Video: I Hate It When This Happens

06/22/2011 @ 1:35 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

Imagine yourself racing at Magny-Cours, minding your own business, hitting your lines, setting up your next pass, etc. And then all of a sudden, one of your competitors wipes-out, and takes you down with him. Tough break, but it happens right?

Nine times out of ten in slow speed crashes, you can pick up your bike and recoup some points…that is of course assuming that your bike doesn’t lock handlebars with the other fallen bike, have its throttle stuck open, and the proceed to spin around like a whirling-dervish. What follows is probably humorous to everyone, except the rider on the green bike. No, that looks like one upset Frenchman. Merci beaucoup pour le tip Mullet!

Source: Reddit

  • lord_tizzle

    That is supremely awesome! hell it would suck but, you gotta be laughing your ass off later.

  • Bryan

    Brilliant. Hilarious and Painful.

  • 1198freak

    Hilarious to watch, but sucks for the rider… Never saw something like this before. I dont know what was more entertaining, the bikes dancing like that or the rider’s expressions.

  • Jake Fox

    If ever there was a racing clip meant for music this is it. I would like to open submissions with Sabre Dance by Aram Khachaturian

  • whiskthecat

    Here is my submission.

  • Bryan

    Hahahahahahaha!!! Jake, mate PERFECT. Suggest everyone listens to the intro while watching the video. Hahahahahahahahaha

  • Rob

    Im not sure Ive ever seen anything funnier!

  • Jake Fox

    I took the liberty of dubbing that audio onto the video and reposting on YouTube. I hope you like it!

  • Steve

    That is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. What are the chances of that ? God that’s funny!

  • Steve

    Jake Fox…Great job. Nicely done. I was sitting here laughing m yass off and crying it was so funny. The guy in the yellow helmet was priceless.

  • Rob L

    Well that takes care of the chicken strip on the right side of the tire.
    That poor guy. Like being caught in an undertow, helpless.

  • Kurt

    Dang!!! The man got to it and took it down before I got a chance to see it with music on “YouTube” :( Seriously funny even in its original form though.

  • Philip

    HAHAHA one of the funniest things I’ve seen in racing in a while!