Wunderlich BMW R1200S Concept by Nicolas Petit

12/17/2012 @ 3:56 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

If you don’t follow the work of Nicolas Petit, you should. The French designer has been inking some of the most striking motorcycle concepts in the industry, and the best part is many of them are coming to life thanks to BMW accessories provider Wunderlich.

Refusing to let go of the thesis provided BMW HP2 Sport, Petit envisions BMW’s new semi water-cooled boxer engine (first seen on the 2013 BMW R1200GS) as providing the basis for a new sport bike in the HP2’s vein, complete with a single-sided swingarm, dual undertail exhaust, and Öhlins suspension.

It might be a tough sell now that the BMW S1000RR and BMW HP4 have hit dealership floors, but there is something really quite elegant in Petit’s design, and we imagine there are more than few weekend riders who wouldn’t mind such a unique machine with a boxer’s punch.

Source: Nicolas Petit (blog)

  • gpearson

    I’d buy one in a heartbeat. A updated R1150/R1200S with the current DOHC motor, or the new LC one, and priced sensibly – not like the HP2.

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  • Kurt

    Still cant figure it out. Is BMW not paying attention? The HP4 is TWICE the bike the HP2Sport was. And, they’re selling it for less out the door. 25 G’s for the HP2Sport. Just under 20G’s for a HP4? Huh?… WTF!?! I’m still in love with the HP2Sport, and could never own an HP4. I’m 6 foot 6, and dont fit on the S1000 comfortably. The R-1200S, on the other hand… like a GLOVE. So, can we expect this kit from Wunderlich to get us stylin’ on an older R-1200 without breaking the bank? Hmm… not likely. As an owner of a K1200R Sport that’s ALL hooked up with all kinds of Wunderlich goodies, I can attest to the fact that, for the effect, the Wunderlich is WAY overpriced. NICE… but, overpriced. Sigh… does nobody hear the plight of the Sub-$50,000 AGI consumer?

  • jackie

    It makes me sad that BMW seems to have given up on making a sporting boxer…a gentleman’s sportbike (ladies too). I miss the old R1100S and the like.

  • RGR

    This looks so much better than an S1000RR and would be a very nice addition to BMW’s sportbike line. The Boxer has so many loyal fans. BMW needs to seriously consider something like this.

  • misto

    That bike is gorgeous! At least on par with panigale in my eyes

  • Richard Gozinya


    Problem is the sport boxers just didn’t sell very well at all. The GS, the RT, and coming a distant 3rd the R are the ones that were profitable for them. Plus it’s kind of silly for them to build a boxer powered sportbike when they’ve already got the S1000RR. Though you could always get an R, and customize it, making it into a boxer powered sportbike.