Video: Guy & Thomas Visit Valentino Rossi’s Ranch

07/23/2013 @ 3:55 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS


It’s hard to out-do King Kenny, the godfather of Ameircan road racing, but Valentino Rossi is certainly making a go at it. For those that haven’t been to Roberts’ ranch out in Modesto, California, the three-time GP Champion and AMA Grand Slam winner has a very lovely flat-track course in his backyard, where he teaches the rich, and coaches the fast.

Well, the idea must have struck a chord with nine-time World Champion Valentino Rossi, as The Doctor has built his own race course outside of his home town of Tavullia, Italy. Rossi’s proving ground isn’t just some ordinary oval though, and instead is an undulating circuit that can be configured a multitude of ways.

Playing host to fellow Dainese-sponsored riders Guy Martin (of Isle of Man TT road racing fame) andĀ Thomas Chareyre (the currentĀ Supermoto World Champion), Rossi and friends spent a day riding together while the cameras were rolling. This is how the super-rich and super-fast spend their weekends. It’s a good life.

Source: Dainese (YouTube)

  • Gutterslob

    Why do I feel that Guy needs subtitles more than Thomas does?

  • Mike Nailwood

    I was thinking the exact same thing.

  • JW

    He could do a weekly show, call it Rossi’s Ranch. He would invite old friends and foes to come ride with him on this track, kinda like jay Leno’s garage, comedians driving cars and drinking coffee,. They could bring out old vintage bikes and ride them around the track too, like the triple 2 stroke KR rode flat track for a few races. Invite Sete G and bring on a Bultaco, things like that to bring variety and humor. Have a chef come in and cook like Daryl Halls House.

  • “Why do I feel that Guy needs subtitles more than Thomas does?”

    LOL — I love listening to the lad, but I sure do have to pay very close attention.

  • smiler

    How long before Guy asked to see Rossi’s tractors and get under the water tanker.
    Rossi had an ear piece so he could get Guy translated into English, he he.

    What a beautiful track though.

  • Phil

    Subtitles or not you’ve gotta love all of them.

    as for Valentino……THAT RICH !!!