Things have been quiet on the Italian front after Harley-Davidson acquired premium sportbike manufacturer MV Agusta last year, with the American company apparently leaving the brand alone for a while after its purchase. The company we love to hate from Milwaukee has finally started to make some changes in the old Italian brand, drawing a clear line between what product lines will focus on a premium road bike experience for the rider, and what products will be developed for track day weaponry for the weekend warrior.

MV Agusta will now sport two distinctions in its brand of products: “MV Agusta Corse” and “MVR”. MV Agusta Corse will be for products that are an extension of the premium road bike experience that has made MV Agusta so unique and special. The product line will be dedicated to a personalized aesthetic, while serving as a functional but fashionable way to use the road bike. That’s hyperbole for: you can buy things that make the bikes look even better, and cost even more.

Heading up the track and race side of the brand will be the MVR line. We can only assume the “R” stands for racing, and as such this department will focus on making the next generation of MV Agusta’s go as fast as possible around a closed course circuit. Like Ducati, MV hopes to get back to its racing roots, bringing not only the cutting edge of design, but the pinnacle of function to the brand once again.

The MVR product line will include go-fast-parts such as exhausts, brake disks, clutches, etc. Whereas, the Corse line will also offer parts made from carbon fiber, aluminum, or titanium that serve a purely aesthetic purpose. It will include accessories, such as helmets and bags, and other branded apparel items.

Source: MV Agusta