The title of the post sort of implies what you are getting into here: slow-motion racing footage from Formula One, MotoGP, World Rally, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Isle of Man TT, and various GT Racing series. If you have watched any of the television coverage from MotoGP or the TT (and we’re sure you have), then you know how dramatic watching a motorcycle at 1,000+ frames per second can be, and apparently the same can be said about our four-wheeled compatriots.

What the title of this work doesn’t reveal is how with some masterful editing and a powerful soundtrack, 16 minutes of video footage about bikes and cars can feel more like poetry than racing. We bring you Racing in Slow Motion IV (as well as I-III ). Grab some kleenex before watching, and then share it with your buddies. If they don’t amid to getting a little bit emotional while viewing, they are probably lying. Group hug after the jump.

Racing in Slow-Motion IV:

Racing in Slow-Motion III:

Racing in Slow-Motion II:

Racing in Slow-Motion I:

Source: Racing in Slow Motion (YouTube) via Motorpassion Moto

  • FYI – typo – “cars can FELL more like poetry than racing”

  • Slangbuster

    Beautify done and incredibly powerful. The best I have ever seen! Starting with McQueen”s opening narration and Sic’s farewell. This will take you back to places you have not been to in a long time. Thanks!

  • 76

    Damm it, I’m sitting here with headphones on at work watching part4 using every ounce of focus not to keep from crying, I thought the title was just being dramatic

  • Micahel

    What an amazing video!!

  • macho teardrops fallen into keyboard.

  • Cpt.Slow

    “…Due to Dorna Sports I had to remove all MotoGP Clips from this video and replace them with other slow motion clips…”

    This was the caption from the poster in the first one… Dorna = face-palm (free advertising).

  • john

    Long may you live…


  • Rob

    damn what an epic video…tear jerker for sure

  • Bryan Niese

    Amazing how a short video can bring out why I love racing so much. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Bryan Niese

    I have a track day Saturday. I was already having a hard enough time getting through the work week with my mind already at the track.

  • D. Hill

    Powerful, and doubly so by the selected background music/audio. Wryly I was asking myself “where’s the heavy metal?”, which if employed would have had me watching all of this with the sound muted.

    For mature audiences only, I suppose, and thank goodness for that. Excellent composition.

  • smiler

    “This will take you back to places you have not been to in a long time” Completely agree. That 348 at 10.24 had not had the factory recall to change the wheel arch glue?

    That Escort Mexico as well. Brilliant.

    Some a little short but brilliant job, snivel, snivel…….

    The motorcycle shots are really interesting as well, seeing the chassis flex, suspension and general difficulty for the rider to stay on. Great.

  • smiler

    Best motorcycle racing blog * far.

  • alex hofstetter

    Wow. I can’t believe I watched all 4 of these in succession. My absolute limit for watching video on the web is about 3 1/2 minutes. It’s gotta be incredibly special to make me spend more time than that. This is very special stuff. I agree with Damon Hill that I would have instantly muted a loud metal soundtrack.

    I usually tear up when I see old footage of Senna. Seeing him and Somoncelli made me really choke up.

    Great stuff. Very special

  • we miss Marco…

    great vids.

  • Pietro

    If there was more Marco…I would have bawled. Great stuff! If DORNA was more lenient there would’ve been more MotoGP shots for sure. Maybe some of Ago and co.

  • Beautiful montage. Absolutely epic.

  • TexusTim

    Awsome video, Steve,Dale,Aryeton,Dan,Marco…..theres a few more but a great tribute to racers past and present.. those that are lost to us and those that continue to fight for podiums …We salute you !