Samsung Smart Windshield Brings a HUD Near You

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It’s 2016, and I’m not sure why we all aren’t zipping around on motorcycles that have integrated heads-up displays (HUD).

The technology has been around for decades, the components and software are available and easy to implement, and with our connected digital lifestyles, the concept just seems like a no-brainer.

Yet, here we are, with our boring “Motorcycle 1.0” motorbikes.

Samsung hopes to change that though, showing off its “Smart Windshield” concept. The idea is straightforward: Samsung’s Smart Windshield connects to your smartphone via a special app, and it displays navigation, call, text, and email information on your windshield, through a special projection system.

Samsung is selling the concept as a step towards safer riding, which seems a bit disingenuous, though we are sure that their are people out there that text and ride – we’re looking at you, Lewis Hamilton.

But to its credit, the Samsung Smart Windshield seems like a genuinely useful add-on, especially for commuters who feel the need to be connected at all times – or just want to know where the hell they are going.

Right now, the Smart Windshield is just a concept from Samsung, but it does look like the electronics giant has teamed up with Yamaha Italy to explore the idea further. Italy is perhaps the perfect market for smart-equipped scooters, so that makes sense.

Time will tell if anything comes to fruition on this idea. We think it’s sort of inevitable though. How about you?

Source: Samsung

Jensen Beeler

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