Video: Valentino Rossi on “His M1”

11/05/2010 @ 8:15 am, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

We’ve got a special treat for you this Friday as Yamaha Racing has released a video that talks about the evolution of the YZR-M1 over the past seven seasons, which is narrated by The Doctor himself. Valentino Rossi and his team were integral to the success of Yamaha, turning what was considered to be the worst bike in the paddock into the star it is today. Giving a great account of each bike’s progress over the next, Rossi points out each model’s strengths and weaknesses, and what each M1 meant to him. Grab a beverage and enjoy the video after the jump.

Source: MotoMatters

  • brij

    You can see the passion Rossi has for his bikes! It is not just another machine for him. A true racer!! I hope Lorenzo continues to develop the yamaha in the same fashion and Ducati is able to get better and faster under Rossi! Good Luck Rossi!!!

  • max dean

    i don’t think lorenzo can continues to develop M1 as rossi does.. he doesn’t have the passion, curiousity, like Rossi……i hope Rossi can make ducati just like what he change the M1 …from zero to hero, from nothing to be the King…Rossi rules 2011!!

  • wayne

    I’m HOPING Ben can pick up where Rossi leaves off because, like Max, I don’t see Lorenzo really having the right ‘skill set’ to keep up development of the M1 at the same level. Having missed most of Ben’s AMA exploits, I really don’t know enough about his development abilities to be able to make a determination either way. I guess we’ll see how that works out, but I can’t wait to see what the Desmo will be like in 2 years’ time. It is, for my money, right on the cusp of truly great things but the consistency seems to be an issue. When it is working well, and the riders are giving it the beans, it is a thing of beauty to watch. 2012-13 should be very interesting, indeed!

  • I agree that different people have different abilities and passion for their profession. After seeing this video, you can see that Rossi really loves what he does. I am hoping that Lorenzo or Spies can pick where Rossi left off. They are both young. I guess we’ll see. Rossi to Ducati……can’t wait. Spies to the M1…..can’t wait.

  • gazza

    i wonder if Rossi asked yamaha if he could have one of these M1’s like he did with honda…. mind you, honda promised him the bike and never gave it to him. it was ssupposed to be his last two stroke with them if i remeber correctly….

  • 76

    The Last 500cc GP 2 stroke from HRC would be quite a score, even for Rossi.

  • Rossi said : Bye bye M1, bye bye Yamaha. Hi Lorenzo, I will be waiting for you in 2011. Ducati will be come to destroyed yamaha.