We’re eagerly awaiting December 17th here at the Asphalt & Rubber office, as that is the official movie premiere of Tron: Legacy. A mix of computer geekiness, state-of-the-art special effects, The Dude, Olivia Wilde, and of course lightcycles, Tron: Legacy is about as close to an A&R wet dream as you can get.

While we try and contain ourselves from giggling like little schoolgirls, technology news blog TechCrunch got a chance to sit down with Daniel Simon, the designer of the new Tron lightcycle (you might remember Simon from his renowned Cosmic Motors work), and ask him about revisiting the lightcycle design (air flaps!) in Tron: Legacy. That interview and a boatload of Tron: Legacy concept sketches are after the jump.

Source: TechCrunch; Concept Photos: Film Edge

  • Rob

    Lightcycle : cool from an artistic/creativity standpoint….horseshit from an engineering standpoint.

  • nice & cool

  • 76

    Awesome eye candy, I think it really could have been alittle more conceptual rather than cliche though. Simon is very talented at what he does and all of the artists involved are at the top of their game. I would just like to see more thought go into the actual concepts. Starwars/lucas/Ralph McQuarrie for instance really flipped the whole world on its head with its future (but somehow in the past) concepts. They had theory, Kubrick / Asimov / Harry Lange did something so far away with 2001 that most didnt even know what to make of it. I’m not asking for it to work, well yeah I am just in my head though.

    I think about the Pod racers in “The Phantom Menace”. Those things where fcking sick. Even the audio with when they would go into corners the engines would intermittently cut, just like for instance traction control on a Superbike. It was awesome to take actual things from racing today and embed them in such fantasy.

  • Ralph

    So cool… i have his Cosmic Motors book!
    Can’t wait for the movie, after the trailers.
    (the Lightcycle sounds like d1g1tal Desmo by the way!)

    Perhaps this is a project for Moto Czysz.

  • Foreigner

    Google ‘Parker Borthers Choppers Light Cycle’and you’ll see someone has tried to make a street legal version (selling for a whopping $55k!!). It’s obvious the ‘real’ light cycle is only really going to work if you keep it going in a straight line. I highly doubt this would ever make an adequate corner carver :P