Feeling the pressure to develop a 250cc sport bike for developing markets, Yamaha has finally released some details on the upcoming Yamaha R25, and we like what we see so far. A two-cylinder machine with racing in its blood, Yamaha’s concept is like a mini Yamaha YZR-M1 — devoid of lights and mirrors — and features racing livery with an Akrapovic exhaust to match.

The Yamaha R25 concept is an encouraging sign from Yamaha, even if what we are looking is a concept bike rather than a production-ready model.

But still, Yamaha’s approach in styling the Yamaha R25 to visually look like a miniature M1 is going to payoff huge dividends in Southeast Asia, where the bulk of the models are going to be sold, and where Rossi and Lorenzo have massive droves of fans. For us in the western world, well this bike just looks hot. We want one already.

Official words on the Yamaha R25 are few and far-between, but the tuning fork brand did release the following:

A superbike you can ride every day is the development concept behind the R25, a 250cc sport bike mounting a newly developed in-line 2-cylinder engine on a lightweight, slim and compact chassis that shares its look with the YZR-M1” MotoGP machine.

It boasts a powerful and sporty ride in the high rpm range while being easy to handle. The R25 is positioned and offered as an entry-model in the sport bike category for developed markets like Japan and Europe, and as a top performance sport bike for emerging markets, primarily throughout Asia.


Source: Yamaha

  • SkidLid

    What are the chances they’ll make a 300cc to compete against the CBR300 and Ninja 300 and sell it here? The best looking of the baby-sports so far. (Not including the KTM RC390).

  • Norm G.

    re: “The Yamaha R25 concept is an encouraging sign from Yamaha…”

    …and a predictor that the tuning fork may “bring sexy back” to the R1…? yeah…! gotta capitalize on the ross while you got ’em.

  • Yung

    This bike really packs a punch!

    hahahaha i love it

  • BBQdog

    A 2 cylinder …. lightweight ?? As long as we don’t get another 155+ kg ‘lightweight’ like the CBR 250R or the Ninja 250/300. Seems they have forgotten what a real lightweight is. Time will tell. Hope Yamaha surprises me. The looks are OK though.

  • Spamtasticus

    If this bike were out right now and matched or exceeded the Ninja 250s performance/weight I would buy one to race immediately. I would also get my butt in gear and loose 20 lbs in order to be competitive without 200hp.

  • Agent55

    Even though its budget-minded intentions sneak past the striking bodywork, it certainly looks nicer than any of the other competitors. I wish manufacturers would go just that little bit farther (ok, KTM did) and add inverted forks and radial brakes to take the performance potential up just a little further. Plus, it wouldn’t look cheap at a glance.

  • TexusTim

    @skid..I was thinking the same thing..why not punch it out to 300?..then there would be three fine bikes to run in the same class..my thinking all along has been the 250 class will move to 300.
    by the way the rims look trick..kinda like the new cbr 600rr and the 1000rr rims. best looking mini so far,it looks light but its a concept..@ spam sound like you need a litre bike ..lol

  • MikeD

    STILL . . . nothing for KTM to worry about.

    It looks super sporty ( dare i say more so than the other Japanese offers ? ) with out the crazy ergos of the 600 supersports.

    Looks (and perhaps MSRP) may be spot on but as soon as you look from a short distance the ” BUDGET BIKE ” feeling starts to creep out on you. Spot on for SE Asia i guess.

    Let’s see how long they take to roll out this and how watered down will it end.

  • MKH

    Yamaha should learn from Ducati and Triumph, make a “S” version, or a “R” version, slightly more expensive but there are people who will want them, either out of sporting intentions or justwant the prestige of owning something with a S or R prefix.

  • smiler

    That is really nice. Good to see the Japs producing real pocket rockets again.

  • Mike

    Looks good & will be happy to see it here in Asia.
    I had the same thought as to why not make it a 300 but if it is a good
    250 with a high number bore/stroke 1,50+ & good compression ratio
    it will still be fun.

    agree about the lightweight & would love to see 130kg or less?
    Lastly yeah the USD fork would be a nice touch as KTM does.

  • This looks totally HOT, I gotta say. With the Akrapovic can on it, it pushes all the right buttons for me. WANT.

  • Kenny

    You won’t see “lightweight” small bore bikes, EU licencing legislation has a restriction on power-to-weight ratio for these little bikes. The KTM 390 was designed to this specification.
    If you want a small bore sports bike you’re still gonna be looking at 2-strokes and the 90’s inline-4 250 & 400’s.
    My 2 cents, that spindly looking tube steel frame would have me running straight back to my ’88 CBR250R.

  • BBQdog

    I had a Ninja 250, the engine was really fun but what spoiled it was the weight. If Yamaha manages to build a 130-135 kg max bike (wet but without fuel) they could be in business. Otherwise it is going to be just another 250cc.

  • Roadrash

    Yeah baby! nice looking machine.

  • Roadrash

    Even better a 500cc, I mean really who rides a 250?

  • Roadrash

    Hey guys, how do I quote someone here?

  • n/a

    Looks like a mini M1, eh?

    They used the same shape air intake/duct and instantly it looks like a YZR-M1. What a joke.

    Looks more like a Yamaha WR125X with R125 bodywork re-shaped at the front.

    It’s also funny how it’s supposed to be a “GP” replica, and shown in race form, yet the riding position is from a Fazer/FZ1.

    It’s no more track orientated than a mountain bike! lol

  • meatspin

    yes, it is painted like an M1, but the shape is still the same as the R125. This does nothing to differentiate it from it at all. The ergos are the same as well. This bike is designed to be a sporty commuter, not a race rep.

  • @Roadrash: “Hey guys, how do I quote someone here?”

    Copy’n’paste, baby! Welcome to the high-tech world of commenting on a blog. ;)

  • Max

    Jensen really needs to install the DISQUS comment system…. Up votes/down votes ands nice structured convos. Watch the number of comment explode…

  • We do need a better commenting system, but I’m not a fan of the third party solutions. Luckily I’ve got a designer and a developer already working on this issue. Shooting for a release in the new year.

  • Westward

    I want a Rossi Replica 300cc Yamaha, with usd forks and an Akrapovic or Termignoni cans.

  • Norm G.

    Q: “I mean really who rides a 250”

    A: if it doesn’t have the letters NSR in preceding the number…? chicks.

  • BBQdog

    @Roadrash: I do. For years. Got the roads for it.

  • Mike

    Roadrash says:
    ” I mean really who rides a 250?”

    In SE Asia ( target market ) they are very popular as are all the 20+ year old NC30-NC35’s etc.

    600-1000cc bikes here are crazy expensive due to import taxes.
    Ducati Panigale R is $69,150. USD
    A plain vanilla Panigale is over $44,000 USD

    Even a Yamaha R1 is over $25,000 USD

    That is a lot of money in countries that most locals make wages between $6 & $30 a day :)
    But people do buy them albeit mostly posers in sneakers & T-shirts or retired foreigners

    But having ridden for decades in the USA usually 600’s/9oo’s I was pleasantly surprised at how much
    fun it is wringing a 250/300’s neck thru mountain twisties here. I do not think I could go much faster (or want to) on a bigger bike. Like BBQ said if you got the roads for it, they are great fun.

  • My first Street bike was a 1981 Suzuki GS 250T, two cylinders, 10,000 RPM redline, and it was red.

    I would’ve killed for this Yamaha when I was 15.

  • L2C

    Ha ha! I loved the ad. Bike is cool too!

  • What happens when you combine a Graves WORKS Project / 2012 Yamaha R1 / purpose-built stunt bike, a three-time XDL stunt champion, fast cars, hot girls, a helicopter, an awesome race track and film the entire event through Tyler Kirk Films?

  • Roadrash

    “In SE Asia ( target market ) they are very popular as are all the 20+ year old NC30-NC35′s etc.”


  • I love small-displacement sport bikes. I’d much rather have a hot 250 than a litre bike that would lose me my license in 1st gear.

  • Superb looks, ergos & sleek lines. A 2014 production model by the released info as of now.

    Apropos Agent55, they really ought to put USD forks on this baby. Make it more desirable!

    Also, apparently there are slated to be 2 engines for the YZF-R25 – a single & an inline twin. Hope it makes more than 30 bhp in either configuration. Reduced weight will make it easier to flick around corners.

    About time YAMAHA launch the YZF-R6 in India!
    I for one, have been waiting with abated breath for the R6.

    KTM will launch the DUKE 690 here in 2015. But i want an inline 4.

    Lets see who wins – KTM RC 390 or the YAMAHA YZF-R25 ?

  • TannerCortes

    I’ll take one. I live in the USA and unfortunately won’t be brought in.

  • Roadrash

    Well, if the bike looks that good it will sell regardless. I just hope the engine will live up to the looks. Generally speaking this type of bike will not get much tech. in the engine department…..unless you consider fuel injection tech cause it surely will have FI.

  • syafaat

    Do you guys notice the text “semakin di depan” on the side fairing below yamalube ? You can find it also in Rossi’s and Lorenzo’s bike.
    That’s Indonesian word for “getting ahead”.
    Why Yamaha do that? This bike is for global market, isn’t it? Why bother putting it?
    I assume because Yamaha can live healthy today because of Indonesian market, who only ride 115-150 cc yamaha.
    So, who ride 250 cc?
    A LOT

  • claudia

    I almost think this isn’t necessary. I used to ride a 750 GSXR just fine. I’m 5ft tall female. This bike seems even a little too small for me. But, I’m sure there are a bunch of squids out there just dying to get their d**k skinners on something like this. It’s nice but I think the plastics are better spent on at least a 600.