The Tokyo Motor Show is next week, and while we expect Honda to debut the Honda Gold Wing F6C at the show, it looks like Yamaha is set to make some waves as well. Teasing four concept motorcycles, two have caught our interest. First up is the Yamaha PES1 concept, which is an electric sport bike with a DC brushless motor and lithium-ion battery.

Yamaha is light on details, and we can imagine that the concepts are meant more to illustrate that the tuning fork brand is “thinking about” electrics, as is the vogue with OEMs at the moment. However, the design is interesting, especially with Yamaha suggesting that the battery pack, called the Yamaha Smart Power Module, is swappable on the sub-100kg machine.

Built with a monocoque structure that functions both as the bodywork and as the frame, the Yamaha PES1 features a transmission with manual and automatic modes and various types of “smartphone information service functions” — whatever that means. The news of a transmission is interesting, as it seems Yamaha is following Brammo down this path, though we will believe when we see it.

What is clear though is that OEMs are not content to let companies like Brammo, BRD, Mission, and Zero play in this two-wheeled space without them. This could get interesting.

Technical Details of the Yamaha PES1 Concept:

Length×Width×Height = 1,918 mm×640 mm×1,000 mm
Motor type = DC brushless motor
Battery type = Lithium-ion
Transmission = Switchable between manual and automatic
Vehicle weight = under 100 kg

Source: Yamaha

  • paulus

    Nice concept styling… it would be great if any future production version kept these lines.

  • Westward

    Hope it gets close to 150 miles on a charge, at least 100mph, less than a couple hours to charge, and under 10k.

    Love the way it looks, I want one…

  • Keith

    DC brushed motor? seriously? Those worthless, gutless, inefficient cheap hunks of junk? That tech design was made obsolete 100 years ago! FFS nobody has come up with a better electric motor design since the AC brushless motor that Tesla designed…

    sheesh Yamaha and all the other OEM’s catch up to the model airplanes and rc cars…we ditched those POS DC motors years ago.

  • Umm…the article is pretty clear that it’s a brushless motor.

  • Richard Gozinya

    @Westward, the thing weighs 220 lbs. There’s no way it would be able to have a range of 150 miles. Charging would be pretty doable, if they went in the direction that Mission did, using the motor as an onboard charger. I doubt the thing will be capable of 100 mph, even going downhill. As to the price, again, doubtful. If it’s under 10k, it’s going to suck.

  • Bob

    I really hope Yamaha will take it to production and make it cheaper than brammo/zero. I’m not shelling out 16 killodollars for an emotorcycle.

  • Westward

    @ Richard G

    Maybe I’ll have to wait for version 3.0

    @ Bob

    I hear you my friend. Emoto vs. Eurosex power bikes for that amount of coin it’s a no brainer… Make mine Ducati. MV Agusta, or BMW

  • Brian

    Electric bikes seem like an awesome idea until you realize the battery life is 3-5 years at best and the replacement battery over half the price of a new bike…. i dont think spending 3-5k on a battery every couple years doesnt sound fun to me

  • Ok, where is it written that these things HAVE to look like gargantuan versions of something you’d flick off your arm? Bleck!

  • Roadrash

    Why make it a sportbike instead of a commuter? like a UJM of some kind. It should be a bike that I would want to go to work on and pick up groceries on the way home but still a bit sporty and fun.