Vyrus 984 Ultimate Edition

11/20/2012 @ 8:14 am, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS

Technically very similar to the Bimota Tesi 3D (there’s a reason for that), the Vyrus 984 C3 2V is that other hub-center steering motorcycle from Italy. Featuring a 992cc Ducati DesmoDue motor at its core, the Vyrus 984 is about as radical as it gets when it comes to modern motorcycles. Upping the ante another notch though is the Vyrus 984 Ultimate Edition, which takes the already light 984 machine, and drops its weight to 144kg (317 lbs) dry.

Helping Vyrus achieve that ludicrous figure is the company’s copious usage of carbon fiber on the Vyrus 984 Ultimate Edition, which drops over 10 lbs from the original design. A large part of this weight savings is the front portion of the machine, which like the Ducati 1199 Panigale, builds directly off the engine cylinder heads, and serves double-duty as the motorcycle’s airbox.

Other goodies include carbon disc brakes, Öhlins TTX shocks for suspension, magnesium case covers, and an upside down aluminum box frame swingarm. Designed with the track in mind, the Vyrus 984 Ultimate Edition also comes with traction control and a full data-logging system. Price? Let’s just say it’s six figures. Expect a water-cooled Vyrus 985 Ultimate Edition to follow shortly.

Source: Vyrus

  • gebeme

    Which end is the front?

  • MikeD



    In all seriousness, let me have one. Im cool with different…sometimes…..this time.

  • i pass it to MikeD…. gimme some Fireblade and i will be happy kkkkkkkk

  • luke

    Skywalker would look at home flying through a forest on that.

  • pooch

    Someone needs to cure that vyrus, it has a bad case of the mega fuglies.

  • Hugo

    as sexy, as exotic, as Italian … it can be

  • Damo

    Love it. Looks like something Commander Shepard would ride in his off time.

  • Singletrack

    Let us know when it’s finished….

  • That is a beautiful bike! Not sure that single-sided front suspension and dual-sided rear suspension makes sense ;) This is a great choice if you want to spend a bunch of money on a trumped-up 1000 Supersport. Note the Ducati 1199 Panigale is merely ~$80,000 cheaper – but they are SO common these days, right?
    What price exclusivity and beauty?

  • Yaw

    If they put a proper fairing on this thing it would look great. They need to make one with the Testastretta and a parallelogram rear end

  • Keith

    heh, amazing how everyone missed it. That’s a bike akira would have ridden. ;^) I’ll take 2! One for track days and the other? That’s for taking the piss out of fireblade owners on mountain roads.

  • Damo

    “heh, amazing how everyone missed it. That’s a bike akira would have ridden.”

    You mean a bike “Kaneda” would have ridden? ;)