Video: Yamaha Welcomes Back Valentino Rossi

01/03/2013 @ 12:43 pm, by David Emmett24 COMMENTS

There is no real mystery to why Yamaha signed Valentino Rossi. His seven MotoGP titles are a sign of his undisputed talent, and despite two years in the wilderness at Ducati, he is expected to be competitive from the start of the 2013 MotoGP season.

But with the reigning MotoGP world champion Jorge Lorenzo already signed, there was more to Yamaha’s decision than the need for a competitive rider. Marketing also played a massive role in the decision to sign the Italian, with reports that the decision came mainly after pressure from the marketing department, and in face of resistance from the people inside Yamaha’s racing department.

Whatever the truth of the matter, Yamaha will be sure to maximize their return on investment in Valentino Rossi. Rossi’s massive popularity in key markets such as Indonesia, Thailand and India mean that he could be a significant factor in expanding market share and sales in those regions, as well as consolidating Yamaha’s position in contracting sports bike markets such as Europe and the US.

Today, Yamaha took advantage of the first opportunity to use the selling power of Valentino Rossi to their advantage. The factory posted a video on Youtube welcoming Rossi back to the fold. The video runs through the highlights of Rossi’s career, ending with photo highlights of his return to Yamaha at the Valencia test in November 2012. It will be a fascinating time for both Yamaha and Valentino Rossi.

Source: Yamaha (YouTube)

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  • Sixty7

    Lets not beat around the bush here but it was his decision and money loads of money to quit yamaha so why are they welcoming the ***b back…???

  • Fafpak

    @Sixty7 I don’t care about the reasons he left. I don’t care about the reasons he came back. All I care about and hope is that his return to Yamaha should add some spice to the GP races. Looking forward to good battles in 2013.

  • 1198freak

    Well said Fafpak, the history with Yamaha doesn’t matter, all that matters is if he is competitive on the bike or not.. MotoGP needs competitive rider/bike packages more than anything else. For me, Rossi getting back on the Yamaha and how Spies does on the Ducati are going to be the most interesting things about MotoGP this year.

  • 1:30.. “Where reunited”


  • Mark

    1198freak Rossi and Spies will be the most interesting things about MotoGP in 2013? Each to their own I guess but I’m more interested in Marquez causing trouble for the established stars. Rossi will be competitive – there’s no question in my mind.

  • Sixty7


    Well lets hope he gets his arse kicked big time…..wake up people he’s a has been (and don’t bang on about titles that he’s won…thats wearing very thin these days) that much has been proven for the last 2 seasons…..must have been embarrassing to go back to Yamaha and ask if he could have a contract…lol JB is embarrassed to go back to Yamaha….2yrs to retirement can’t wait.

  • Damo


    I can see you don’t know a whole lot about racing, motorcycle or high level riding, do you?

  • FernandoARG

    I would love and give everything I’ve ever done and accomplished to be as embarrassed as VR and or JB.

  • Sixty7


    I do know a bit, but do believe the series would survive without #46 theres enough talent in the series with the up and coming young riders…..the trouble is theres to much BS that go’s with #46, when he was at Ducati he was more or less out of the championship and the racing just got on with it and was great racing (apart from if ur a fanboy that is…lol) I’m a Stoner fan, and Bayliss before that and Doohan before that I like my racers to be racers and not there for all the BS that go’s with u know who…..u catch my drift..???

  • Halfie30

    After Rossi’s desperate move on Sete in the first race of ’05, I really didn’t care much for Rossi. However, now I would like to see him show these kids one last time what the “old schoolers” can do. Now that he’s the under dog… Go Vale!!!!!

  • smiler

    Well we will see how Lorenzo works under pressure. With Marquez, Rossi and finally Dani becoming a more mature and consistent rider. With Dovi on the Ducati and a few others making possible interesting viewing it might just be another mediocre season.
    67 likes his aussie racers. Stoner has gone prematurely. I really loved Bayliss in WSB but he had one good race in motogp and Doohan was just a machine. Presumably you don’t like Sheene, Simoncelli, Schwantz, Rainey who as well, like Rossi could race and had personalities. I would take capability and personality everytime.
    Off to WSB fulltime and one eye on motoGP.

  • Mike Lewis

    @Sixty7; Casey? That you?

  • crash test

    if you can stick out the propaganda video until the end, there is a more interesting video of Rossi testing the “2013 M1” in what amounts to a very wet day.

  • I respect Rossi for his riding talent and his past accomplishments. But, I lost all respect for the man when he felt so threatened by the arrival of a new teammate (Lorenzo), that he put a wall between the two of them, and refused to share any technical data.

    I lost all respect for Jeremy Burgess when he pontificated that he would walk into Ducati, and fix the Desmosedici in “80 seconds”, dismissing the super-human talent of Casey Stoner. How’d that work out for ya’ Jeremy?

    Rossi’s got his work cut out for him this year. Lorenzo has shown what the Yamaha will do. Rossi, back on the exact same bike, will have to “put up, or shut up.”

  • Faust

    I’m so sick of all the Rossi hate, it’s really old. Sixty7… really? What a loser. The guy is good for the sport, and that’s just a fact. Of course this makes sense for Yamaha. Have you seen the mostly blank race livery they’ve been running since Vale left? What happened to the Fiat money when he left Yamaha? The absence of sponsors is bad for their race program, and that’s that. I like Lorenzo too, but the man has almost no personality. The fact of the matter is that the only person who figured out how to ride the Ducati GP bikes is Stoner and that’s it. It doesn’t make Rossi or Hayden poor riders, but rather is a testament to just how special of a talent Stoner was. I really don’t understand all the hate being aimed at Vale. If he’s guilty of anything, it’s that his (and Jeremy Burgess’) ego fooled him into thinking he could fix the inherent flaws in Ducati’s GP program. End of the day, Rossi is not Stoner and that’s ok. Colin Edwards says Vale gets his vote for Greatest Of All Time, and that is a bmore important endorsement than what any of the internet morons say.

  • Snickerty

    Here here…
    Nicely put Faust.

    Even people who know nothing about bikes or bike racing know Rossi.
    His power lies in his universal popularity with the masses.

    Only bike riders with tall poppy syndrome would have the gall to knock one who has done so much for the sport we all love.
    Sad really….

  • TexusTim

    I think there are more than a feww racess left in the tank for 46..these friggin hater’s that are spouting the hopes for failure must have just started riding then finaly got speed chanel ya know.cuz if you have been following the doctor and seen most races either on tv or on moto gp would not be embarassing yourselves so much right now.
    anyone notice as rossi gets older he looks more and more like steve mcqueen?

  • Sixty7


    Less of the name calling “theres a name for people like urself Keyboard warriors a bit of a big man behind the key board people like urself just make me laugh…..

  • Sixty7


    We all love…..I DON@T F**kin think so m8…..typical rossi fanboy BS…lol

  • Sixty7


    I’ve been riding for over 20yrs I’ll have u know…….crawl back under ur rock….

  • Westward

    I see a tenth title for Rossi and a more competitive and title threatening Spies…
    I also see Pedrosa talking yet another backseat to another more talented pilot…

    I hope Dovizioso does well and Ianonne too.

    Would also like to see Depuniet and Edwards on a factory ride in the future, be it a BMW, Aprilia, or Suzuki. Those two should be teammates…

  • L2C

    Sixty7 probably hates Micheal Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Roger Federer and all the other greatest champions in the history of their sports.

    He also must not like having fun. Except to troll, of course.

  • L2C

    (Grammar Nazis, please don’t hurt me.)

  • Michael

    Moto GP has become soooo boring since they got rid of the 500’s and the potential for high sides. If they are going to stick to these neutered traction control cycles only have riders who can stick together through every turn, if the pack can’t stay together where’s the race. It just turns into watching 20 indivual riders getting around the track at their pace. BORING BORING BORING.