Scared Straight: Why You Should Wear Your Helmet

01/06/2010 @ 6:01 am, by Jensen Beeler22 COMMENTS

Here at A&R HQ, we resided in the sunny State of California, where helmets are mandatory while riding a motorcycle. However, at one point in time we were based in a state that made no such restriction. Seeing as how that state had a layer of permafrost 6 months out of the year, that set of juxtposition didn’t make a lot of sense to us, and neither do people that ride without a lid. Take a june bug to the noggin at 60mph and see how far exercising your personal freedom take you.

While we may not be able to change the laws across the United States, we may be able to appeal to peoples’ desire to stay alive. This seems to be the same sentiment that the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation took when they ran these ads in Vietnam. There’s no hand-holding here, it’s the harsh reality of crashing without a helmet. It’s called the “I Don’t Like Wearing a Helmet, It Ruins My Hair” ad campaign. Commercial spot and photos after the jump.

Source: Street Anatomy

  • 4Cammer

    Holy crap…..have yet to ride w/o a helmet in 20 years or so and sure do not plan to. Wow.

  • phreatic

    that’s a pretty startling ad campaign, and hopefully it works. that said, i think we all know that going sans lid is unwise, and living in a state where it is not mandatory, it’s easy to not wear one. i don’t feel the need to chastise those who choose not to, though. it’s a choice they make, and those of us in helmets look at those who don’t with the same judgmental disgust that soccermoms in SUV’s look at us on our bikes.

    i don’t see that riders failing to don ATGATT are going to force us into some sort of nanny state, as helmets were once mandatory here and are no longer. i think we all agree that not wearing adequate safety gear is stupid, especially when it’s the helmet. maybe ad campaigns like this will make some headway where helmeted-holier-than-thous have not.

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  • Wow, phreatic said “atgatt.” I haven’t heard that in years.

    I feel that this campaign is the startling imagery that is necessary to drill into (pardon the pun) our youth’s minds the importance of all-the-gear, all-the-time. These quotes are the same rationale I hear too often from the squidly crowd. My running favorite is the Icon vest over a t-shirt and non-DOT bucket.

    I, for one, would never be caught without proper protective gear. On any bike. Especially Kawi’s in NorCal. Hell, I even wear my lid when tooling through the pits. OK, maybe not.

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  • Anthony

    I lived in Vietnam for a few years. The Vietnamese say that motorbikes are their legs. If you have even been to Vietnam you would understand. I rode a bike without a helmet and on the day the law changed everyone started to wear helmets (including me). The locals hated helmets at first because of the heat in Vietnam but now they often say that if they haven’t got their helmet as they leave the house they feel naked. The death toll has been reduced and the law is a success.
    They do still have many bad habits though, such as texting, smoking, and eating while riding plus many dangerous items are carried on bikes such as sheets of glass and gas bottles.
    What is more interesting is that I was watching a U.S motorbike show on cable and couldn’t believe most bikers without a helmet doing tricks on the highway!! I like thrills but that is crazy !

  • Jim

    My contention is that not wearing a helmet is peer pressure dressed up as personal choice. For about 20 years I’ve ridden BMWs, the norm for this community is helmets, always and generally ATGATT. I’ve known long time BMW (helmet wearing) riders who have switched to Harley’s and stopped wearing helmets. By the same token I’ve known ex Harley riders who switched to BMW and after a couple of months adopted the ATGATT norm.

    This is an attention getting campaign.

  • Great motorcycle helmet campaign!

  • Great motorcycle helmet campaign!

  • The Shrike

    Anyone that rides a motorcycle without a helmet is a complete moron. That said, there is absolutely no reason to have a law that requires wearing of helmets. If this logic appeals to you then smoking, period, should be illegal. Drinking alcohol. If you ask enough non motorcyclists then motorcycling is moronic enough to ban altogether. It is not the government’s job or charter to protect us from ourselves. Before some schmuck brings up the whole “if you fall we have to pay for you” argument. I do not live in a country that has social health care (yet) so nobody has to pay for me. If you support tax driven health care. Make sure you understand that it is not fair for the grandmother that lives next to you and knits for fun to pay for taxes to fund your motorcycle riding/racing. If that is true then how long do you think those pastimes will remain legal and un-bastardized.

  • Bjorn

    We have universal health care here in Australia and nationwide laws requiring Helmets.
    It’s an interesting point The Shrike makes and one that will need to be sorted out one way or another when you do adopt “socialised” healthcare. Over here you still get medical treatment if you are flouting the law but any compensation payments made are severely reduced. It seems to work.
    That said, I don’t feel there should be laws requiring mandatory helmet wearing, if you cannot see the benefit in wearing one and are so full of yourself that you think you can evade all danger, it’s probably better for all concerned if you remove yourself from the gene pool as soon possible.

  • Jim

    The point Shrike misses is that upon suffering a debilitating injury he no longer can provide for himself, and becomes a burden first on his family, as they reallocate financial resources to provide for his care and eventually for the state through Social Security Disability and Medicaid.

    The situation for the typical American is that they have health insurance through their employer, if there is a debilitating injury or illness that prevents someone from working they lose the insurance. COBRA allows the individual to pay the group premium for 18 months, which is relatively expensive and of course the injured is not working. After the COBRA benefit expires, medical insurance needs to be obtained in the private market, but won’t cover that pre-existing condition, so it is off to the social insurance program called Medicaid. Of course to qualify for Medicaid you must exhaust your assets.

    The state, acting on behalf of other citizens, has a very legitimate interest in assuring that individuals take reasonable measures to reduce the likelihood that the individual becomes a burden on the greater society, even if that means curbing certain ‘rights’ of the individual.

  • Dubsie

    Look at what not wearing one did to Gary Busey after the curb-plant. Silly boy.

  • If you ride a motorbike, wear a helmet! Seriously, it should go without saying by now. (Looking at you #Chicago)

  • Scared Straight: Why You Should Wear Your Helmet

  • RT @InterstateCycle: Scared Straight: Why You Should Wear Your Helmet

  • RT @InterstateCycle: Scared Straight: Why You Should Wear Your Helmet

  • Some "not so funny" pics…RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Scared Straight: Why You Should Wear Your Helmet

  • The Shrike


    I have never in my entire life taken a handout of any kind from this government or any other. Legal or otherwise. Back when I worked for others and was laid off I did not even collect unemployment. If I drive a motorcycle without a helmet and splatter myself on the site of the road I hereby give permission to the US government to sell the remains of my bike to pay for having my remains fed to the sharks and fish in the Bay. If I where to get injured in such a way to not be able to provide for myself then my family and friends will help me through it without the help of the government. As far as healthcare is concerned, in my humble opinion the best thing the government could do to reform it would be to make insurance of any kind illegal. Remove the entire bureaucracy that exists between my doctor and I so I can just pay the doctor what it actually costs to take care of me. You will find that in one fell swoop medical care will become extremely affordable. For the extremely poor, or extremely lazy or completely disabled that simply can not provide for themselves there are countless privately funded and run charities that will help with their situation. Here is a sample along the same thread: do you self a favor and listen to the whole clip. You will see why.