After official confirmation from Ducati that Valentino Rossi would be leaving at the end of the season, now comes the official press release from Yamaha, announcing he has been signed to a two-year deal to race for them in 2013 and 2014.

The Italian will line up alongside Jorge Lorenzo for the next two years, and the press release makes their goal very obvious: winning the triple crown of rider, manufacturer and team championships. The press release from Yamaha can be found after the jump.


Friday 10th August, 2012 – Gerno di Lesmo (Italy)

It is with great pleasure that Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd confirms the signing of Valentino Rossi to ride for the Yamaha Factory Racing MotoGP Team for 2013 and 2014.

Valentino Rossi first joined Yamaha in 2004 and achieved four MotoGP World Champion titles with the Yamaha YZR-M1 in 2004 & 2005 and again in 2008 & 2009. He won 46 Grand Prix races with Yamaha over a 7 year period before leaving at the end of the 2010 MotoGP season.

Rossi, who is presently 8th in the Championship standings, will partner Jorge Lorenzo who currently leads the 2012 MotoGP World Championship by 23 points, having taken five victories from the first ten completed races of the 18 race series.

Lin Jarvis

Managing Director, Yamaha Motor Racing

“This announcement is once again excellent news for Yamaha. In June we were able to sign Jorge Lorenzo for the 2013-14 campaign and now we are able to confirm Valentino Rossi for the next two years. In doing so we have been able to put together the strongest possible team to challenge for victories and to promote the Yamaha brand.

We have run this ‘super team’ together in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and during that time we achieved the ‘triple crown’ titles with Rider, Manufacturer and Team World Championship victories for three consecutive years.

The target for the future is obvious and we will do our utmost to achieve our goals.

I have no doubt that with the experience, knowledge, skills and speed of these two great champion riders we will be able to challenge for many race wins and for the 2013 & 2014 World Championship titles.

The signing of Valentino completes our future planning for the Yamaha Factory Racing MotoGP Team. Now that this is done we will put our 100% efforts into completing the job at hand and to supporting Ben Spies and Jorge Lorenzo in their search for race victories and for Jorge’s 2012 World Championship title challenge.”

Source: Yamaha Racing

This article was originally published on MotoMatters, and is republished here on Asphalt & Rubber with permission by the author.

  • TexusTim

    Okay, we didnt have to waite very long !

  • elefntrnk

    I think jlo, at this point in his career, has been faster than rossi as well as more consistent ever since 2010. But, as stated over and over, never count the doctor out. He is coming from a pig of bike to an established winner. The feeling he gets when he swings his leg over the 1000cc yamaha and the effect it will have on rossi’s mind just might be what is needed. Plus, rossi and jlo have never raced each other on competetive 1000cc machinery before, as rossi was diluted by the duc. As I remember, rossi had a pretty good record during the 990 era

  • zipidachimp

    rats! haven’t we been here before? I see this turning out badly, as JL is faster.
    maybe CS can unretire and prove again the ducati is rideable. Lots of fun ahead!!!

  • Paulo

    I hope they’ve been filming all this as well as continue to film into next season for the new movie to be called “FASTER…..AGAIN”. LOL!!!

    Let’s just forget this season and start next season…….we’ll give the crown to Stoner and bid him well wishes as we send him down under. Let the fire burn with JL for the off season and really see a fight between the Yamaha boys spark the start into next season!! I also say give Spies another shot with the Tech 3 team and Andrea D to Honda with Crutchlow to Ducati! Oh the fun……

  • abahgiza

    is rossi going to have a wall this time?

  • 2ndclass

    Rossi v Spies, R1 v S1000RR for the 2015 WSBK crown?

  • ADU

    This is great news to see Rossi on a Yamaha. Its high time he gets his legs around a good bike. Both Rossi and Ducati did a lot of hard work, but its sad that the results did not happen.

    All MotoGP fans will have a great year ahead to see some good racing. …

  • JoeD

    Stoner returns? That would be a stretch but awesome if he could work it.

  • David

    The real story here is…..

    Who the hell is the invisible hacker who hacked into Niall Mackenzie blog and spilled the beans on this story?

    Is there a whistle blower working inside Yamaha and more exciting stories to come?

    I hope Niall Mackenzie’s Son got the Yamaha ride…….wink,wink.

  • Dan

    If Rossi supposedly passed on 17million Euro to ride for Ducati, I’m curious what Yamaha had to offer. I’m willing to be it was a low ball….

  • Spamtasticus

    Hacked twitter acount my 4$$! Yamaha told him to back that story or the kid gets no ride.

  • T.J.

    Dan, I do not think money was a key factor. What Yamaha can offer to Rossi is the best bike in the category.
    What Rossi can offer is that together with JL Yamaha will get “constant” wins, all the rider’s, the manufacturer’s and the team’s championship trophy will land at the blue team.

  • T.J.

    I was kinda hoping that Dovi will go to the factory team. :-/

  • MP

    Congrats to Rossi. It will be great to see him on a competitive bike and on the podium again. My private little world is back in balance.

  • Gutterslob

    He still might. There’s a seat open at Ducati now. Whether it’s going to Dovi, Cal, or someone else is uncertain right now. Ducati are probably waiting for orders from Audi.

    As for Rossi moving back to Yamaha; they should never have split in the first place, in my opinion. Neon yellow has always looked better on blue. Hope he still has it in him to take the fight to Lorenzo.

  • Dr. Gellar

    Yaaaaaaaaaawn…. Apparently two years of Ducati humble pie is all that the Doctor is willing to swallow. So much for the 80 second fix.

  • smiler

    Really not certain it will work out as Yamahahaha will want it to. For one Honda will put everything they can into ensureing that Yamaha do not get their way. Ducati will certainly be out for revenge as will Audi. No mistake Audi will do what ever they can to win after taking Ducati over. Otherwise BMW will make mince meat of Audi.

    Next season might not be so dull.
    Still think it is not a good move for Rossi. JL will beat him and he has clearly not been a success at Ducati. Italians will unlikly not forgive him for that. That legendary shine is distinctly less now. Shame.

  • We have to remember that anything we say about Rossi is mere opinion. I haven’t been a Rossi fan since his stupid move on Gibernau in the ’05 opener, but I have always respected his talent. Ducati wouldn’t let him or Burgess exploit that talent, and I am actually a Ducati rider who can openly admitt this. It shouldn’t take Audi stepping in for Ducati to realize they need to get their collective heads out of their rears… Now they will be out to crush Rossi and make it look like he was the problem. They will finally completely redesign the bike, but act like its similar as to put egg on the face of Rossi and Co…

    This whole thing is dumb… Let’s just get excited for the good racing it will bring the next couple seasons!

  • DareN

    Hold your horses. Rossi will have to fight to be the best Italian in Moto GP, I doubt that he will be best Yamaha rider, not to mention the best rider, period.

  • Vinod

    Wait till Rossi rides the M1. The magic will start again and we all will be able to see his favourite overtakes, especially at Casanova Savelli. Happy to see Rossi back on M1. The situation might be not the same as 2004, but once again we can enjoy the sport and some fantastic battles. Looking forward to the 2013 season already and I wonder who will sponsor Yamaha team now. Can’t wait….

  • massive VR fan

    Will everyone remember who took the M1 to the top of the pile, didn’t Biaggi complain that VR had
    something he wanted so he went to Honda and did nothing. Don’t take it away from the greatest rider
    beyond any doubt of all time, yes he can equal Agostini’s title because in the premier class Agostini had
    eight titles, and raced with an average of 6/8 races in that class in a season, they now race at least
    17/18 and more on the way. Come on guys, JL is an excellent rider, in his time he will be remembered
    as the best, but never the best of all time, that belongs to the one and only, courtesy and credit where
    it belongs whether you are a fan of VR or not.

  • MikeD

    Oh Magnificent Deity VR46, Shine your Celestial Light upon us, your Followers, Minions, Mere SQUIDS and Spectators and Bless Us with your Talent and Grace once again Riding from the Skies on your future “Made in Iwata” Charriot…like a Phoenix rasing from it’s ashes or like the Sun, our Sun…don’t ever leave us.
    We are ready to sacrifice our first born child in your name if u tell us to do so too…………..(O_o)

    I just have to admire The Passion and Adoration The Minions show for their Diety.
    U guys make me look like i don’t even care about Stoner.
    LMFAO. Ok, i’ll stop trolling/hating now. (^_^) Please don’t chop my head off…is just the Internet and some Schmok’s opinion/view.

  • Taerkasten

    Well, thats mean than very few people have the privilege of win with a ducati, considering than is a hard bike and potential career killer, Stoner success with the desmo and the fall of rossi with ducati finally can add alot of credibility for the australian.

    The words of burguess saying than the bike will be fixed in minutes was like putting nails in his own coffin, rather than the rider understand and adapt to the nature of the ducati, they just tried to change the bike from everything and theres the consequences, only two podiums, Hayden is complaining less and is understanding the strange mechanics of the desmo, am sure than 2013 ducati with hayden will get podiums and wins.

    For the sake of the spectacle is good than rossi returns to ride a bike than he understand but his title of master of development has been cracked now.

  • Westward

    I am unashamedly a Rossi fan. But what I find most intersting is the amount of negativity spilled over the internet not only for Rossi himself, but for his fans as well. I also notice how rarely one finds the same sentiment directed at other pilots or their fans…

    Which leads me to believe, either no one really cares enough about them, or Rossi fans just adore their favourite pilot so much, that they can’t be bothered to expend the unnecessary energy on someone else…

    @ smiler

    I share your view, I think Ducati and Audi will end up turning things around. I honestly don’t think there is anything really wrong with most of the bike save for the chassis. Either they need to explore efforts of Kalex, or design one of their own, cause the FTR project has failed.

    Just look at Moto2, The Suter and the Kalex seem to have the most successful pilots in that series. Tech3 and Speed-Up simply don’t have enough teams using their chassis to really get a true gauge of their viability as a strong design.

    However, FTR’s best pilots are De Angelis and Corsi seating at 11th and 13th, accomplished riders in their own right. Add to that the mid pack performances of Rossi and Hayden in the premiere class, and I would think that says enough about their product.

    In 2006 the Ducati was capable for winning the championship with Capirossi onboard, but the misfortunate of Catalunya proved to be enough to derail those aspirations. In 2007- 2008 besides Stoner, Barros and Elias put satellite Duacti’s on the rostrum along with Capirossi who did also multiple times including a victory at Motegi during 2007.

    As a Ducatisti, I am sadden by the departure of Rossi, but as a fan, I am sure he will pick up were he left off at Yamaha, winning races and standing on podiums…

  • MikeD

    After all the Hell they(Ducati) been thru…and no positive results what so ever…i would do something as crazy and ass-backwards as slapping their 250hp+ Desmo Beast of an Engine into one of their “Chewing Gum Stiff – But Winner” Trellis Frames from “The Past” just for the Hell of it and see what comes out of it.

    I BADLY WISH for Ducati with the help$$$$ of Audi can get all their Ducs in a row(Pun intended)…it would make for a better sport and keep the other guys on their toes.


    LOL. U r alright. At least u didn’t go all ” MikeD off his Meds” [as per Trane Franc comment] after reading my Pun….LMAO.

  • nolano

    rumours said spies was kicked out from Yamaha Camp by the end of the seasons and replace stoner for repsol honda. Cultchlow replace Rossi for DucatiTeam… another rumours is BMW will joined motogp in 2013 season with melandri comeback again

  • “At least u didn’t go all ” MikeD off his Meds” [as per Trane Franc comment] after reading my Pun….LMAO.”

    You’re being watched, Mike. All day, every day. *giggle*

    So, dang, the silly season isn’t nearly over yet. The Doctor managed to wheel a 2-year deal? Yow. I guess we know where Dovi isn’t going anytime soon. Makes me a bit sad, that. My fantasy world had VR sticking it out at Ducati and Audi funding a return to seeing both Nicky and Vale on the podium again. So, lots left to figure out before 2013 rolls around:

    * Will Stoner manage a comeback sufficient to take the championship before he retires?
    * Will Lorenzo continue greasing the track with butter and smoothly outride the competition?
    * Will Dovi or Crutch stick with Tech3 or will they go elsewhere?
    * What about Redding, Iannone and Smith?

    This should be fun, Mike. Pass the popcorn!

  • Flyingfox

    all this proves is how good is Stoner is to win on such a “pig of a bike” and how infantile is the MotoGP Paddock to let him get so frustrated he pulled up pegs and pissed off fishing!
    WSBK is far more entertaining in any event!

  • The only thing Rossi proved at Ducati is that he can’t ride the bike now he’s going back to Yamaha to battle Jorge on equal equipment… For his sake and entertainment purpose I hope he’s good on the M1 again or he’s going to look like a real Assh*le… Dovi and Casey are good pals maybe Casey will give Dovi the secret formula to taming the Duc!!

  • Bryan

    So shall we start the worldwide petition/campaign to get Stoner back on the Ducati? Triple treat with CS, JL, VR bashing wings.

  • OK, lemme get this straight: All Valentino has to do is beat Jorge, who’s been wearing out Stoner on the mighty RCV, who used to keep the bike Valentino couldn’t ride in contention and win with every so often over both Jorge and Valentino . . . . whew, glad I’ve got this straight in my mind now.

    And then, put Colin Edwards in at Ducati alongside Nicky: The press conferences afterward as to this week’s chapter of ‘What’s Wrong with the Desmo Now’ would be p r i c e l e s s ! ! !

  • “Dovi and Casey are good pals maybe Casey will give Dovi the secret formula to taming the Duc!!”

    Uhm, yeah. Anybody who thinks the Ducati is the same bike since 2007 is dreaming. Five years later, I suspect it’s an entirely different animal.

  • Steve Lang

    Put Bautista on the Ducati, it would be a great fit. I hear red is the new rave color for bowling balls.

  • ai1

    Dovizioso signed with Ducati for 2 years

  • Gritboy

    The guy in black on the left looks thrilled. Me, so long as all the teams bring great racing I don’t care who goes where.