Video: Crashing Backwards in Slow-Mo

11/26/2012 @ 11:26 am, by Jensen Beeler31 COMMENTS

We hate to see riders going down, but this might be the most creepy awesome thing you see all day. It is a bit surreal to watch a motorcycle crash go from horrible to normal, especially as the rider flies around as if in some sort of Matrix-like kung fu fight, but it all just serves as a reminder to be good, wear gear, and do wheelies. Thanks for the tip Gigi!

Source: YouTube

  • thanks for the share!

    I’ve seen some of this guy’s other stuff on youtube, but this is very damn cool – takes the cake.

  • David

    That dude in crocs on the scooter……priceless

  • I’ve seen some of these videos before, numerous examples of inexperienced riders that don’t know how to handle their bike properly. Stupid things that experienced riders know better than to do, like mid-corner over breaking leading to low sides. Seeing someone use their rear brake healed over mid-corner and go down, is just embarrassing and should never happen. Such brake misuse on the street is usually symptomatic of someone who only has experience with dirt bikes.

    There really needs a genuine motorcycle licensing process that requires road training in every state. Just like car drivers, riders need to be able to demonstrate that they have acquired basic street riding skills. I got my first street bike when I was 15, and had to learn the hard way much like these poor schmucks. A whole lot of lay-downs, accidents and injuries, not to mention deaths, could be avoided with just some basic training. It’s also shameful to see beautiful sport bikes trashed by people who have no business being on them in the first place, they deserve better riders in their saddles.

  • Crashmanjay

    Have you met my Uncle? Buzz Killington?

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  • Rmagic

    The scooter guy and his croc jumping over the guardrail in reverse, ROTFL!! Props to rnickeymouse and A&R for this evenings entertainment.

  • alex

    dear Aaron – shut the hell up.

    I’m so tired of these sanctimonious jerk offs preaching about the right way. Come out to Cali with your mad skillz and try dragging a knee on the actual ground that corner in the video covers. That would be the Snake btw. But your so awesome that not only did you know that but all highlight reelz of the “right way” feature only you.

    All of the people I have ever seen take that corner, some of them two dozen times in a single day none of them get it right every time.

    It’s off camber. There’s dirt. Temp change the grip. Sun and clouds change the view. Sometime oncoming traffic even crosses into your lane and then there’s 4 camera men staring you down as well as several dozen others all hoping you crash, all waiting there weekend after weekend because someone always does. Even the cops lurk at times hoping to scrape someone off the road.

    Wait….why am I bothering? You are obviously just another internet poser with likely no bike at all.

    drops the mike…..

  • Crashmanjay

    I see you have met my uncle.

  • “It’s off camber. There’s dirt. Temp change the grip. Sun and clouds change the view. Sometime oncoming traffic even crosses into your lane and then there’s 4 camera men staring you down as well as several dozen others all hoping you crash, all waiting there weekend after weekend because someone always does. Even the cops lurk at times hoping to scrape someone off the road.”

    Maybe then they should take their kneedragging to the track.

  • …drops the mic.

  • TexusTim

    awsome ! best off season distraction so far.

  • Mitch

    I thought Aaron was on peyote talking about MotoGP, but I agree with him here – graduated licensing would be a great boon to motorcycling in general, as it would produce more capable, more mature, and ultimately happier riders. But of course it will *never* happen, as anything that stops Harley Heroes from going to the dealer after getting their M1 and getting a 1800cc bike would never pass. Also, people are fast to scream FREEEDOOOOMMMMM anytime anyone mentions the concept of restrictions.

  • smiler

    Morons on Mulholland?
    All the local bike dealers must pay the local council to keep the road surface neutral camber and nice and shiny.

  • Slangbuster

    The Rock Store Follies. Real creative perspective. Outstanding.

  • Will

    Can i have the minute and a half of my life i wasted watching this back?

  • Ape

    Dear Alex, don’t do stupid shit on the street. Take your “mad” skills to the track yo.

  • Damo


    I am with you 100% on this. Knee dragging is awesome and everything, but no reason to be acting like you are Nicky Hayden dragging a knee on public roads.

    Not to mention half of these cats are over-exaggerating their lean angle just to try and get a knee down. At most of those speeds there are faster ways to get through a corner.


    Aaron is right you know, at least about incorrect braking. Improper rear brake (and excessive front braking) are probably the number one reason for sport bike crashes. Well technically, over riding one’s ability is. Seriously though if the corner is off camber and dirty, etc, etc, maybe people should pay the f*ck attention and take it slower instead of trying to get famous on youtube?

    Rnicky camps out there because he know the corners will look brilliant or terrible.

  • Take it to the track.

  • Patron

    I enjoyed the video as much as anyone, and I’m hoping nobody there was seriously injured. That being said, anyone who rides like that on the street is a total idiot. I have done that on the street long ago before I discovered the track, and I’ll be the first to admit I WAS AN IDIOT. And please dont try to explain just how hard that turn is by mentioning oncoming traffic. That just makes you sound dumb.

  • meatspin

    you’ll never catch me going over the speed limit on this road.

  • Where is this? Douchebag hairpin?

    Looks similar to Ramsey hairpin, and if you listen, they barely touch the floor as they go round:

    Always amazes me how power rangers equate knee-down to actual talent…

  • Faust

    @ alex

    That was the most absurd and laughable comment I’ve ever seen on here. Guys that get hostile when given good advice and who feel the need to defend the inexcusable (riding like a moron on the street, which cannot be defended) are the biggest detriment to the sports bike culture. Unfortunately, John Q Public doesn’t really see me on the track practising the right way. No, what they see is you using your “mad skilz” on public roads, endagering people. And people wonder why the public in “Cali” isn’t fond of bikers. Come out to Cali? You mean the first place in the country to ban non-epa certified motorcycle exhaust because of obnoxious bikers? No sir, I think not.

  • SquidlyMcSquidson

    @ Alex

    Since everyone else here has already pointed out that you are a jackass, let me just add that an off camber turn is one in which the ground slopes to the outside of the turn. This turn is clearly not off camber. Stop using terms you don’t understand to make your squidly statements sound educated.

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Maybe Alex meant to say decreasing radius?

  • RGR

    Richard Mushmouth – you watched the Power Rangers too?! They were so cool.

    Cruiser Loser…

  • groves174

    Forget conditions, brake control and whether or not they should be doing this on an open road….

    Proper body positioning would have saved most of these guys. Almost universally they are over-leaning their bikes. Get off the bike more, lean the bike less and stay on the meat of the tire.

  • Faust


    But then they wouldn’t ride all the way to the edge of the tire! And of course, overleaning for corners just proves how awesome you are at turning. People are so funny.

  • Seanzo

    That corner may not look off-camber in the video, but it sure feels that way when you’re in it. Mulholland, and nearby roads like Latigo Canyon, are filled with treacherous features – off-camber, decreasing radius, sand and gravel. Riders who are used to Los Angeles Crest, which has been meticulously nerfed by the highway engineers, often aren’t ready for the older-style canyon roads.

    I mostly feel bad for the guy on the bagger – clearly wasn’t trying to demonstrate awesome lean angle, just got suckered in way too hot.

  • Crashmanjay

    The bagger guy was being a douche. I assume you mean the white bike. There is video of him crashing all over, look up “Chuck Norris son motorcycle crash” as the rumor was it was really his son riding, which I assumed was a joke about how well the guy crashed (as Chuck Norris apparently would). In the video you hear him hauling ass up the hill and he takes the corner too fast for the clearance on the bike. As his foot folds under his leg (he put it out like a dirt bike rider) the bike wrecks and he leaps up swearing without even glancing at the bike like he wants to make sure he looks tough post wreck. You’ll stop feeling for him after seeing it.
    I do agree that the roads in the coastal canyons are much more difficult to ride than the inland ones like the Crest. I haven’t ridden the Dragon down south (and have no desire to from seeing what a cluster*** it is on various crash sites) but I’ve ridden tens of 1000’s of miles of SoCal roads and those ones around/leading to the Rock Store are some of the most technical I’ve ridden anywhere and I’ve ridden in about 35 states.
    Here is the video if A&R allows links:

  • I’ve been through this too, my rear tyre got itchy in the mids of corner, changing my lane & head straight to a divider which hold me & my bike(the front tyre become like “8” shape) before falling into the valley, I flip in the air & there is nothing I can do at that moment, heard my neck making “cracking” sound while my helmet touch the ground (luckily there is no injury on my neck), my vision getting blur, trying to get up but my body won’t let me so I just raise my hand, thanks to god I’m still alive till today even I’ve been hit couple times by another rider/driver(flying like Superman & bouncing bang bang boom till drop in the sewer) after the incident. Wear a proper gear while riding & trust me it will make a big different rather a normal road rider attire. I still can flash back each of the incident but it’s keeping me away from riding, the fact is speed doesn’t kill but stupidity does. Be safe on the road guys, pay attention to the car in front of you cause there is possibility they will suddenly changing their lane without giving signal first.

  • sorry typo error, “It doesn’t keeping me away from riding…”