Video: The Best Highside Save Ever?

05/14/2012 @ 6:36 pm, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS

During the second AMA Pro Supersport qualifying session at Sears Point, #422 Genki Hagata had a moment that every motorcycle racer knows all too well: a highside. Still completing his out-lap, Hagata’s Yamaha YZF-R6 lost traction at the rear wheel, and then abruptly regained it, which for most riders would usually mean an ejection seat straight into the kitty litter, but not for Genki.

Holding onto the bars throughout the incident, Hagata avoided crashing (again, as the case would be for the weekend), and while he missed making the cut-off for Supersport grid by only a few tenths of a second, we still think he was the big winner of AMA Pro Racing’s third road-racing stop of the season. See it to believe it after the jump, and thanks for the tip 梁聰!

Source: Hagata Racing

  • Westward

    Not in my opinion…

    There is a video on youtube, of a guy with yellow liveries racing on a circuit with hay bales for barriers. That guy flies over the windscreen, touches the front fender, hangs on, bounces back, lands side saddle, then swings his leg back over the bike and continues racing like it never happened, all while still on track…

    That is the best highside save ever, this one is just new…

    **Side Note: after the video plays, there are suggested videos that follow. There is one that reads: Ninja 250 vs. Big Bikes at Laguna Seca.

    Now that is entertaining. It must be akin to what the Tech3, Gresini, and Ducati guys feel like when racing factory Honda’s and Yamaha’s…

  • You’d be referring to Randy Mamola’s save at the San Marino GP.

  • Afletra

    For me this is awesome… Haha, nice video!

  • Jake
  • Blake

    The save is great, but I got more enjoyment out the 250 vs. big bikes a Laguna. The guy on the 250 is rockin it! He has great skill on that 250 and can corner 50 times better than the other guys out there.

  • Well that’s because the other guys out there don’t have a clue where the racing line is…great promo for the guys at Ride Like a Pro though.

  • Steve Lang

    Nice save and a great way to get that cardio going. Would have been great to hear what he said inside his helmet after he came to a stop. It probably started with, Holy…..

  • Westward

    Don’t get me wrong, any save is awesome to say the least, especially a highside…

    Oh, and thanks for the recall, I had forgotten who it was…

  • Westward

    Actually it was this one:

    I don’t think it was Mamola…

  • J. Welburn

    I like the way he gives the man on track the thumbs up, thinkin “yeah, you liked that didn’t you”. I must also say the 250 vs big bikes had me pretty pumped, considering I own a 250 and Laguna Seca’s my home track!


  • ZeitgeistXiii

    The Mamola one still is the best. Those old “Havoc” videos had some good saves mixed in with the crashes.

  • For my money ( and it was a very long time ago) Barry Sheene takes the cake @ Daytona ( I think?) … He did a vertical handstand with hands still clamped to the clip-ons – body arching forward (he was upside down & backwards, of course) – stuck his helmet right through & broke the windscreen – then when his body was so far forward it was directly over the front wheel – wind pressure forced him back down & into the seat again. Whereupon, he wobbled ( one foot came off the pegs) and then carried-on.
    Everyone rubbed their eyes and the thought bubbles shouted, ” F*#$ ! Did I just see what I thought I saw?” Awesome & Scary beyond belief.

  • Agreed about the Mamola save. BOTH wheels were off the ground before he dabbed his left foot and got the bike stable enough to begin his recovery, but not before he got bucked over to the other side of the bike. Epic save.

    This one, though … Great to see Hagata-san make the save. I just hate seeing people go down the road, especially over the high side.


    Not a high-side but did any of you ever see that video from a couple years back when the rider fell off his R6 in mid turn and the bike kept going and followed through, then the pilot sprints and jumps back on and keeps racing?

    Not is a ‘save’ IMO.

  • KTM

    It’s not a high side. Great balance thow but from the leathers we can see he has been practicing it all also a lot :)
    Keep the rubber side down boys! :)

  • Bradog

    one of my favorite saves is Jamie Hacking at Barber