Reading Between the Lines of Valentino

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Handwritten and then reproduced by Fiat-Yamaha, Valentino Rossi included an open letter with the announcement of his departure from Fiat-Yamaha to Marlboro Ducati. In his own words Rossi documents his “relationship” with the Yamaha YZR-M1, and is quick to point-out that it was Rossi’s direction and input that turned the bike into the weapon of choice in MotoGP. Reading the letter, it might be a bit strange as to why the message was included with the official press release from Yamaha, but peering between the lines some parting words can be inferred from Rossi, and perhaps greater insight into what makes a nine-time World Champion.

It’s of note that Rossi starts the letter with the premise that things have changed considerably in Yamaha since he joined the team in 2004, and then centers his letter around the development of the M1 race bike. Rossi is of course right: things certainly have changed in the Yamaha camp, with the team favoring fresher talent over the Italian.

As he points out, when Rossi joined Yamaha in 2004 he was moving off the motorcycle in the MotoGP paddock, while Yamaha was mired with a race package that could not be described at competitive. Rossi’s letter is a very tactfully written reminder to Yamaha that much of the company’s success in MotoGP is tied to the Italian, and what he’s brought to the table with his talent.

Talking about “my M1,” Rossi speaks about the years of development it took for him and his team to hone the M1 into the motorcycle that it is today, and for as much as this serves as a reminder to Yamaha of Rossi’s value beyond just racing on Sunday, it also serves as a prod at Jorge Lorenzo. For as long as Lorenzo remains at Yamaha, and rides the YZR-M1, he will always be riding “the bike Rossi built.”

In many ways Lorenzo is the reason for Rossi’s departure to Ducati, as the Spaniard has not only shown himself capable of challenging Rossi on the track, but also now Lorenzo is receiving greater status and position in the MotoGP paddock. Rossi’s letter is shot across Lorenzo’s bow, saying to the young Spanish rider that even if he wins this year and the next, it will be on Rossi’s coat tails.

If the Lorenzo really wants to be a Champion, and compare himself to Rossi, he will have do what Rossi has done before, and now sets out to do again. Noted during his move from Honda, it’s not enough for Rossi to win, the Italian wants to win when the odds are stacked against him. Rossi’s move to Ducati isn’t about more victories, more euros, or more championships. It’s about a legacy. It’s about living the legend that involves winning with no excuses.

Rossi’s parting words to Jorge Lorenzo is that as long as soon-to-be World Champion rides the Yamaha YZR-M1, there will always be an asterisk next his name.

Letter of Departure by Valentino Rossi:

“It is very difficult to explain in just a few words what my relationship with Yamaha has been in these past seven years.

“Many things have changed since that far-off time in 2004, but especially ‘she’, my M1, has changed. At that time she was a poor middle-grid position MotoGP bike, derided by most of the riders and the MotoGP workers. Now, after having helped her to grow and improve, you can see her smiling in her garage, courted and admired, treated as the ‘top of the class’.

“The list of the people that made this transformation possible is very long, but I would like to thank anyway Masao Furusawa, Masahiko Nakajima and ‘my’ Hiroya Atsumi, as representatives of all the engineers that worked hard to change the face of our M1. Then Jeremy Burgess and all my guys in the garage, who took care of her with love on all the tracks of the world and also all the men and women that have worked in the Yamaha team during these years.

“Now the moment has come to look for new challenges; my work here at Yamaha is finished. Unfortunately even the most beautiful love stories finish, but they leave a lot of wonderful memories, like when my M1 and I kissed for the first time on the grass at Welkom, when she looked straight in my eyes and told me ‘I love you!’”

  • kevin Jacobs

    you know you guys in the press really need to stop kissing Rossi’s ass. seriously. He is not more important then the sport. He is not more important then a manufacturer. As much as you guys like to say how Rossi turned Yamaha/M1’s furtunes around there something to be said to the fact that Rossi went to Yamaha and not Ducati, Suzuki, etc…… So no Rossi didn’t do it alone.

    More importantly. Yamaha has to look out for their future and Rossi’s move to Ducati is exactly why. They have treated him extremely well gave in to tons of his demands from switching tires, to putting up a wall to not sharing data, and he is pissed because they allowed him to prove it is his TALENT and not the bike that wins races, something he was eager to prove after he left Honda. I thought that is what true racers are made of. Wanting to let beat people straight up, no excuses. Yamaha is simply providing Lorenzo equal equipment, to allow Rossi to do this and now Rossi is upset. didn’t he use to get upset when others openly suggested he was winning only because he had the best Honda and Michilens?

    I’m glad Yamaha let Rossi go, because while I use to be a huge Rossi fan I’ve long grown tired of everyone kissing his ass and then bending /changing rules when he isn’t winning or happy. I suppose now that he is at Ducati part of his contract says that no other Ducati rider can have a bike that is equal performance to his? Sound just about the right attitude to have if he is planning going to F1 in the futures. Winning on merit isn’t as important as winning by handicaping others.

  • alex

    Rossi is a bad ass–with class. What a great way to go out. Hope he can do it all again on another bike.

  • CBR600RR 09

    Wow Kevin, jealous much?

    I agree with Alex, he is an amazing rider, no-one can deny, and I sincerely hope he can win on the Ducati.

  • Paul

    Bring back the old two strokes that was real raceing.

  • I have to agree with Kevin Jacobs truer words have never been said! I read some where I think it was Ben that said it Rossi had all or most of the riders in there place and just where he wanted them then Lorenzo came along and became the biggest pain in Rossi’s A. Lorenzo may have learned some things from Rossi but then used it agist him that did not sit well with mr. Rossi at all. Good luck to you Rossi hope you do well at Ducati!!

  • Coop

    Hate to break it to you. If I were in Rossi’s shoes I would have done the same thing in bitching about the tire manufacturers. Michelin was giving riders tires that would fall to peices mid race. They were dangerous and the spec tire rule was well recieved by the riders. Rossi’s TALENT is not only racing the motorcycle but also in the set up. And Yes he has developed the M1 over the years into the bike it is. Lorenzo was lucky enough to walk into a job that had a great testing base(Rossi). Lorenzo has been able to capitalize on it and use it to his advantage. He is an excellent rider and nobody can take that away from him. Just watch out and don’t underestimate Rossi’s uncanny ability to set up any motorcycle.

  • Doug D.

    Yamaha will rue the day it decided to prioritize Lorenzo over Rossi. No doubt Lorenzo is a fabulous racer, and his star will burn brighter for a few years after Rossi’s eventual departure, but Rossi is just too overpowering to let him wander if into another camp. Rossi is the best motorcycle racer in the world, hands down, and he’s the most marketable motorcycle racer in the world—a veritable tour de force in the modern landscape where media and economics intertwine.

    For Ducati this is an absolute windfall.

  • Hayabrusa

    Well, everyone is pretty much right – Rossi has his ego that needs massaging; HOWEVER, being arguably one of the two best riders EVER, how can you bitch at him? Lorenzo is a hell of a rider, and I’m sure that grates on Vale. Going to Ducati, though, is WAAYYY cool – finally the prodigal son comes home! I can’t wait to see how this marriage turns out, but I guarantee I’m not the only one really excited about it. And, sorry to tell some of you, but Valentino IS the Tiger Woods of MotoGP (as far as importance to his sport) – without him, the series flounders.

  • Tony S

    Remember when he came back after the broken leg and started out on the WSBK bike? He mentions at some point that he also gave them some good critical feedback about the set up.
    It’s like he loves to bust their balls about bike set up. Love it!

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  • Terry Lemmons

    ticket sales went thought the roof when they said Rossi would race Laguna Seca. Tv rating were down after Rossi”s crash. So much for his effect on racing ,what about the fans, big effect

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  • Two words…Jeremy Burgess !!!!

  • gazza

    look at it like this: could lorenzo go to SUZUKI and turn their bike into a championship winning bike in one off season? and then continue to keep that bike competitive for years to come?

    that is the only way that lorenzo could EVER prove his superiority over Rossi.

  • Ralph

    One Question?

    Who is the real Dottore?

    VR46 or Jezza Burgess…

    And show me any racer who doesn’t want an edge over the compition!

  • joe

    Lorenzo going to Suzuki would make the series more interesting. I don’t think his advantage over the field is enough to allow him to jump around manus like Rossi. I believe he is one of only 3 riders to be the gp champion on more than one manus bike. And it’s been 2 different hondas and 2 different yamahas. Any other racers direct input cause a production bike to have its configuration changed? It’s not kissing his ass, its just the facts.

  • Kevin Jacobs

    my point about the tires was this (and you are exagerrating about the tires) when Rossi had the best of everything and was winning, others complained about not have the equipment and nothing was done. that is fact. But the moment Rossi isn’t winning because someone else has better equipment, Dorna steps up and says that if Rossi can’t have bridgestones then the series is going spec tire. They didn’t do that for the other riders only when Rossi wasn’t winning. It’s the same with Rossi’s pass on Stoner in the Corkscrew in 08. Point blank he passed in the dirt which was an exciting move, but it was illegal and he should have been made to give the postion back. It was clear as day, yet nobody said anything.

    Rossi has been great, but everyone’s time comes and as he has faced more consistent challengers in the likes of Stoner and Lorenzo, his attitude has changed to where I have lost respect for him.

    no doubt he can develope and set up a bike, but for people to claim, all yamaha riders going forward owe a debt to Rossi is stupid. If so then Rossi will owe a huge debt to Stoner for the work he did on the Ducati and maybe Hayden for smoothing out the rough edges. Bottom line is the riders have to ride the bikes. Lorenzo has shown he is mentally strong and has the talent to take Rossi head to head. Rossi wanted a wall and no data sharing. He got it and Lorenzo still beat him.

    All that aside my biggest problem is Rossi’ behavior recently for me taints all they he has accomplished in the past. and he is now approaching the Biaggi like whining stage because he might be starting on the downslope of his career. I expected more from him. He was gracious in victory and he should be gracious in defeat.

  • Matt

    Kevin, I don’t think Vale would owe Casey a huge debt at all next year. What has Casey done to make that bike what it is?

    2007 was when Casey won his championship, that’s when the 800’s came into play. I would guess that the 800 bike was almost complete before Casey ever threw a leg over it at Valencia at the end of the 2006 season. Capirossi probably did most of the leg work on that bike, it was just dumb luck that it happened to work for Casey as if it were tailor made for him. However, Caseys wins have been steadily declining ever since Capirossi left the team. Casey had 10 wins in 2007, 6 wins in 2008, 4 wins in 2009, and so far has 0 wins in 2010. That doesn’t sound like great development work to me.

    As for Laguna, your comments are off. Rossi didn’t pass him in the dirt, go watch the videos on youtube. He was already past him before he ever went off the track – he passed him at the top of the corkscrew before they even started turning to the right as they go down hill. He passed Casey the same way Edwards passed Rossi in 2005. He went off, and at that point Casey caught back up and tried to re-pass him around the outside. He’d only need to give the place back if he gained it by cutting a chicane or taking some other drastic shortcut, but as his off-track excursion gave him no advantage since he was already in front of Casey there rightfully was no penalty for it.

  • Victor

    Kevin what are you talking about? First of all you can’t be a true fan of the sport and not be a fan or at least appreciate what Rossi has done on bikes. That would be saying during the years Michael Jordan played ball, saying I’m a true basketball fan but I don’t like watching Michael Jordan play. Huh? The things that MJ could do with the ball and on the court epitomized basketball at it’s finest. But now, I guess it’s foolish of me to try and understand the Hater mentality, because I don’t get down like that, I like to enjoy an appreciate things that are good. And Kevin, let me clarify, I’m not suggesting that you’re a full blown hater because we’ve all seen people who write things just to be antagonists and hateful little pricks and you didn’t quite come out that way, but surely some of the things you stated are questional at the very least.
    What did Rossi’s choosing Yamaha over Suzuki Ducati say ? It said that1

  • Victor

    Kevin what are you talking about? First of all you can’t be a true fan of the sport and not be a fan or at least appreciate what Rossi has done on bikes. That would be saying during the years Michael Jordan played ball, saying I’m a true basketball fan but I don’t like watching Michael Jordan play. Huh? The things that MJ could do with the ball and on the court epitomized basketball at it’s finest. But now, I guess it’s foolish of me to try and understand the Hater mentality, because I don’t get down like that, I like to enjoy an appreciate things that are good. And Kevin, let me clarify, I’m not suggesting that you’re a full blown hater because we’ve all seen people who write things just to be antagonists and hateful little pricks and you didn’t quite come out that way, but surely some of the things you stated are questionable at the very least.
    What did Rossi’s choosing Yamaha over Suzuki Ducati say ? It said that 1 He got along with Brivio and like the freedom, input and everything that Brivio (Yamaha) was promising him. 2 Rossi said then that Ducati at the time was too much like Honda, too regimented and un flexible. You say Rossi is angry that Yamaha gave Jorge the same bike and you asserted that now Rossi couldn’t beat Jorge with equal equipment. You keep saying that Jorge beat Rossi, that Rossi can’t beat Jorge, that Rossi is on the downside of his career. Freakin outrageous foolishness. I’ve heard this before but the problem with that is a hello, Valentino is the The Reigning Champion! Let’s all say it together, Valentino Rossi is the “Reigning Champion he beat Lornzo through the fog fights on the same bike for a whole season and he won. And this season until he got hurt was very reminiscent of last, I won’t assume to speculate what would have could have happened, that’s why it’s exciting watching such a strong competition where anything could happen. But as facts go Vale is the reigning Champ having aleady beat Jorge on equal equipment. It’s not about kissing ass, it’s about facts and not just writing something just to be talking shit. How come nobody ever talks about how especially 2007-2008 the Ducati was so much faster than any other bike on the grid? And Valentino still pulled tricks out of his ass to win races in 07 and the championship in 08. Straight from Motogp website: “Friday 30 March 2007, Ducati reach fastest top speed once again in Spain. Interestingly, the Yamaha M1 is still experiencing a comparative lack of power, despite fast laps. Valentino Rossi, the winner of the Gran Premio de España, was one of the slower riders in a straight line at Jerez, but his expertise and corner speed meant that he was never troubled at the front of the pack.
    And that is why you have to smile and enjoy and appreciate someone with these accomplishments, who gives us much excitement and entertainment to watch.

  • Victor

    And to those who keep saying Jeremy Burgess, “two word Jeremy Burgess”
    Dam I can not stand ignorant no basis idle talk. I take nothing away from Jeremy, he’s obviously a proven asset. But to say thing as if Jeremy Burgess were actually out there winning races and championships literally, that’s just silly. First of all let’s not pretend or forget that the Yamaha was not some dominating bike in itself. It was only recently that the Yamaha in itself has become the bike to beat and even nowHonda has stepped up there game and has been a bit of a beast , their rider’s inconsistency is just that. And what about when Valentino first went to Yamaha and it was an undisputed underdog? And he was winning and beating bikes that were a lot faster on every part of the track? This repetitive rhetoric makes no sense, it has already been said before and proven wrong over and over again. It makes no sense to say Jeremy Burgess is the Champ and not Valentino especially when the Yamaha has not been no where near the dominant bike until recently and even now that could be debated.

  • Warok

    Agree with Victor … let’s see what will happen with Rossi & ducati in motoGP 2011, let’s see who the real legend, go go rossi46 !!!

  • Coop


    If you are my tire manufacturer and my tires are coming apart in chunks(plenty of videos to prove this) I will have a serious problem with you. This was the case in 07. Most riders who ran Michelins were fed up with the lack of safety their tires provided while not even giving them the grip to win. Hate all you want but Rossi will prove you wrong.

  • Universe

    gazza good comment……let´s see in 2011-2012, xDDDDDD

  • Universe

    The only way Lorenzo proves his true ability is in Suzuki, but i think……the spaniard will hide under the “FOR NOW” protection of Valentino´s M1.

    Will see….xDDDDDDD

  • cheyenne

    Rossi may have whinged his way to have Bridgestone tires, but his choice was dead right because he won the championship. Michelin in 2008 promised to up their budget by 30-40% but they lost it again. Just remember what happened at a very hot Laguna Seca where they brought the wrong tires and they had to be cut and then in Brno when Alberto Puig tried to get Michelin riders to strike because the tires were wrong again. The spec tire was voted by almost all the riders (a couple of Bridgestone riders were against it) during a special meeting held by the Riders Safety Commission at Brno. Least we forget Dani Pedrosa switched to Bridgestone after the Misano race with five races left in the season and Honda HRC riders haven’t being sharing data since 2008, but no one seems to get upset.

  • fastfocker

    Kevin, “Yamaha’s future”? Yamaha will resume being an “average manufacturer” once again. No one will give them a second thought. VALENTINO WAS YAMAHA and HE IS MOTOGP!

    And will see won’t we? They still have to line up on the grid and race……

  • gazza

    The only reason stoner did so well when they switched to 800’s is that the duc was set up in a screamer format which offered more power than everyone else, but was more difficult to ride. all the other teams at this point went the big bang route.
    The screamer format seemed to suit casey and ONLY HIM, with Capirossi, Pramac, Melandri, Hayden etc calling the bike “unrideable”. All the other ducati riders were at the back of the field. I even remember reading somewhere that Capirossi called the Ducati a CAREER KILLER. .

    Ducati, changed to the big bang format this year, and Casey is struggling, but suddenly Hayden is sniffing at podium finishes…. and Pramac is performing better….
    Now that the duc has a big bang engine, Capirossi jumped on the move to Pramac, which would definitely benefit from Rossi’s imput on the ducati eventually.

    So…. my point here is….i believe that most of Stoner’s success in the year he won was down to the fact that his style of riding suits the screamer format. This gave him the opportunity to compete against less powerful,slower bikes. This is visibly evident when you look at the Qatar race of that year where the duc left everyone behind on the straight. Now that the Ducati has been changed to suit the rest of the riders, he’s struggling.

    On the other hand, Rossi has won on all types of bikes with all types of layouts and power deliveries. Screamers, big bangs, 2 strokes, aprilias, hondas, yamahas and now ducati.

    Just my two cents, use it, dont use it….

  • JRD

    How does he get all that ego in a helmet.

  • I was a little disappointed to read that stuff Rossi wrote. I had always had an opinion that his move to Yamaha was to show that Honda’s ‘the rider is a number on a paycheque, the machine is everything’ philosophy was flawed.

    I can see that it would mess with Lorenzo’s head in a somewhat childish fashion. I mean if you didn’t feel like you were in fact ‘riding Rossi’s bike’ before, you would now.

    It comes across to me as lamp post pissing on Rossi’s part, and not particularly insightful or intelligent.

  • The Doctor is legend. And that is enough.

  • Rossi’s ability cannot be questioned and apparently his bike development ability is among the best of any rider to take the MotoGP grid. Some if Lorenzo’s current success is upon Rossi’s coattails. It’s ok. It’s also OK for Rossi to move on. It wasn’t for the money, it is a man that knows he has only a few good years left and he wants to go down in the history of Moto GP as winning his last championships on a Ducati. He’ll be working alongside his countrymen in his native language, on his terms, with a manufacturer that is committed to winning. He’s given a lot to the sport and Yamaha has gained much from him, so he owes no one but himself.

  • alex

    I agree with Victor in everything he said, and to those talking about lorenzo lorenzo lorenzo blablabla, and taking apart the fact rossi is going to ducati, and that he is god on a bike, like maradona on football or MJ with basketball, I want to see what happens next season with the other free yamaha, I want to see if lorenzo is so smooth and relaxed with spies near, he is really fast with the secondary gear let’s see what happens with the big gun.

  • Victor

    Yep Alex, that’s very true. I can’t wait to see what Ben Spies can do on the Factory M1. And truth is that last season Rossi and Lorenzo were on another level than anyone else with the exception of a few races, they were battling each other out ahead of everyone else. This year -Rossi, Lorenzo is still on that level of last season, but now he doesn’t have the pressure on him and he’s able to ride more smooth, down a notch not taking so many risks. when someone starts to put consistent pressure on Lorenzo: 2009″ Rossi + Lorenzo= Lorenzo 4DNF’s…………….. Hmmmmmm…….. Maybe just maybe, Lorenzo hasn’t suddenly become some smooth consistent Moto God after all, statistically for this season, yeah, but taken into context…. I think not.

  • Victor

    so yeah, I totally agree

  • Clayton

    I think Rossi is gonna be pissed off when yamaha dont let him test on the ducati in November!!! Should put some fire in his belly to kick some ass next year…

  • Bob

    Ahhh yes, an Italian love story. And like most Italian love stories they do come to an end, as Valentino admits. In this case, an angry mistress threw him across the track at 120 mph and broke his leg. Does anyone wonder why Italian men spend more time with their mothers than they do with their wives? All the best going forward Val.

  • Minibull


    The Ducati was also fast because of the desmodromic valve setup. The other teams were not using pneumatic valves at that stage, therefore they could not rev as high and make as much HP.
    Looking forward to next season though, see what Spies and Rossi can do.

  • JawDroppin

    I find it funny when people say they “were” a fan of his, but not anymore – just sounds like “tall poppy syndrome” to me – the same sort of people who, in relation to music, say that some bands are a “sellout” because they took a more mainstream direction, when really, they are seizing a moment in making a good income doing what they love!

    Like him or hate him, Rossi is probably THE greatest rider of the modern era – and quite frankly, good on him for cracking the shits at Yamaha (at this stage) for not letting him test with Ducati. I personally hope he takes out one more World Championship on a Ducati just to finish off a fairytale MotoGP career!

    It will be a long time before we see another rider like him in our lifetime – I’m just glad I saw it all from the day’s he was racing an Aprilia 125 – to now… LONG LIVE THE KING!!

    JD ;)

  • Victor

    I’m with you jawdroppin. On the hater issue. I truly don’t understand the hater mentality. It is funny when people up and say I was a Rossi fan, but I don’t like him now cause he’s a whiner, he has the ordacity to have won 7 Premier class GP titles, 4 with Yamaha and helped turn Yamaha from the most loathed bike on the grid to one of the most sought after bikes on the grid. And dammit, he’s the current, reigning MotoGp champion. who does he think he is that he should complain about taking a pay cut out of his check to pay the title-less but soon to be 1 time champion Lorenzo. How dare that Valentino. What has he done to earn, deserve anything from Yamaha? I mean what are 4 Yamaha Gp championships anyways? Year after year constructer wins? ????? That doggone Valentino.
    And Rossi was the first to win a championship for Yamaha since 1992″”””” but he doesn’t deserve any status with Yamaha any more than Jorge, right? (sarcasm if your dumb enough not to know)
    Now on the flip, I can say stoner is a little bitch, because it’s a fact and facts are what separates the haters from the truth sayers. Fact: when Rossi passed stoner at lacuna seca 08 and shortly after stoner crashed trying compete outside of his level. And then stonerhad a little temper tantrum ranting about loosing respect for Rossi and blah bla blah. What a little spoiled brat= fact. Fact: Stoner 09 was not happy with his performances in the races, Yamaha had caught up with Ducati speed wise that year, Stoner wasn’t able to blast off and have that speed, performance edge over Yamaha that year. Fact: there was no legitimate medical diagnosis to explain that stoner could not perform at HIS best if he so desired. What the F@@k is a mystery illness?? There was no real medical diagnosis other than he didn’t have what he wanted with the bike and things weren’t going the way he wanted = Casey stoner classic punk ass temper tantrum at the expense of Ducati, his team, sponsors, his fans, he threw up his middle finger stomped his feet and went home for half the season. All those actions and many more, the temper tantrums, they have been on camera for everybody to see, just last time when he crashed because he messed up- on camera temper tantrum. I think it’s safe and fair for me to call him a little bitch. Like a stuck up selfish little girl who always gets her way and then one day someone like me says “Bitch” this is how it’s going to be! if you can imagine the look on her face, then you’ve seen the same look on stoner’s face time and time again. And that’s the Truth. It’s not hating if it’s the truth, but when people say things like Jeremy Burgess won 7 championships for Rossi, like Valentino was just along for the ride. Well, that’s not truth, that’s hating.
    Class dismissed

  • lutherG

    Things change when Rossi says there is a problem because he is respected and has a direct effect on ticket sales and subscriptions to the He is the most charismatic rider in years, and when he wins he celebrates in joy, not conquest.
    Ben spies is an excellent rider, but christ is he dull. He sounds like Tim Robbins in “Bull Durham” , “we just keep working and the good lord willin’ we’ll get better” Snooze. Hayden is a flake, and the hick accent is unbearable. Lorenzo is a remarkable racer, and could be one of the greats. But he has no personality, no charisma, and just doesn’t smile. Rossi is simply the best public relations machine in motorcycle racing. Even if he weren’t a remarkable rider and one of the best track tactitians in racing, he would be a huge draw.
    The next thing to do to make racing more exciting is what he has been saying and eliminate most of the electronics, or at least eliminate the GPS electronic connection. Its protecting lesser riders from mistakes, and preventing balls out riding from true geniuses to catch up time. Its the primary reason the race is won or lost now within the first 5 laps. After that, laps 6-9 are for 2nd and 3rd, then the remainder of the race is the rest of the field fighting for a high enough position to keep a ride for the next year.
    I’d like to see Rossi and Simoncelli on Ducatis. The repsol Honda is too tiny for Simoncelli, and Hayden has wrecked too many times taking out other riders. (and i can’t take the hayden brand). Colin Edwards is a spoiled brat and needs to go back to world superbike or work for his daddy, or whatever, but his pulling into the pits at Indy would have made me tear up his contract and put him on a plane to texas.

  • Tristan

    You have to give credit where credit is due…in saying that, look at the record that Rossi has shown starting from way back on the 125. He has nothing to prove. But when you read about how Yamaha wanted him so badly to help them, he welcomed the challenge, but now Yamaha has gotten too big headed and they have forgotten who it was that brought them to the status that they have today. The last person to win on a Yamaha back in the day was McCoy, and even then, it wasnt more than a handful for the entire season. The slap in the face comes when Rossi agrees to take a pay cut, which is the ultimate show of humility, then later finds out that his pay cut went to double Lorenzo’s pay! That is the biggest disrespect that you could show the person that built your team and your bike. Classic case of a company wanting and needing help, getting it, and now that they’re on top, they forgot how they got there and now there focus is on Lorenzo because he’s the future so piss on the legend that brought them there. Now you have the greatest of all time, going to the nastiest most powerful bike on the track…its over. Not to mention, in 2012 when the engine size goes back up to 1000 and riders now are back on the big boys…there are only a handful that know what its like to ride a monster like those bikes. Actions will speak louder than words.

  • Sean

    Someone call the “waaaaaaaaaa-mbulance”. Rossi has done nothing but good things for the sport of motorcycle racing (in general) and more directly, MotoGP. Personal feelings or allegiances aside, no one can debate that. I am ready to see what the next generation has to offer, but Rossi will always be the Doctor and will always have those wins. Get over it. Let’s just hope the new rules and rosters will bring back the days of aggressive and close racing for podium positions. It’s gotten a little too predictable and boring up in front the last two years.