Dorna has revealed the pricing for its online video pass for the World Superbike Championship. The price for a full season of coverage via the website is to cost €69.90, or around US $95.

Included in the price is live access to all World Superbike races, as well as the ability to play them on demand after the race is over. There will also be access to a highlights package of each race, and rider interviews, and exclusive features. There is also an archive of race and season reviews going back to 1993.

The online package is very similar to the one offered by Dorna for the website, with suitably revised pricing. Since Dorna was handed the running of the World Superbike series by Bridgepoint, it was only a matter of time before WSBK would also be available via some form of online video streaming.

Leveraging both the experience which they had gained in TV rights negotiations and in running the video streaming platform, Dorna could put the World Superbike races online with relatively limited effort.

The new subscription package should be a boon to fans around the world who cannot see the World Superbike series. WSBK has struggled to find TV broadcasters in some large markets, and having an online video package will make fans of the sport less reliant on the packages offered by their cable suppliers.

It should also add a useful (if limited) income stream for the struggling series.

This article was originally published on MotoMatters, and is republished here on Asphalt & Rubber with permission by the author.

  • H.L.

    Huge MotoGP guy but I need more. I will be getting into WSBK for the first time. I’m at peace with $95. Nice job Dorna and thanks. The MotoGP video pass is top notch stuff and I hope this is at least close to it.

  • Matt

    $95? I guess I’m going to have to start reusing my catheters.

  • Norm G.

    re: “Huge MotoGP guy but I need more. I will be getting into WSBK for the first time.”

    well what kind of bike do you own…? maybe you aren’t getting into WSBK for the first time. grandprix doesn’t homologate so maybe you’ve been a Superbiker all along…?

  • Tom

    Some website somewhere will stream it online.

  • Chad D.

    Good luck with that. Dorna is crazy serious about rights. Have you ever tried to find GP race streaming?

  • philly phil

    I signed up for BeIn Sports with Comcast since the sports package that includes the channel is only $5/month…
    HOWEVER, it seems that Bein Sports isn’t actually showing the races… They list it on their website that they cover the series, but if you look at the TV schedule, …iiiiiits not there.
    WTF gives….

    Anyone else notice this?

  • MajorTom

    Concerning the Comcast thing; last year, when I read/heard that Bein was carrying SBK I called Comcast and asked what channel Bein was on in my area. The woman told me and I looked. Low and behold there was the race in SPANISH. I watched several races with the sound down. Then I called Comcast again and asked for the channel for Bein and the woman told me there were 2 channels. One in Spanish and one in English. Bingo. Live feed, with Mr Green and Martin; at three in the morning. No problems. DVR. Now all is good.

  • Philly phil

    Majortom, what do see on the schedule for this year though? According to their Facebook page, the first round isn’t in the tv schedule because they haven’t finalized a schedule. They made it seem like they’re still working on it….i really hope so

  • H-man

    Hurray! And about f”in time! I’ve been hoping for something like this for the past 3 years. Even inquiring about the possibility of such a package through the Energy Zone at the WSBK site. Oh well, it’s here. And costs less than MotoGP’s full season pass.


    I purchased the Moto Gp package last season after Speed channel turned gay, and doing it again this year so to also have Wsbk is going to make me a happy fan!

  • DORNA is disgrace to this sport.

  • TwoWheelLoo

    Finally live streaming. $95 isn’t bad for a full season with bts stuff and extras. Good goin’.

  • Laurencio

    Does this mean I will not be able to catch up with the races on youtubes?

  • Jw

    If one takes out their worthless cable / satellite bill per month this is a healthy alternative

  • MajorTom

    @Philly phil
    according to Bein’s web page the first race, Phillip Island, will be shown on Friday at 10.45pm; live. I live on the west coast so your times might vary some.

  • philly phil

    The race isn’t until sunday (23rd)…so i’m pretty sure that’s qualifying or something else…

  • Norm G.

    re: “DORNA is disgrace to this sport.”

    i recognize some of you guys are access limited and have been for some time so I’ve deliberately stopped short of calling for an all out boycott, but until i PERSONALLY hear the outcome of the law suit Schwantz Vs. Ezpelata/Cota…? Carmelo and his PPV website can pound sand.

    i mean we wail and nash teeth over Honda’s dominance of grandprix, but last i checked, nobody from INSIDE the motorcycling community’s served Nakamoto with a subpoena…?

    fyi to the e-zine world, the case was scheduled to go before jury like a week ago (2/10/14), and yet nobody seems to have reported anything…? not even if it’s been delayed/rescheduled/settled out of court, on-going, etc…? always good to see bikeworld on top of it’s game.

  • Bob

    Thanks for letting us know about this. I don’t get B-in or whatever it is they were using for TV broadcast and have been annoyed that there was no web coverage. Now I am happy :-)

  • New trial date is May 5th Norm. Beat your horse elsewhere.

  • Norm G.

    re: “New trial date is May 5th Norm. Beat your horse elsewhere.”

    don’t be hatin’. no subpoenas in my breast pocket. :)

  • philly phil

    Ok, finally. It scheduled on BeIn and in the Comcast guide to show. I guess we’re a day ahead of Australia because the race will be shown live on BeIn on Saturday at 730 and 1000.

    So for $5 a month, I’m getting the superpoles and races. I will be a happy man

  • CRC Cola

    Can anyone confirm that the video pass includes WSS?

    @philly phil: I’m a philthadelphian as well, but I gotta say BeIn looks like crap on comcast.

  • philly phil

    Great…I guess i’ll see…but I hope they’re not treating it like SPEED channel did… They would put the races on SPEED HD and shit looked like 420p

    as a matter of fact…BeinSports doesn’t have a HD designation…

  • Jim

    Races looked good on WSBK Videopass this weekend, I streamed them on my ipad to my Apple TV in HD and it looked great.

  • Singletrack

    Really – $100 for 14 races. I like it, but $7 a race…?
    And then another $100 (??) for MotoGP? What about F1, or Lemans, or AMA Roadracing, or MX/SX etc.

    Is this to become the new normal? Where does it end?

    I know I’m not alone in hating cable; and the $800 a year it costs pisses me off, but at least I feel it’s amortized over 600 channels (Ok really only 100 unique ones). And the whole family can pick and choose different channels.

    If I have to start subscribing to Premier League Soccer, or the Women’s network I’m going to lose my mind.