The Motegi Infraction

10/12/2010 @ 6:48 am, by Jensen Beeler18 COMMENTS

While Valentino Rossi may have gotten a slap on the wrist from Yamaha Racing Boss Lin Jarvis for over-zealously racing teammate Jorge Lorenzo at Motegi, the Spanish press and Lorenzo have been less reserved with their words about the final laps of the Japanese GP. This hasn’t stopped some cheekiness from the Italian press though, who put together this fake accident report after Rossi and Lorenzo collided on the Twin Ring Circuit. Watch the video above, and make the call if that assigned fault to the right rider after the jump.


  • you want me to translate the document?

  • that other guy

    yea do it i have no clue what’s going on

  • Looked like good racing to me :-)

  • Odie

    If Google Translator is working, the very last box (#14) says:
    Jorge: I could have fallen
    Vale: I was having fun

    HAR-HAR-HAR. Gotta love those Italians.

  • RGR

    Mama Mia! Mama Mia!

  • MikeD

    Childish Antics. Affraid of loosing your “Hot Spot” ? OH WAIT, U ALREADY DID!!! Many races ago.
    Who’s the Champion now? The Leg Trickster ? NOPE.

    What kind of Bull Sh!t Racing is that, keep ur danm leg up ur A$$ Rossi.

    I was having fun……JackA$$. Until someone goes down.

  • Bill Bengtson

    The “banging” part between Rossi & Jorge looked like some good-old aggressive racing to me… I think people these days might be getting to sensitive.

    The comment/s about Rossi & his leg hanging out… referring to sort of blocking Jorge… well I’m no Rossi, but I don’t totally buy into that cornering technique yet…

    If this had been Stoner & Pedrosa, or even Hayes & T. Hayden… would people even be making a negative issue out of this little bit of contact?

    Maybe at 39 years old, I’m already starting to miss the “good-old days” of how racing used to be… is it getting too political, too corporate, too sensitive…

    I say there was nothing really wrong, just good aggressive racing.

  • Jake Fox

    I like Rossi and enjoy watching him come out on top but this business of sticking the leg way out as a cornering technique seems fishy to me. It seems the timing coincides a little too perfectly with when the guy behind you would be looking to dive down the inside at the corner. Ultimately though the rules dictate what’s fair and what isn’t. If the FIM has no issue with it then all racers are equally able to use the technique. In fact, a few other riders have dabbled with it. I’m believe I’ve seen Pedrosa and Stoner using it from time to time. As the old adage goes, “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

  • MikeD

    Just to clarify, my bitchin is strictly about the Leg Blocking BS.

    About the small contact they had… i too think is good old fashion racing.

    And whats with the ticket looking document? Are they serious? lmao.

  • CBR600RR 09

    Watching the 2nd last lap of Motegi was FANTASTIC, the colliding and racing! I am extremely glad that no-one was hurt and equally excited to see it again!

  • LOL!! Hahahahaha!

    Lorenzo’s address is, more or less, complainers (/moaning) street, Mallorca.

    In 11th damages are: moral injuries vs fun


  • Chris

    Come off it, you Lorenzo whiners. This was the best racing ALL YEAR, between two riders with a fierce rivalry both balls-out fairing-banging each other to the flag. MotoGP came truly alive for one of the first times in the whole $#@%@$# year, and some people want to complain about it ? Go watch boat racing. As for Lorenzo whinging about getting beat up by Rossi – would he have done the same if he’d won ? I doubt it. Hey Lorenzoi, learn from it, don’t whine about it. Oh and while you’re at it, cut out the ridiculous copy-cat post race celebrations. It only shows how much you secretly adore The Doctor.

  • hoyt

    Great to see that again.
    “Leg technique” – I thought that was more of a braking maneuver to slow down than some attempt at blocking. e.g. Stoner hung his leg in the breeze during this race when no one was behind him. In addition, Lorenzo passed Rossi when Rossi’s leg was out on one of those corners so I can’t see it being used as a blocking technique. (maybe blocking the rider’s view of the corner entry a bit)

    That is epic racing that is great for the sport, especially considering they were on the same team. When have you see that in this era of corp money?

  • Bill Bengtson

    Well let me be the first to give “whitesmoke reviewed” a big fuck you!!

    So you’re saying that anyone of us that wrote a comment to this article is an “idiot”???

    Seems to me that if the author didn’t want viewers to leave comments, that they would turn off the option of leaving comments… It is an option that can be turned off with a check-box in the admin interface of WordPress… which is the software used behind the scenes of this site.

  • relax Bill. It’s just spam.

  • Bill Bengtson

    Yeah, “Jensen Beeler”… your comment made me chuckle… after I wrote my comment, I started to figure it out… oh well… I guess I looked a little dumb, but I’ll accept that :)

  • Keith

    aww, poor lorenzo. BEST year of racing he’s EVER had and the only reason he beat Rossi is Rossi’s broken leg. Then he say he wants to really race hard with Rossi. So at Montegi he is given his wish and on ONE LAP only things get a little rough…so he whined to the boss. Watching that race several times it seems to me that he was giving as good as he got. BUT I do credit both of them with settling down and getting back to racing after that lap.

    heh, lorenzo is good but he sure needs to not cry as much.

  • MrBlistershifter

    I agree with Chris about Lorenzo copying Rossi during his race win celebration. Its because he actually has no personality. I dont think he will win any more championships. He will sink in the 2011 standings.