So here’s the good news, after all the uncertainty regarding its media contracts, the 2013 World Superbike Championship will be broadcasted in the United States afterall. The bad news however is that WSBK racing will be on the beIN Sport network. Yeah, we haven’t heard of them either.

A network of sporting channels that is owned jointly by Al Jazeera and Time Warner, beIN Sport is best known for covering soccer (that’s football to our non-American readers) matches from the top series in England, France, Italy, and Spain. There’s some handball coverage in their too.

From what we can gather, beIN Sport is mainly available on satellite TV with DirecTV and the Dish Network, as well on cable with Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks, and Liberty Global (Puerto Rico). However, double-check availability with your local cable provider.

Talking to the folks at Cycle News, beIN Sport confirmed that it would be broadcasting World Superbikes, but couldn’t confirm if the season-opener would be broadcasted on TV or only streamed on the company’s website. The state of other rounds seems to be in the same limbo as well.

To add injury to insult, live streaming of the WSBK races will be made available only to beIN subscribers, leaving a big question mark as to how American motorcycle race fans will watch the World Superbike Championship this season.

Source: Cycle News

  • matt

    Oh c’mon man. I’ve never heard of this channel and sure enough VZ Fios does not carry it. Maybe we can stream it off their website, but seriously, this is so frustrating!

  • philly Phil

    this is sooo whack!!!

    but to be honest, good riddance to Speed channel!! they treated WSBK like a red headed foster child anyway.
    Way to screw over the fans though. This series is way more interesting than GP and now we can’t even watch it.

  • Say what you will about SPEED, at least you could watch it…and 99% of the time on a basic cable package.

  • well according to this FB page:

    Fios is getting this channel in March of this year

  • Chris

    BeIn is channel 620 on Directv

  • Texx

    So long WSBK – It was fun to watch on SPEED while it lasted. And so long to SPEED as they continue to crumble under the direction of FOX.

    Next week we will read on Facebook how WSBK is struggling due to poor TV coverage.

  • Bruce

    Bein Sports channel is broadcasting a 2013 WSBk Season Preview at 8:30 pm tomorrow. I don’t recall Speed ever doing a season preview show. So this is a good start.

  • Venster

    I quit watching WSBK on SPEED Channel at the beginning of last year after I searched for a torrent for WSBK Races and to my surprise there were plenty to choose from in English and in HD which we all know how bad SPEED looked on an HD television still broadcasting in what looked like Atari 8 Bit… Do yourself a favor and just download Race 1 & Race 2 from the internet and just plug your laptop right into your HD TV and enjoy it like you never thought you would, Oh I forgot to mention there are no commercials (adverts) for my international friends. Yes I did just write “NO COMMERCIALS”! Just start downloading while your sitting on the shitter in the morning and buy the time your out of the shower and ready to eat breakfast your life will have been changed forever and for free (minus whatever you pay for internet monthly) but you get the point. You get to watch, if you choose to download Superpole (Qualifying), Pre-Race Show and an entire race without any commercials… Your Welcome.

  • Texx

    Thanks for the tip Venster – I’ll give it a shot. Never bothered trying that before because it’s was always a click away on SPEED (and usually same day telecast).

  • Venster

    I usually find them a few hours after they’ve ran live, obviously whomever is recording them live in Europe is doing it realtime and is definitely going to be many hours ahead of us our time so they’ll be up before the SPEED broadcast anyways, it all depends on whenever he gets around to uploading them to the internet for all of us 2 wheeled fiends… Also they have picture in picture replays so you don’t miss the action unlike when some NASCAR production manager in the SPEED booth is saying switch to camera 2 because that’s a pretty bike riding around by himself…

  • Shawn

    @Jensen Beeler – You must get a better deal on your cable than I do. I’ve NEVER been able to watch Speed Channel unless I bought a package that was AT LEAST two tiers up from what I have. It’s the singular reason why I’ve been requesting for years that the cable companies offer a la carte programming.

  • Shawn

    BTW, is that “Jazeera” as in “Al Jazeera”?

  • Motogpdr

    Yes, the Islamic network owned by the royal family of Qatar

  • paulus – Thailand

    internet, internet, internet.

  • @Jensen Beeler clicking your provided link for how us americans can watch the sbk series made me laugh quite hard. thank you

  • Buellbafett

    Dear SPEED: I’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’. Probably because you broadcast the AMA races at ridiculous hours or WSBK Races 1 & 2 on different days. Or maybe because when you do broadcast them, you interrupt them for hours and hours of pre- and post-race NASCAR coverage – THAT ISN’T EVEN LIVE! So yeah, while you were a convenient booty call, the quality of our relationship has now changed forever. It’s not me, it’s you. And while BeIn Sport is not available via my local cable provider, I am at least willing to look and pay for satisfaction elsewhere.

  • Mitch

    How dare you besmirch the good name of Speed! Just look at this quality programming they will air, rather than your sissy motorcycles racing!

  • Micah

    Read this story and thought, well F#<k I've never heard of beIN sport. Did a quick channel surf check and I actually have it. In HD! So this is awesome news, thanks Time-Warner.

  • Rob

    Will be better for WSBK in the long run. Nascar owners had to have been a part of all this. After seeing what they did with the AMA superbike series this only makes sense. They don’t want their fans spending money on or time on other things. Reason why fuel or fox sports didn’t get the contract. Speed will slowly turn into CMT. The new faster than a redneck show is all the evidence that is needed.

    At least the owners of Al Jazeera love fast cars and motorcycles. Youtube some of the crazy arab videos with motorcycles and cars.

  • 76

    Channel on time warner in LA? I cant find shit on my tv

  • mike

    Directv wants to charge me $13 to add the sports package, I’ll pass.

  • David

    I don’t watch anything from Al Jizzerra!


  • Kevin

    I don’t get BeIn on Comcast without buying a sports package and then it’s in Spanish. Sooooo no for me but yes to internet viewing.

    This scheme will not serve to grow the U.S. market but instead increase internet law breaking to watch.

    Al Jazeera with it’s top Journalist’s from country’s around the world is certainly pro racing and their work is old school journalism done in very high quality. Just look at their work at the Isle of Man TT and other events in motoring. Top Notch.

    It’s unfortunate that here in the U.S. we are subject to shit coverage, restrictive cable contracts (phone too), few of the bikes the rest of the world has had for years and slower internet speed than Europe. Yeah (sarcasm) Lastly, we have crap gas as well. Watching Top Gear monday night I wonder how many noticed the 98 Octane rating on the fuel Clarkson was putting in the mustang. I use 97 octane in the bike I use on the Isle of Man each year.

  • mike

    Kevin, I’ll be happy to put that crap 91 octane in my tank for $3.59 then the $9.27 they are currently paying in countries like Italy. If you want to pay $9 a gallon you can buy racing fuel that will be 110 octane right here in the good ole us of a.

  • Patron

    Where exactly can the races be downloaded from the internet?

  • Mikeg81

    So much for watching WSBK and WSS this year up in the frozen north.

    Unless streaming is available off the WSBK website, I’m screwed.

  • Daniel Croft

    This is exactly why we don’t get coverage in the US. The coverage is crap so people go looking for other sources and then no one can justify the licensing expense to carry it so we lose coverage. I’m not suggesting that we should all pony up for ridiculously expensive and poor coverage on some lame network (aka NASpeedCAR) but I think, until WSBK gets pushed by Dorna to have a MotoGP live feed, we’re going to have no good option in this country. Until then, quality coverage only comes with a fine (as it’s illegal).

    Everyone who wants quality coverage in the US should be contacting Dorna/WSBK and making their voices heard as I have, several times.

  • Micah

    If you live in the Austin, Tx area and have Time-Warner cable BeIN is channel 443 for reg. def. and 1595 for HD. You do require the sports package upgrade however, which I had because I wanted to stream from Speed2.

  • Corey S.

    I live in the bay area and just bought the sports pak for 8 bucks a month for six months on Direct tv. Regular price is about 12 dollars a month. Also, I see they have dedicated 4.5 hours to World SBK on Saturday night. So this is looking promising.
    Preview tonight at 5:30. Has to be better than SpeedTV was offering.

  • jet

    This just sucks.

  • Schyler

    Yes I have to buy a ridiculously priced sports pack to get that channel so now I get to join the torrent crowd. I have never used torrents for fear of viruses but if I want to watch WSBK I don’t really haven any other option.

  • Junior

    If you have Brighthouse Network it’s on ch.115 or ch.1115 (HD) They have a promotional deal that adds it to the Speed package which actually lowered the cost of the whole package! ( At least here in Bakersfield, CA. it did)

  • Dee

    How exactly do you download races from the internet and then watch on ur HDTV?

  • Tom

    Channel is available in Orange County, Ca on Time Warner Cable. Its 378 for HD on my system. I already get it because I have the sports package. The DVR guide does not show it updated as of yet but, the BeIn website shows it broadcast at 7:30pm Saturday night. My assumption is that it is Eastern Standard Time.

    I hope we get just the straight euro feed which would be great.

  • Damo

    After plowing through my cable channels last night, I discovered that I DO in fact have beIN Sports (in both English and Spanish)

    I caught the tail end of the WSBK season preview and it seemed pretty decent. My area still doesn’t have HD versions of the channel, but hey at least I can watch racing this year.

    I never even knew beIN sports existed.

  • TexusTim

    I have T.W. and I cant find it…so you can thank the ex vice pres for it being sold to al jezera…he is now a very rich ex vp.

  • TexusTim

    Thanks Micah…thats why I cant find it, I just have basic..I dont own a motorcycle dealership so I cant afford a sport package like some people….lol

  • Steveorino

    Well, good, WSBK is going to be on American Tv…too bad it’s still in a state of limbo and I’m getting conflicting reports and/or confused on just how in the heck I’m going to watch this channel.

    Sources say Comcast carries the network, but according to the network and Comcast themselves, this channel is not available in my area…I suppose I can stream, but they need to authenticate? Not sure what guidelines they’re using; in other words, since the channel is not available in my area, even though my provider carries it elsewhere, will they block me from the stream?

    This is a step in the right direction in regards to getting/keeping WSBK on US tv, thing is though I think I’m still going to look for alternative methods to get my WSBK fix.

    Lastly, anyone else see a bit or inrony in the fact that al-Jazeera picked up something FOX wouldn’t?

  • Kev71

    Well, looks like I’m screwed too! AT&T does not offer the beIN channel. Any word on AMA or MotoGP yet?

  • The Daytona round for AMA will be on TV, not sure about the rest of the season. MotoGP will be on SPEED, new contract announcement forthcoming.

  • Rick

    Does anyone know if beIN uses their own commentators, or will this be the BBC Feed? (Or Eurosport now that I think of it?)

  • James Wilson

    TWC and DIRECTV both have BeIN listed. I called FIOS and they said they were in talks, Right!

  • mudgun

    wsbk race is being streamed on @ 730 et.

  • Buellbafett

    Thank You for streaming the WSBK Bein Sport! :-)

  • Fan

    I missed livestream… :( Anyone know where I can download the torrents for it? Thanks in advance!

  • Steve

    I signed up for the Comcast sports package which included BeIN Sports and watched their preseason show on Wednesday night which was good, which riders on which bikes for 2013, and the highlights of each race from 2012. Then they aired live both SBK races and SSPRT race commercial free with the same commentators that did the Speed broadcast. It was on for over 5 hours and was well worth the few dollars a month it cost me. Now we need to get everyone who is able to tune in to show some interest to keep it on the air. It sure beats the time delay Speed aired along with the interruptions for Nascar news in the middle of a race show. Keep it up BeIN Sports!

  • Venster

    If you ever need any race torrent just go to Pirate Bay they’ll have them right after they air live… They are big files and make take around an hour to download depending on your internet speed, use ethernet cable for faster downloads but trust me it’s well worth it.

  • Singletrack

    Venster “… They are big files and make take around an hour to download depending on your internet speed, use ethernet cable for faster downloads but trust me it’s well worth it.”

    yea, that’s much better than tuning in a channel on my HD TV. NOT!

  • Norm G.

    re: “Directv wants to charge me $13 to add the sports package, I’ll pass.”

    BEHOLD… the free lunch mentality. incapable of coming off the dime for one’s entertainment. if $13 bucks is too much…? gotta wonder what else motorcyclists can’t afford…? now we see more clearly how it comes to pass that we’ve lost our programming. an NFL, MLB, or Nascar fan wouldn’t blink at $13 bucks.

  • Norm G.

    re: “Lastly, anyone else see a bit or irony in the fact that al-Jazeera picked up something FOX wouldn’t?”

    the only irony i see is that Speed faithfully aired motorcycle racing for MORE than a decade (i know ’cause i was watching it back in the 90’s)… and instead of us coming off the dime…? all’s we ever did was whine and complain totally ignorant to our niche status in the grand scheme.

    morale: (bike world) beggars can’t be choosers.

  • Bob A

    Unfortunately, FIOS is lumping this channel in with their Platinum package which includes a ton of channels I don’t want or need. I would gladly plunk down money to add that channel and that channel alone since I’m already paying these marauding providers $90 a month as it is.. FIOS does nto offer that ability so I am left without WSB this season. Heck, I would subscribe to a streaming plan offered by WSBK if they offered such a thing. they do not.. Its sad really since last year WSB was soo much fun to watch. It must be part of the grand plan devised by Dorna to suffocate the alternative series and its fans..

  • Randy Tovar

    World Superbike is dead in the US because of this. Who is going to pay for a foreign soccer chanel to see it? MotoGp is where it is at now.