Triumph Distributor Confirms 250cc Model for Asia

01/08/2013 @ 2:29 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS


Shedding more insight on our previous news that Triumph is working on a small-displacement model for India and Southeast Asia, we now get more details on the project from the British company’s distributor in Indonesia, Rudhy Siswanto of PT Global Motorcycle Trading.

Expected to be a 250cc twin-cylinder machine that will play heavily on the styling cues of the Triumph Street Triple, the new model will begin production in 2014 at Triumph’s planned new plant in Narasapur, India, and go head-to-head with the KTM 200 Duke.

Once built for the Indian market, Rudhy expects the machine, along with other future small-displacement models to make their way to Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and Asia as a whole. Pricing is expected to be on par with the Kawasaki Ninja 250R and Honda CBR 250R in those regions.

No word yet if Triumph’s initial small-displacement model will make its way to Europe or North America, but if the trends of other OEMs are any indication, it certainly remains a possibility. One sign that points to yes: Triumph hopes to increase its total motorcycle production by ten-fold with the new facility in India.

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  • aditya

    glad they arent trying to collaborate with any of the indian manufacturers and give them the manufacturing responsibilities, thus yielding cheaply build bikes to keep costs down compromising robustness, durability, reliability and the overall quality of the bikes…as ktm seems to have done when they handed the actual manufacturing work of the duke 200 to bajaj, the latter well known for cheap quality and build…it’s much better they (triumph) are taking their time to construct their own manufacturing facility and not hurrying into anything…i am concerned for the future bmw motorrad bikes for india/asia , seeing as how they are tying up with tvs, yet another one well known for cheap quality and build.

  • aditya

    and a street triple looking twin cylinder naked 250 ? yeah i can see myself totally going for it, provided they price it sensibly. (i am from india).

    so far, there are only 2 good and affordable modern genuinely “naked bike” bikes in the indian market that have taken styling cues from their 1000 cc elders…the 150cc yamaha fz (comes in two very slightly different varieties, fz-s and fz-16) and the ktm duke 200 launched just 1 yr ago.

  • MikeD

    Well, if it looks anything like the crude drawing up there i think it’ll be fine…i like it’s skiny-shrimpy looks.
    Looks pretty “Triumphy” to me…(but don’t mind this Speed/Street Triple fanboy’s opinion, LMAO).
    Too bad is daydreaming and asking too much for it to BE a real Triumph where it counts: The Engine Architecture…good old I-3.
    Honestly… i was expecting it FOR SURE to be a thumper as much as the Sun will rise tomorrow morning.
    The I-3 would be too much of a screamer for this application i think…but boy, it would sound and rev like a wicked little monster i bet…besides, i’m not a fan of singles unless we are talking Motocross state of tune level.
    Hopefully the EU and North America will get this in due time… (2014 ? at the latest ?)… i know, wishful thinking…but hey, dreaming is free. (^_~)

  • @ aditya
    thanks for your insights

  • aditya

    no problem man..not really insights, just observations. :)

  • Hope triumh produce triumph bonneville 250cc will be sell in indonesia with best price