Yamaha Moto Cage-Six Concept

10/02/2012 @ 5:51 am, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

Built off the Yamaha XJ6, the Yamaha Moto Cage-Six is a bit different from its predecessor. Loud, audacious, loud, likely prone to wheelie, and loud…those are words we likely will never hear used when describing the XJ6, yet seemingly apply well here with the Cage-Six.

We are not sure how many XJ6 bikes will end up living their lives on StuntLife, but Yamaha’s┬áMoto Cage-Six Concept certainly does illustrate how far a little imagination can go in taking something from “meh” to “totes m’goats” in this Gen-Y world. Hell, with a little less neon yellow, we might even consider rocking this around the block a few times.

Still, if we had to choose between the two, there would have to be an overwhelming preference to see Yamaha’s three-cylinder motor with a crossplane crankshaft get built over this marketing exercise. Different strokes for different folks though. More photos after the…oh dear god, that’s a car tire on the rear wheel, isn’t it?

Source: Yamaha

  • Maximilian Halus

    That is not a car tire on the rear. Rather, just a motorcycle tire that has been severely worn by burnouts!

  • It’s funny how sometimes I expect to absolutely dislike something (this, in particular) and end up liking it one helluva lot. I’d ride that. Big time!

  • Interesting concept, and that’s one big-ass sprocket on the back, top speed of 85 mph. :]

    I always liked purpose built stuff, things that are designed to perform, and you can see all the gripping, pegs and textured material meant to give the rider footholds, handholds, knee placement etc.. while doing stunts, cool.

    My only gripe is an aesthetic one, the choice of that very pastel green for the contrasting color, very similar to the Volt color we saw all the athletes wearing during the Olympics. Quite fashionable these days but I don’t think it provides enough contrast or flash against all that gray. A bike like this should be flashy, I definitely would’ve used a more neon or electric Green, and more of it, preferably closer to the endpoints of the bike which do all the moving when in action. Places like the front fender, the hand guards, the brake reservoir caps, the tip of the tail, all should’ve been green. I also think I’d do that big old sprocket, to make it visible as well as something special on the wheels like neon spiral that creates a spinning optical effect while moving.

    The fact is you can only only get so much action on big sport bike converts like these, which are really too heavy in my opinion, I’d much rather be doing that stuff on a 300lb 250-400cc dirtbike or Husqvarna Nuda style bike with a long travel suspension. So on a big heavy bike like this you want to have the eye-catching colors on the parts of the bike which are moving the most while stunting.

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  • John Ceris

    How many price?