zecOO: An Electric Maxi-Scooter from Japan

04/13/2012 @ 3:28 pm, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS

The maxi-scooter scene in Japan borders on the lunatic fringe, as the two-wheeled segment is over-saturated with trendy young riders, as full-size motorcycles are too prohibitively expensive for 20-somethings in the island nation. This has created a vibrant tuner and modder community for scooters in Japan, which has spurred some of the most audacious builds we have ever seen. It doesn’t surprise us then to see the zecOO from Kota Nezu of Znug Design.

It would be one thing that the Japanese firm made a low-riding maxi-scooter that features a single-sided and hub-center steering front-end, but the kicker is that the zecOO is an electric scooter as well. Packing a modest 28hp and 47 lbs•ft of torque, the zecOO isn’t going to win any speed contests, though it is on par with the production electric motorcycles currently available from Brammo and Zero.

What we think riders will really be drawn to (or disgusted, if you are some of our more inside-the-box readers) is the zecOO’s striking design that Nezu envisioned. The only thing we don’t like? The ubiquitous HUGE rear sprocket, which is becoming all-too common place on electrics that do not have a gear reduction.

zecOO CADs & Design Photos:

zecOO Prototype:

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  • I have never, EVER been a fan of scooters, but this … THIS got my complete and undivided attention. What an interesting set of wheels to zip around on for city consumption.

  • Westward

    Akira inspired design…

    I like some of the elements. Adaptable frame, buell front brake system, belt driven, I love it. What would be even cooler is a more Tron lightcycle inspired design, I’m thinking original, not legacy…

  • MikeD

    Holy Shit Batman….(0.O)….LMAO.
    Let me have a T-MAX 530 instead.

  • Dr. Gellar

    I actually like this a lot. I was thinking the same thing as Westward…about the Akira-inspired design, and that is not at all a bad thing. I believe few people on a conventional motorcycle would probably give the rider of a “scooter” like this dirty looks if it pulled up next to them. To me, this is the look and style of machine the Honda DN-01 sorta tried but failed so miserably to achieve.

  • Mark L.

    A Japanese custom with a Buell ZTL inside brake system.
    Is this sweet irony or what?
    All these years Americans get slammed for building customs from UJM’s and here a Japanese custom uses American bike parts.

    I love it!

    The build and engineering quality seem top notch, and it is cool in a way that Bramo, Zero, and all the others only dream of being.

    WELL DONE in any language.

    Mark L.
    Ozark, MO USA

  • Webbiker

    I have allways hated scooters with a vengeance but this is spectacularly cool! I really really want one.

  • D-Mac

    Thumbs up! Innovative and inspiring. Love the perimeter rotors (puts the mass farther away from the wheel center, but it does improve braking, and it fits visually with the large sprocket on the rear).

  • jackie

    go go Akira. Fun.

  • oml

    a bike that looks like that and doesnt reach at least 150 is a bit … disappointing. i would love it if it had a bit more power (but maybe the frame just looks cool, but drives like crap)

  • 76

    These kind of “SuperScooters” are all the trend in Japan right now and have been for some time, I guess the akira phantasy lives on strong over there.

    I cant wait until the first Japanese OEM releases one of these for the states and the same people that are saying this is cool ridicule it asking what where they thinking.

  • More photos in the gallery now.

  • “These kind of “SuperScooters” are all the trend in Japan right now and have been for some time”

    Really? I’ve lived in Tokyo for the last 21 years and haven’t seen anything that looks even remotely like this. Scooters are all the rage here, but about all you see in terms of tuning are fart cans and straight pipes.

  • Dr. Gellar


    It’s arguable, but I think this has has already happened (as I mentioned above) with Honda’s DN-01. Granted, the DN-01 was no Akira-looking machine like the zecOO, but it was a feet-forward scooter/motorcycle hybrid or sorts.

  • Alex

    Looks good. Could be improved by seatback with headrest, integrated with aerodynamically tapered backbox for general or helmet storage and including light clusters; ergonomic grips rather than straight bars; a more aerodynamic ‘nose’ to extend range, battery life and top speed; footrests moved forward and protected by faired in ‘boxes’ for safety & aerodynamics (again).

  • 76



    Take your pick Trane, I dont know where you’ve been in tokyo but they are there there, hamamatsu, kumamoto take your pick

    Dr. Geller your very right about DN-01, these “SuperScooters” are basically are part of the core of its concept but just not as far, DN-01 was kind of 1/3 the way there, I bet. How many DN-01’s were sold? and 16k Sticker? maybe 40?

    I look at these things and say sure fun, the reality is nobody si ready for these types of things here in the states, at least to actually spend Superbike level money on.

  • @76: I didn’t mean it to sound that there aren’t custom scooters in existence here, but your statement of “all the trend” pushes it, IMO. There will always be a small-to-medium-sized segment of any car/bike market that engages in extreme customization. That said, I stick by my original statement that I’ve never seen anything like the zecOO on the street here and that for the most part all you see are fart cans. Maybe some strips of blacklight LEDs and chrome, but …

    The zecOO stands well and truly apart. IMO, YMMV and all that. Maybe Kumamoto Prefecture is full of design aliens who all rip around on these scooter/bike hybrids. They sure do not in GTMA.