Video: Casey Stoner, the New King of Swerve?

10/19/2009 @ 7:24 pm, by Jensen Beeler17 COMMENTS


Gary McCoy will always be near and dear to our hearts for his exhibitions of manual traction control, but Casey Stoner made a strong showing for second place in this category while at Phillip Island this weekend.

Sliding his way around the Australian track, Stoner put on not only a show for his home crowd, but also did it with champion Valentino Rossi in tow. We’ll let you decide who is the reigning King of Swerve and Sultan of Slide.┬áVideos of both Stoner and McCoy after the jump.

Casey Stoner:

Gary McCoy:

Source: Two Wheels Blog

  • Video: Casey Stoner, the New King of Swerve?: … heard some great prices and negotiating salesman on the other..

  • Video: Casey Stoner, the New King of Swerve?

  • #driftking Stoner ou Mc Coy ?

  • HazDaGeek

    Hmmm Seems like Mr. McCoy is sliding deliberately and with purpose. Stoner appears to be correcting an issue. Regardless that’s some right there! %-)

  • HazDaGeek

    errr add skill in there! … Wanders off to find caffeine…

  • Video: Casey Stoner, the New King of Swerve?

  • Video: Casey Stoner, the New King of Swerve?

  • Bill B

    300 kph supermoto.

  • alex

    Look melandri here this is drifting with one hand jaja

  • Hey MotoGP guys, nice drifting… LOL

  • either way hazdageek it’s fun to watch ;)

    alex… thats one of the most bad ass things i’ve ever seen :D —

  • alex

    peter: jeje melandri it’s a great driver, love your work with photos you’re really good greetings from argentina

  • thanks alex! :D appreciate the compliment.

    i need to make it to argentina someday, it’s always looked like such a beautiful country.

  • Alex, don’t stoke Peter’s ego too much. He won’t be able to fit his head through the comment section doorway. :-p

  • Alex

    jajaa(=LOL) let’s be fair then, I love your posts jenny I visit this page every day, great work, thanks for keeping me informed. big hug and if any of you reach arg some day tell me and I invite the asado(barbacue)till next posts

  • mmmm, definitely taking you up on that asado alex!!! haha, thanks jenny ;) my neck was starting to ache

  • sunmapsman

    I’ve found place to watch it online in good quality –

    They make you do a short survey but after that it’s good to go.