The International press launch of the Ducati 1199 Panigale is underway in Abu Dhabi this week, with initial reports on Ducati’s flagship superbike being very positive. A track usually reserved for cars, not bikes, the Yas Marina Circuit is really something to behold. Situated on a man-made island off the Abu Dhabi coast, the Middle-Eastern track cost a cool $1.32 billion to construct back in 2009, and holds the distinction for being one of Formula One’s night races.

Such a setting is of course appropriate for Ducati to introduce its latest creation, and the Italian company will be showcasing the first production motorcycle with an LED headlight, the first sport bike with electronically-adjustable suspension, and of course putting journalists on the company’s much-talked-about “frameless” monocoque chassis design. Expected on dealer floors in April, the base model Ducati 1199 Panigale will cost $17,995, while the “S” will cost $22,995, and “S Tricolore” will hit the wallet for $27,995 MSRP.

While we wait for the Panigale to come across the Atlantic Ocean, Ducati has put together this video of Troy Bayliss taking a lap around the 21 turns of the Yas Marina Circuit. It’s an oddly edited video, but should bring grins to the Ducatisti in your life. Be sure to turn your speakers up to hear the Superquadro v-twin motor in all its glory.

Source: Ducati (YouTube)

  • Peter L

    FYI the first night race was in Singapore, not Abu Dhabi.

  • jamesy

    Absolute soul consuming eye candy

  • It’s the most achingly beautiful motorcycle I’ve ever seen. I wish I could have it in a 400. I just see no point for 195HP on the street. For me, people. For me. You guys can buy whatever you like. :)

  • Ken C.

    Sounds like a chainsaw.

  • Scott

    It very pretty and I’m sure it’s a fantastic bike to ride. Way too much power for the street and why for the love of is it only available in red. If I’m spending that much on a bike have some color choices. Nice to see some new tech make it to the street though.

  • MikeD

    Sounds like a mix of CrossPlane, RSV4 and “some Duc” still left in it. I like it.

    It won’t be a 400 but they will make a MiniMe version of it, it’s almost a given. Time frame ? Go figure…

    Good point, so much money and yet only ROSSO ? Screw them…what ever happened to that screaming YELLOW that the 1098 once sported in the USA Market ? Or WHITE ? ALL Black is A MUST(rims,swinger,all).

    SWEET RIDE, that’s for sure…wish i had the $$$ to back up my day dreaming. LOL. SIGH.

  • Shawn

    Observing Ducati’s historical sales strategy, don’t buy one now. As there will be a better one next year with better parts and cheaper than the previous model.

  • Sweet bike needs a set of Termi’s and she’ll beready to rock out at the track!! Can’t wait for mine to get in tracking it next to the RSV4!!

  • MikeD, the problem ends up being that anything beyond about 80 HP on the street (or, more correctly, 6 lbs/hp) is way overkill for me. I doubt there’d be anything as small as a 696 and even if there were, it’d be breathed on a lot to differentiate it from the M696’s performance.

    Shawn, the “better later” thing is true of pretty much everything everywhere. True, there’s often good reason to avoid 1.0 tech and wait for a revision or two to smooth out the bumps, but I suspect the Panigale will be magical to ride.

  • MikeD

    I feel u, i miss riding some aircooled OBESE(550LBS) clunker i had up to the other day…GS1100G, the thing had just enough power (80-90HP in a good day) to scare the “living shit” out of me and no herky-jerky throttle response TO BOOT! I miss CV Carbs and AirCooled flat crank I4s. (-_- )’

  • AC


    It’s just the first year. It’ll come in different colors next year or even mid-year.

  • Westward

    For collectors, it’s going to be the bike to have in any collection. For riders, I would wait next year too. I personally am looking for the 799cc or less version…

    But lets be real, this bike is not meant to be a daily commuter. That’s what the Monsters are for…

  • david

    195 horsepower would be ridiculously fun on the street. c’mon, guys, people have been making these arguments for decades, now, but we’ve ALWAYS loved more horsepower. i mean, let’s be real. a 1986 gixxer 750 is WAY TOO FAST FOR THE ROAD. but if we compare it to the sportbikes we have now, it would feel like a pig. i have a 1098. it’s meant for the track, but it’s a blast down the 9. this 1199 will be even MORE fun through the twisties. power in every combination possible. i can’t wait for this thing.

  • @david:
    Hey, nobody said it wouldn’t be fun. :) I’d just rather give hell to a small motor than run out of speed limit before I even hit redline in 1st on a big one. YMMV and all that.

    Disclaimer: Most giggles per mile for me to date was on a ’79 RD400 Daytona Special.

  • BBQdog

    Nice sound, but not for a twin. And as I look at the wheely photo I am still not
    convinced of the looks. Seems like another bad 916 variation but without
    the exhausts in the seat.

  • Keith

    track must suck, rarely breaks 200kmh. Motor sounds like he’s lugging it all the way around the track…meh.

  • BBQdog

    >>, but we’ve ALWAYS loved more horsepower

    No, I don’t, I would pay for less weight.
    A 125 kg weighting nice mono with 50 bhp would enough for me.

  • YzrM1

    Its FAKE!!
    See the video again, from 45 sec and you see troy braking towards chicane. but while braking and tip in the corner you hear the engine reving and up shifting!!!


  • Halfie 30

    Love all the comments on less horses. My 800 SS puts out around 80 horse power moded, and with the gearing change I made to it, I get that 80 to the rear almost too fast. She hates traffic and slow speeds. However, this bike will be great for the sport. I’m personally still hoping to get an RC8 for the track… Still prefer human go fast ability over computerized assisted ability, but some one like Mr. Bayless exploits both rather well…

  • Damo


    Are you insinuating that you have an RSV4 and you are also buying one of these? If so I would find that….odd to say the least.

    I like the look of the bike, but still think the 1198 was better in the looks department. That being said it should be a great bike overall, especially with the improved ergos and 15k mile service intervals. I buy bikes for the road, not the track.

    I am very interested in it, but I will wait until some jackass with too much money buys one, realizes it is too much for him and puts it on craigslist for $7k less than he paid for it lol.

  • Damo

    Also the video ISN’T fake, the audio track is just completely not in sync.

    Give Troy a break though, he wasn’t trying to set a lap record, he was just doing this for a press event.

  • Westward

    @ david

    It’s not the 195 horsepower that makes the bike any less of a pig. It’s the overall engineering of a GSXR 750 bike in 1986 that makes it seem like a pig…

    It’s the technology advancements in chassis design, suspension, aerodynamics, light-weight materials, etc. etc…

    A 750 gixxer of today should feel light-years better than one in 1986, if not, then Suzuki is not the manufacturer everyone makes them out to be…

    Make mine Ducati…

  • MikeD

    BBQdog says:
    February 14, 2012 at 6:01 AM
    And as I look at the wheely photo I am still not
    convinced of the looks. Seems like another bad 916 variation but without
    the exhausts in the seat.

    Yes, i was wishing too for more “futuristic” DESMOSEDICI (central ram air) than “classic” 916 fugly front end…but hey, beggers can’t be choosers, right ? LOL.

    I think their xcuse was that if they were to venture into a whole new look with out “injecting” any “past’s cues” into it it would scare away/alienate their “core costumer base”…(did i sound a bit H-D PR Puppet there ? , LMAO)

  • 1198freak

    Not as beautiful as the 1198 but more angular and muscular looking, I love it. Cant wait to get mine…

  • MikeD

    According to the tank is now made of aluminium and carries a bit more fuel than before from 4.0 gal to 4.5 gal.
    No more swelling…of the gas tank at least. LOL.
    As a side note, looking at the power/torque graph the 1198 used to be “more of a V-TWIN” than this new version of the 90* V-2 Legend.
    It’s power/torque albeit lower it came up sooner on the rev range=more urgency all over the place.
    Even some testers seem to be saying how this new mill likes to have it neck twisted like an I-4 somehow confirming the curve’s shapes on the graph.

  • Backmarker1

    I hate to correct you, but BMW pioneered Electronically Adjustable Suspension on the K 1200 S back in 2005. Ducati’s a little late to the party there.

  • BBQdog

    Got some comments on this Duc but that doesn’t mean I would be unhappy to own one :-)