Behind the Scenes with Rossi and the GP11

01/13/2011 @ 8:42 am, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS

Ducati Chilé posted a link to these photos on our Facebook page, and we’d thought we’d share them with the 10 people who read A&R, but aren’t friends with us on Facebook (do you see what we’re doing there with the links?). Showing a glimpse of the nine-time World Champion getting ready to pose with his new Ducati Corse leathers and the Desmosedici GP11, we like the trend we’re seeing of images and video of Rossi’s quasi-personal life coming to the surface — they add an element to the story that fans normally don’t get to see. We’re not sure on the photo credits, but we have a feeling it might be the work of Gigi Soldano.

  • Other Sean

    I don’t facebook, it’s just a big competition to make your life look more impressive to other people…that and a vehicle for advertising. So, thanks for posting this here.

  • CJark

    +1 what he said. Thanks for sharing here.

  • Duz

    I see what you’re doing there and if you keep it up you might lose those 10 people, myself included. I read this site and don’t want to have to also keep up to date with your facebook page.

    Pardon the rant but I’m getting tired of web sites goading me into liking / following / sharing their facebook pages.

  • Clive Randall

    Ditto everyone above especially Duz comments. I visit here everyday so keep it comming.

  • CycleBum

    I agree with the above. You can keep facebook and all the other social media sites. I’m not sharing my info./////////////////////////

  • beeeemer

    yea no freakbook for me either, posting links here is just fine. thanks

  • shutdown

    say no to facebook and other social network…..

  • Willie

    I feel a less than fortuitous year coming for the Ducati cult.

    Oh, and Val, shave !

  • jbzzz

    Willie…don’t be hatin’…the desmo gods will look out for the Doctor and Nicky…the “cult” will flourish in 2011!!

  • kbrown

    Yep, FB no thanks. I’m too busy living my real life to try and live a digital one.

  • pdub

    I guess this makes me #10.

  • Wintermute

    LOL, what a bunch of anti-chic wowsers.

  • Ricardo

    I’d rather be riding. ;-)

  • Ralph

    Haters of Social Networking.
    IF you want to brag on Facebook so be it…

    It works a treat on the iPhone4!
    You all lose ‘precious’ time on starting up that aged PC.
    While i and others see @ an instant the eNews.

    Which leaves you more quality time for let’s see… riding! : )

    The nuovo Desmo16 will work for both Rosifumi and Nicky-san.
    The Ball is in Lorenzo court #NOW

  • William

    Thanks , I too have nothing against FB but you won”t see me there either.

  • Halfie30

    Hey! Thanks to you A&R I don’t have to subscribe to motorcycle mags anymore! Make that eleven, and I’ll look you up on facebook for good measure.