Sometimes the power of the already insane ZX-10R isn’t enough. And sometimes, after a weekend ride, you look at your liter bike, and wish for a way that a mortal man can have GP bike performance in a stock chassis. If this is your case, then The Two Stroke Shop (TSS), makers of the TSS RS500 that we told you about earlier this year, could well have the answer you’re looking for in the shape of their 1100cc two-stroke ZX-10R.

Stephen Rothwell and his partner Wayne Wright (designer of two-stroke motors for GP race teams) have built an 1100cc three-cylinder machine to rival modern MotoGP racers. The TSS1100GP Kawasaki Triple project uses three 366cc cylinders with “extravagant tranny porting and cutting-edge porting characteristics.” With 250 hp being put down at the rear wheel and 160 lb•ft of torque wedged into a lightly-modded Kawasaki ZX-10R chassis that’s 50lbs lighter than stock, Rothwell’s concoction is something suited for both dreams and nightmares.

“What the world needed was an answer to the current litre bikes, which we find anemic. If a bike can’t hoist the wheel in 4th gear off the throttle then it’s not a superbike.”

TSS says they’ll be building five of these 1,098cc two-stroke triples, which they will use in their own custom-built superbikes. The chassis, suspension and other running gear will be stock Kawasaki ZX-10R units. TSS can also build twins of up to 1,146cc, triples of up to 1,725cc and fours of up to 2,200cc.

Source: TSS via Faster and Faster