New Tron Light Cycle from Tron Legacy

07/24/2009 @ 5:14 pm, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

Tron Legacy is due to come out in 2010, picking up the story from the original Tron. The sequel will continue the story as if 20 years have gone by, with the Tron server sitting in isolation, honing its game. Of course one of the best parts about the new Tron, is the new Tron light cycle, which will be faster and more realistic than its predecessor. Returning to the cast is Jeff Bridges, playing Kevin Flynn, and joining the story is Olivia Wilde, of House M.D. fame. HD trailer after the jump.

Source: Visordown

  • The newly-released (today) official footage of that trailer in on It’s in HD too :-)

  • Jenny Gun

    thanks for the tip James. Added the better trailer to the post.

  • mary

    does anyone know who built the life size bike for the comic con ?

  • jay

    I do, what’s your interest in the life size bike?

  • Alex Andersson

    Both bikes will be in the movie as they are both present in the second official trailer.