Despite the concern that he might not race this weekend, Jonathan Rea appears to gotten of easy with his latest get-off during testing at Phillip Island. Having to make the difficult choice between being a human fireball and hitting the tarmac at 120 MPH, Rea opted for the latter, ditched his firing stead, fractured his wrist, and injured his hand & arm in the process.

Now with video of the frightening event, we get a glimpse into the crash that nearly sidelined the British rider, who will still ride in Sunday’s World Superbike season opener at Phillip Island. We generally don’t like our motorcycles on fire, and there’s something very creepy about watching Rea’s Castrol Honda CBR1000RR do a ghostride into a barricade. While unconfirmed reports say Colin Edwards has welcomed Rea to the club,┬ácheck after the jump for Rea’s personal message to Arai Helmets.

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  • Wow… begitu mendebarkan…

  • BBQDog

    A real Castrol Honda, bit too much Castrol I guess :-)

  • buellracerx

    this is why you don’t cheap out on gear. a $600 helmet seems expensive until you consider what it’s protecting…

  • MP

    @Buellracerx – exactly. I must have helped at least 10 friends buy their first bike. I always tell them I’ll do my best to match them up to the right ride, but before they do any of it, they have to go buy proper gear. Once they have gloves, a REAL helmet, jacket and boots, then we go shopping.

    Arai saved my life twice. They’re quality and I can never buy another brand.

  • Steve

    Some years ago Edwards suffered the same fate riding the Aprilla Cube. Rea is one tough dude and says he’ll be ready for PI. If that were me I’d be looking for the nearest bathroom.

  • Ades

    That corner is scary enough on it’s on with it’s little crest right as your flat out in 4, gearing up to 5th…… a very very scary place to come off your bike. Johnny Rae is a lucky boy not to have been seriously injured.