Yamaha 250cc Sport Bike Confirmed for India

12/12/2012 @ 4:35 pm, by Jensen Beeler17 COMMENTS

Evidence of a Yamaha’s 250cc sport bike, which is expected for a 2014 model year debut, continues to mount as India Yamaha Motor CEO Hiroyuki Suzuki confirmed that a “powerful” quarter-liter sport bike is headed for the Indian market after the next model year.

Taking the place of the 150ccc Yamaha YZF-R15 sport bike, and likely to look similar to the Yamaha YZF-R125 (shown above), Yamaha hopes to compete on a more level playing field with bikes like the Honda CBR250R, Kawasaki Ninja 250/300, and other models from Indian manufacturers Bajaj & Hero MotoCorp.

Expected to make it to markets beyond India, the Yamaha YZF-R250 will likely be available in Europe and North America. However, with over a year before its debut, one has to wonder whether Yamaha will be too late to the quarter-liter party.

“The motorcycles manufactured in India meet the advanced specification of developed markets and they are produced at a lower cost,” said Suzuki while talking to Financial Chronicle. “The price is almost double in Japanese market. We are sending R15 to Japan to test market, and if the response is good, we may explore more products for export to Japan and other advanced markets.”

Source: Financial Chronicle

  • jackie

    Small and tidy.

  • Stretching the article rather thin to build another rumour. ;)


  • Are you British now Jim?

    I wouldn’t call this article another rumor, but more the reinforcement of a current rumor.

  • MikeD

    Yamaha, the new KTM…when it comes to kicking new models out the door in the shortest possible ,most favourable , most convenient time frame.
    Better late than never…right ? LOL.

    I hope this “thing” is worth the weight and superior to the others, is the least they could do if they are taking FOREVER developing the dang thing.

  • BBQdog

    Hope it is not again one of those too heavy 250’s with the handlebars too high like the CBR 250r and the Ninja 250. There is enough of that.

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  • Damo

    I always thought the YZF-R125 looks far and away the best out of the small displacement bikes. Looks like a wee R-1, which is what I would expect.

  • frogy6

    Mm define powerful?

    Will it get near 40 hp

  • AK

    Suzuki works for Yamaha !!!!

  • meatspin

    i remember a decade ago, someone showed up at the track on a grey market 250. It might have been a Honda but I remember it sounded like a F1 car.

  • BBQdog

    @Damo: I prefer the Cagiva Mito and the Aprilia RS 125 …..

  • Campisi

    Give it an actual sports bike engine, Yamaha. After riding a few Hornets and whatnot overseas, I cannot help but think of the engine in my CBR250 as anything other than a plow horse.

  • TC

    @ meatspin. You might be thinking about the CBR250RR (2 R’s) of the late 80s and early 90s. Unless the current single cylinder version, the yesteryear models came with inline 4… Yawzer!

  • MikeD


    Dreaming is free, i do it all the time. ROTFLMAO.

  • A 250 inline-4 @ 14k rpm is a glorious sound.

  • a tom

    The CBR250RR, the FZR250RR, the ZX-2R, the GSXR250R… all out of production and completely thrashed if you ever find one on sale. KHAN!

    The RS250 Aprilia would’ve been great too, but 2-stroke sportbikes have also gone the way of the dodo… Oh well.

  • Praveen

    This is no rumor given how serious Yamaha has been about the Indian market in the past 5 years. They used to rule it in the two-stroke era, which I miss a lot (was a proud RX-100 owner), but lost groud with the advent of high fuel prices and supremely fuel-efficient four-stroke Hondas.