The motorcycle industry continues to thaw after its deep freeze during the recession, and a part of that warming effect comes from Triumph Motorcycles, who reported a 9% increase in unit sales in the United States for April 2010 when compared to April 2009. “It’s feels good to see consistent growth, and we’re optimistic about the future” said Mark Kennedy, President and CEO of Triumph Motorcycles North America. Continuing, Kennedy said, “…the U.S. economy is showing signs that indicate we should have a good year.” Part of the growth Kennedy is referencing to is of course having more customers purchase models from the existing model line-up, but Triumph also has its eye on new segments as well. More on that after the jump.

Triumph currently offers 16 different models spread-out across three motorcycle families, it’s cruiser, urban sport, and modern classic families. According to Triumph, the company will grow to its offering to include 23 models, which will span across seven motorcycle families by the end of 2012. This growth will also include new categories of motorcycle that Triumph currently does not compete in.

Triumph has also released that it plans to continue to offer new and Special Edition models in 2010, which will be offered only in limited numbers.

Source: Triumph

  • Good story! I’m a huge fan of Triumph. The build great motorcycles and really understand their niches. They are an excellent ‘long tail’ case study for marketing geeks like me who get tired of reading about media and entertainment!

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  • Jaybond

    ” This growth will also include new categories of motorcycle that Triumph currently does not compete in ”

    Could this include Superbike class ?

  • brij

    how about a 1050 superbike? they already have an engine, just need to modify the current daytona 675 frame to mount the engine. Cost will be minimal and it would look hot with the SSSA on a crotch rocket!

  • lord_tizzle

    They have a frame and chassis already. they just need to modify the current/next speed triple or sprint for superbike configuration. re-tune the engine a tiny bit. add some bodywork and ka-blammo Daytona 1050

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  • Jaybond

    That’s the news we hope to hear soon. It should be 1100cc, triple engine for the new superbike.

  • MioLee

    Any word on a new Speed Triple? The current generation has been out for 5 years now. I wonder if they will announce it’s replacement. I hope so since I’ll be in the market for a new bike early next year.

  • I’m still hanging on to a 2003 955i Daytona, so would love a new superbike, but don’t think it will happen. One of the reasons they scrapped the superbike project before is the short (two year max) product lifecycles of that class forced on them by the Japanese mass producers. As a small manufacturer, Triumph can’t make money with the level of development costs that demands. As MioLee says, the 1050 Speed Triple has been around – and a class leader – for 5 years now and that’s where Triumph is really at as a business. With a new superbike they would always be playing catch-up.

  • BikePilot

    That is great to hear. Triumph makes many great bikes, but most are getting a bit long in the tooth now. A pumped up 1100cc Tiger might even be able to free ride a bit off the new Multistrada’s buzz. Rotax has had fantastic success with supercharged triples in other powersports markets – such technology could be very promising in the motorcycle market too.