Rossi Waiting to Hear if Burgess Will Retire

08/29/2010 @ 2:57 pm, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

Talking after the Indianapolis GP, Valentino Rossi explained that he is waiting to hear from Jeremy Burgess as to whether the Australian Crew Chief will retire next season. Assured of the fact that Burgess would not stay behind at Yamaha, and would not work with another rider, Rossi stated the buzz around whether Burgess would move with the Italian to Ducati, hinges as to when Burgess plans on retiring from motorcycle racing.

“So now the question mark is whether he [Jeremy Burgess] retire before me,” joked Rossi. “I speak with Jeremy, and I give him time, but…basically because he don’t know if he’s going to continue.” When pressed about Burgess’ role in keeping Rossi at Yamaha, simply stated: “I don’t think Jeremy continue with another rider, or stay another rider, or stay with me.”

Taking Rossi’s seat next year, Ben Spies said that he would be taking his current crew chief Tom Houseworth with him in some capacity, although that exact role hasn’t been decided. “Tom is going to be going with me, and working at some level…we don’t 100% what yet. But the rest of the crew? No that’s to be decided probably in the next couple of weeks…don’t know.”

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  • JB has paid his dues. Nobody would blame him of he decided to pull the pin.

  • Willie

    That’s great, but please tell me why at 1:37 CDT on Monday I must search elsewhere to get Indy MotoGP standings ?

  • motojc

    Don’t retire now, 2 more years please. Vale needs you, we need you!!

  • Joe Show

    This is another tactical ploy by Rossi to continue the drumroll and focus on him. It is well calculated and a good chess move. I love how much of a tactician he is. Makes me wonder if he ever read the book by Tsun Tzu’s ” Art of War”. My thoughts is that Burgess will go and develope the bike but not win the 2011 title and stay to win the 2012 when they return to 1000 cc’s.