AGV Pista GP Helmet Coming to the USA in October 2013

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We can’t remember the last time we were excited about a helmet, but we are counting down the days until the AGV Pista GP comes to the United States. Already available in Europe, the Pista GP is expected to cross the pond officially in October of this year and be a part of AGV’s 2014 collection.

However, some eager Americans have already been buying Pista’s online from British helmet houses, and having them shipped over to the US. Considering how banged up our international packages get, it is not something we would recommend. Patience is a virtue.

Though AGV is touting its AGV Standards methodology, which builds the Pista GP from the rider’s head and then outward, it is the number of improvements that helmet brings to the table over the venerable GP-Tech, namely the increased field-of-vision, that excites us — my biggest complaint with AGV race helmets has always been the limited vision at the peripheries and brow.

By the numbers, the full list of changes includes:

  • +15° wider field of vision
  • 9% larger visor area
  • 36% less g-force transmitted to the head (compared to the ECE regulation)
  • 48% less HIC index standard (Head Injury Criterion)
  • 71% smaller visor movement area (area devoted to visor movement)
  • 3.3mm visor thickness
  • -6% lateral section aerodynamics, -3% front section
  • -44% z-lift (force of helmet lifting because of aerodynamic forces)
  • 193% more ventilation area

Source: AGV