prince, and could be the surprise entry in this year’s MotoGP Championship. We don’t expect the bike to win any races, but a couple surprise podiums do seem attainable for the squad. Photos and technical specifications after the jump.

Technical Specifications of the 2011 Suzuki GSV-R Race Bike:

Engine Type: Four-stroke water cooled V4

Displacement: 800cc

Engine Control System: Mitsubishi ECM

Max Power: 225+ ps / 18,000rpm

Valve Control and Type: Pneumatic (air control), DOHC four-valve

Carburation Type: Fuel injection

Lubrication System: Wet sump (Motul Lubricants)

Clutch: Dry multi plates (back torque reduction type)

Transmission: Six speed low friction constant mesh

Final Drive: Chain (RK)

Frame Type: Twin spar aluminium alloy frame

Suspension: Front: Inverted type telescopic (Ohlins); Rear: Link type (Ohlins)

Tyres: Bridgestone

Wheels: Front and rear: 429mm (16.5 inches) (Marchesini)

Brake System: Front: Double carbon disc (Brembo); Rear: Single steel disc (Brembo)

Overall Length: 2080mm

Overall Width: 660mm

Overall Height: 1150mm

Weight: 150+kg

Fuel Tank: 21L

Estimated top speed: 330+km/h

  • Bjorn

    Please let it be a contender with Bautista in the saddle.

  • Ed Gray

    What’s with the strange photo angles. Is Suzuki really afraid that one of there competitiors is going to try to copy their geometry? Have they made some radical inovation that they are hiding from photometry?

  • Youngblood

    Ha! Actually I think it is pretty cool they are using clever angles to show what the bike will look like at full lean.

  • Other Sean

    She’s not the prettiest girl at the dance, is she? Hopefully that strange low slung exhaust and it’s accompanying cover will give performance results.

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  • 76

    You never noticed, suzuki does not even release side view photos of thier production sportbikes. Sideview is the best way to measure off a picture in this case and guess what missing from this photoshoot as well?

    Take a look, no sideviews, ever. If theres one its from a mag or a customer, they are crazy about it actually

  • F1

    Definitely the best version yet. ,, and they didn’t have to pay “the once” visionary Troy Lee Designs stupid amounts of money for it. Last years Abortion Lee design was so hideous that it actually made the bike slower.

    and in spite of the Suzuki’s current appearance being a bit less than inspiring, its (objectively) better looking than that disproportionate mess, that is Rossi’s Ducati. ,, there isn’t a flowing line ion the bike,, that is, if you’re being honest

  • Bjorn

    @F1: With a TLD logo under the tailpiece it might just be another Troy Lee Design paint job. Definitely better than last years effort.

  • I’ve never understood how Suzi could keep putting on this dreadful dog+pony show year after year. Of course, I didn’t understand how you drop the SV650 and/or morph it into a Gladius either, but that’s just me . . . . why don’t they farm MGP out to Yoshimura like they have their AMA teams, they surely could do better than thye’ve done on their own.