Wunderlich BMW R nineT Cafe Racer by Nicolas Petit

01/09/2014 @ 4:59 pm, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS


If you ask us, the BMW R nineT is a pretty big deal for the business of motorcycling, as its modular design allows for the air-cooled standard to be modified extensively and easily. BMW Motorrad designed the R nineT that way so tuners and customers alike could put their own stamp on the machine that celebrates the German motorcycle maker’s 90th year of business.

Whether your taste is along the lines of the heavily modified BMW Concept Ninety, which Roland Sands had a hand in making, or something more stock from the BMW parts catalog, the BMW R nineT can abide. So, it probably shouldn’t surprise us to see that Nicolas Petit has inked another build for German parts maker Wunderlich.

Drawing both a fully-faired and a more bare-boned version of Wunderlich BMW R nineT cafe racer, Petit has once again made a lurid proposition. We think those who love the classic lines of BMW’s past will enjoy these concepts, and if anything Petit’s work shows the versatility in the R nineT’s modular design.


Source: Nicolas Petit Blog (Blog)

  • paulus

    the naked is really nice, with the exception of the funky headlight/screen frame.

  • Dr. Faustus

    This whole “modular customization” idea makes style a higher priority than substance.
    In other words, it appears BMW is trying to borrow a page from Harley, who have been
    selling quite a few bikes with more style than substance for quite a few years now.

    In any case, the BMWs pictured here don’t have room for a passenger, and that makes
    them useless to me no matter how they ride.

  • tony

    a&r luv ya lots but come on…a concept of a concept?

  • A sketch of something to be built. We’ve featured Petit’s work before, how is this any different?

  • Soothsayer

    How is the NineT any different than the waters Ducati Monsters have been treading for two decades?

    Again, BMW is last to the ‘concept’.

  • JoeD

    I like both. They look clean, light and quick. My rich uncle can show up annneeetime now.

  • AGP

    Gorgeous concept! If they built the faired one I would pick it up in a second. :)

  • Gritboy

    Dig it. Going modular is what moto industry needs to do for many bikes.

  • Bicho

    To Dr.Faustus. Being this bike of modular nature,you can build it with a passenger seat and footpegs.

  • collegue

    Nicolas Petit is a very strong designer and has very clean logical aesthetic stylish french line which is industrially produceable if there is only balls and brain on the manufactures side opposite to the BMW to make what client want not after and cut half, after the trend is over. Great work Nicolas !

  • Ask him to show us a ‘flat_tracker’ version – please?

  • “a concept of a concept?”

    Don’t confuse the Roland Sands concept with the R nineT upon which this sketch is based. The BMW R nineT isn’t a concept or vaporware: It’s a bike you can go down to BMW and buy.