2010 Australian GP MotoGP Infographic

10/19/2010 @ 1:27 pm, by Peter Lombardi5 COMMENTS
  • Anthony

    Wow – I missed Phillip Island already !!

  • Swisskit

    I know A&R are usually ahead of the rest on what’s happening, but I think you mean Sepang Infographic…

  • Shram

    Noob question: why do the slowest riders in the paddock always set the top speeds in the race? Is it because once they get behind they have more space?

  • Bill Smith

    Disturbing Statistics:

    Nine of the 14 finishing riders finished with more than a one second deficiency PER LAP. That is not competitive racing. Yes the battle for third was exciting but we have witnessed too many races in 2010 with only one rider competing for the win.

    It makes one wonder why manufacturers like Suzuki, Kawasaki, Aprilia, BMW, KTM and others would consider this a viable showplace for their brands. It reminds us why we have so few title sponsors.

    I love MotoGP but realize its limited world will never expand without significant change.

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