Yuri Shif Customs DUster Streetfighter

02/09/2010 @ 8:59 am, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

Belarus isn’t exactly known for its thriving motorcycle scene, let alone for its custom bike eye-candy, but Yuri Shif Custom is about to change all that. The small custom shop is creating quite a stir with its latest custom streetfighter the DUster. The DUster takes your normal mild mannered Ducati water-cooled motor, and dips it in an all white finish. Wrapping a completely custom chassis around the powerplant, Shif and his crew have made a very unique and eye-catching design.

The bike uses gold and italian themes for accents, with our favorite bit being the headlight casing, which has a gold band around it that looks almost like the focus ring on a camera lens. Other interesting pieces are the fuel tank filling cap, and perimeter brakes up front.

Recently, the DUster won the Best Streetfighter trophy at the Custombike show in Germany, and also won the Best International Builder award at the Verona expo in Italy a couple of months ago. It’s easy to see why the DUster is getting so many accolades, itr has a little bit of something for everyone: old school Ducati lines, new school performance pieces, and many inspirations you won’t find anywhere else.

Source: BikeEXIF via Yuri Shif Custom

  • Is it wrong that I am slightly turned on by this RT @Asphalt_Rubber Yuri Shif Customs DUster Streetfighter- http://bit.ly/d68hIE #motorcycle

  • 996 engine I think, not air-cooled

  • Supreme BADASSERY! RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Yuri Shif Customs DUster Streetfighter – http://bit.ly/d68hIE #motorcycle

  • Sean Mitchell

    that is going to be hard to keep clean…

  • Sick RT@PopSciGuy @Asphalt_Rubber Supreme BADASSERY! Yuri Shif Customs DUster Streetfighter – http://bit.ly/d68hIE #motorcycle

  • Sick RT @PopSciGuy @Asphalt_Rubber Supreme BADASSERY! Yuri Shif Customs DUster Streetfighter – http://bit.ly/d68hIE #motorcycle

  • Hayabrusa

    I like it, except I’m not too sure about the retro? styled gas tank – the shape reminds me of some old Kawasakis! Anyway, Jenny, how do I get your job??!!!

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  • david

    It’s pretty cool, but I wonder how they slow down and stop it.

  • david

    Stupid perimeter brakes! Makes me look bad.

  • glen

    Looks sorta like Max Headroom should be riding it!

  • loki

    996 quattrovalvole engine indeed – with motor an oil radiators. looks ok, but these wheels.. man.. right from a pimped Hummer. bad choice.

  • Foggel

    Looks like patio furniture.